Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride (Full Length FE8 Hack)


Made a slight update to the release. The prologue had a typo, there was some leftover vanilla text in Ch. 4, the armory/shop in Ch. 4 weren’t programmed. The updated patch fixes these issues. One of the door keys in 4x was moved from the devil axe fighter to the first myrmidon as well.

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Everyone who’s downloaded the patch, please
go and redownload it.
It was discovered that I forgot to make
the end event trigger for Ch 10, making it unbeatable.
This patch fixes that.


Not sure if it is just me but everyone except the lord and the Jeigan didn’t have any character palette.


Yeah, palettes are kind of a bottom priority thing for me. I’ll do them eventually, but it’ll likely be one of the last things that get done.


RIP me, there’s another emergency fix.
Fixes softlocks in ch 11 and 15


Are there any easily missable characters?
This looks pretty fun so far btw

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There is a unit in Ch 10 who can only be gotten by visiting the top right house. Another house in the same chapter tells you this, but it can be missed if you don’t have fliers (since the house is over mountains).

Ch. 22 has a recruitable general that’s only gettable if he survived chapters 15x and 20 (and you have to play 15x for it to count)


Thanks for answering! Starting the game now. The opening backstory text is pretty nice!
But the font is a bit rough to the eyes, at least when combined with the background image.
The world map’s beautiful though

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Just so you know, glitches are still being found by other players, so watch out.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll report them if I find any.
So far haven’t found anything off other the sacred stones map cutscene’s animation playing over the new world map before the prologue. The one where renais and grado and so on light up on the map.

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That’s not a glitch, the scene was just something i never really tampered with and never thought to go back to. Lazy, I know.


Battle animations don’t play when monsters (except the boss) initiate attacks in the prologue.
Same issue with Aderyn when she’s attacked by melee units. The animation played when she was attacked by an Archer however. Other units don’t seem to have this issue so far.

(Update, Melinda and Donovan have the same issue but it is a bit less common for them)


Hmm… odd.
I made a prologue file and the animations played just fine.
You can press L to toggle animations, so be sure you aren’t pressing it by mistake. That’s my best guess.


They play on the player’s turn. But not when monsters attack on their turn.
Hmm, maybe I should get another rom to patch it to and try playing it again

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Nope. Using a rom from a different source didn’t fix it either

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In chapter 17 the boss does not appear … I already opened the door and nothing … : /

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on chapter 17, the door’s won’t unlock no matter what you do.



The boss not appears