Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride (Full Length FE8 Hack)

Project of the Week: Justice & Pride

Considering my filler PME went absolutely nowhere at all, I guess I’ll just unveil my real hack.
I’ve tried to make hacks before, felt I wasn’t happy with them, and moved on to a new project that sounded interesting. This is like the 5th thing I’ve made, and it feels like the one I’ll finally try to finish.

The Story (Warning: Text Wall Ahead)


The continent of Irona. Many years ago, the land was ruled by the forces of darkness. Monsters and dragons alike terrorized the small human populace in Irona. However, one day, a great sage appeared, commanding light and nature, and with the combined might of the sage and her allies, the monsters were sealed using the power of a mysterious tower known as the Spire of Darkness. Following the conflict, the warriors of legend went their own separate ways and founded their own lands, but they all swore fealty to the brother of the great sage, who was crowned Emperor of Irona.

500 years have passed since the time of the Hero of Light. Irona’s Emperor Perseus, a descendant of the first emperor, Hawke, has been acting suspiciously. He and a mysterious mage named Caelia have been reawakening the monsters using the Spire of Darkness. In Norbury, a land on the western end of the continent founded by the master archer Quentin, Duke Robert dies of unknown causes. Tragedy would also strike the duchy of Abrein, a southwestern duchy founded by Bishop Leticia. The son of Duke Simon and descendant of Leticia, Prince Travis, is killed by a surprise ambush by powerful monsters on a scouting mission. This tragic chain of events throws the whole continent into turmoil, pitting the western duchies against the loyalist eastern lands.

11 years after the Great Tragedy, Travis’s younger sister, Princess Aderyn, chooses to fight back. Together with her allies, she strives to save Abrein and to free the rest of the continent from the iron fist of Perseus’s reign.

This hack was made using FEBuilder (and external programs when needed) aims to combine mechanics from across the series while combining unique spins on some aspects and taking advantage of all the interesting patches we have today.


  • Around 30 or so chapters planned (before gaidens), with 8 postgame trial maps planned (these trial maps will not be story-based, and will feature crossover characters and characters and maps from other FEs)

  • A rebalanced form of the Skill System, where each unit only has personal skills plus one class skill per tier, learned at level 10, as well as appropriate class-based skills (i.e. riders with Canto)

  • QOL Changes like removing glitches (i.e. enemy control) and adding HP Bars.

  • New classes like Malig Knight and Spartan.

  • Easy, Normal, and Difficult modes are available, as well as optional Reverse and Casual modes available on all difficulties.

  • Classes that use both physical and magic weapons (Str/Mag is renamed to Pow)

  • Wide arrays of custom music

  • Enemy archers and soldiers are stronger, and bows have Hit and Mt buffs

  • Promoted enemies are buffed

  • New weapons and items like Ice Shard, Worm, and stat-boosting Relics

  • Mines, Juna Fruits, and Light Runes make a return.

  • Revamped Devil Axe, now giving -5 to Lck, Def, and Res instead of backfire.

  • Easily accessible 1-2 range swords

  • A Tactics menu that gives tactical tips with other banter, inspired by Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


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FEE3 2019 Trailer:

An official release is now out! Release 1 has the full main story, including character endings and gaiden chapters. It does not have completed supports, paired endings, or the postgame ready. You can access the postgame hub so you can keep your save when it comes out. I’ll change things based on the feedback. Let me know if anything goes wrong.


Dude, this looks great, anything you do I’ll support. Hope you keep working on it and I wish you good luck


I’m interested by what you mean of a tactics menu like Advance Wars.


Straight outta nowhere. :sunglasses:


This looks interesting, can’t wait to play it.

Also the map looks like Australia. Was that on purpose?


Needs more monsters (particularly poisonous ones) if that’s the case


If you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to get passive boosting items to work alongside the skill system? FEBuilder says these two are incompatible.

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The latest version of SkillSystems includes Passive booster.


Thank you so much for all the support!
To answer some questions…
@ArcaneEli In Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, the campaign had a Tactics option, where COs would share some casual banter and give then give tips as to how to clear the mission. The banter is separate from the story and is usually humorous and can involve stuff like the villains talking with the heroes.

@freeseti No, that was not intentional.

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that stat screen background pleases me


For a progress report, I’d like to announce a new class: Witch

Uses the Yggdra patch assets by Aruka and Kenpuhu.

It promotes from Female Shaman (replacing Druid, which is renamed Sorcerer), with F!Summoner being the alternate option.

It is focused more on pure offense than utility (i.e. Summoner) or bulk (i.e. Sorcerer). It uses dark and light magic, and it is considered a flier, and is consequently weak to anti-flier attacks like bows.

Their statline and caps focus on Pow, Res, and Spd, with poor Skl, Def, and HP, making them glass cannons

They learn the skill Black Magic at level 10.


As a fair warning, I’m sure progress on the hack will be slowing down after Three Houses comes out.

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Progress Update Time.

Progress has actually been doing pretty well, even though 3H is out (I am really enjoying the Blue Lions route so far)
Chapter 18 needs its end events done, but the gameplay and beginning event are done.


Just in case you haven’t read the FEE3 thread, I’ve signed up to have a trailer of the hack to be released during the event.


Been a while since I made a progress update, eh?
Anyways, I’ve working on Ch. 25 (the last main story chapter is 31), and the maps after Ch. 25 have their enemy placement done. Of course, there’s still the trial maps to do.


With all the time I’ve had as of late, I managed to finish the final chapter of the main story. Once I finish the epilogue and touch some stuff up, the first release will be ready! Note that this release won’t have the trial maps yet, but they will be added in later.
Expect the release this weekend or sometime next week.


Quick update, but the Vanguard class has been replaced with the Spartan class, with asssets by Pikmin1211, Vikalizer, and DerTheVaporeon. Spartans are functionally identical to Vanguards, their only difference is sprites.



(But seriously, neat. What was the issue with Vanguards?)

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Nothing really, I just liked the idea of spartans.

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The first release is out!
It’s in the OP.