Fire Emblem Fallen Flame V0.1 [Beta state] (5/31 Chapters done)

Fire Emblem Fallen Flame - A Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Romhack, by Zmr/Zaim and Co.

It’s been long overdue but I’ve finally made the project thread for this hack. Fire Emblem: Fallen Flame follows the campaign of the Spectrum War from the perspective of Wren Osprey, which takes place during the year of 903 AA, in the continent of Balhutia.
The war is fought between two different alliances spanning the entire continent, the player’s side comprised of the Blumari Kingdom, Eastern Viripurian Empire, Western Viripurian Empire and the Gofaul Free-Tribes. The enemy’s side is comprised of the Wyvember Empire, the Golden Revolutionaries and the Gofaul Confederate.
Wren will embark on a quest to drive the Confederate invaders out of Blumari, crush the rebels in the Western Viripurian Empire and drive the Manaketes well away from the Eastern Viripurian Empire while work on a legendary weapon to weaken the Manaketes for centuries to come is underway.

Or to put it short, Wren has to kill some Dragons, along with her many friends.

Main Features:

  • Changed Weapon Triangle! The Weapon Triangle is now +3/-3 damage and integrates the physical and magical triangles as one. So that means Light+Swords beats Dark+Axes, which beats Anima+Lances, which in turn beats Light+Swords bringing it full circle. Or triangle.
  • Skills from the Skills System! New skills are also planned and some are already in even.
  • Quality of Life features also found in the Skills System.
  • Thracia style trading!
  • Modular Mini-Box!
  • No branching promos, keeping it classic.
  • Custom story, characters, portraits, animations, music, UI and map sprites!

Planned Features:

  • 31 chapters. (Uncertain number of Gaidens planned.)
  • 49 playable characters.
  • More custom classes not found in vanilla.
  • Free roam base chapters.
  • Custom supports.
  • Variety of objectives, from Defend to Escape to Multi Kill Boss to even Escort!

Known Issues That Have Yet To Be Resolved:

  • The wyvern reinforcement in chapter 4 on the left side disappears after attacking.
  • Some characters lack blinking/speaking frames because I’m lazy.
  • House/Village text has yet to be inserted.
  • Support bonuses have yet to be implemented.
  • Scene transitions are probably ugly, I’m not good at that yet.
  • Death quotes use Placeholder Text. You’ll be seeing that a lot.


If your name isn’t on the credits and should be, please let me know! I will happily rectify the issue. I’ve done my best to make sure everyone is credited appropriately but if I’ve missed someone out, I apologise and will work towards fixing it. This project couldn’t have been possible without the help of this community.

The Patch(es):

Alternatively, this guide also exists.

To apply this path on PC, please use the NUPS.exe. Once you start the NUPS Patcher after downloading it, click on, “Apply an UPS patch to a file” > “File to patch” and select a clean FE8 US rom. Then click “UPS patch” and select the UPS patch linked below. If you’re an Android user, I would suggest using the Rom Patcher app. Same patching principle applies.

Please only play Normal Mode if you’re intending to give feedback on the gameplay as well. Hard mode will only be worked on after the hack is fully complete on Normal mode.


Literally any GBA emulator.



Please reserve feedback for the official releases. Git releases are more of experimental builds.

Extra Notes:

Debug mode is being left in until the first 1.0 release.
“Edit Skills” is a debug feature.
Hard mode will be worked on after the first 1.0 release.
People can poke through my mess of a buildfile if they want, but please don’t post spoilers found in side to others without marking them and warning them appropriately.
Pikmin says the hack is extremely epic. Thanks Pikmin.

And here’s the discord. Please read the rules.

And the github. Feel free to be horrified by the state of the buildfile. Spoilers inside.

A gitbook guide for the game is planned for later down the line. It should serve as a good wiki resource.


Had a good time playing this at FEE3. Congrats on the release!


Damn, I’ve just played through the first 3 maps and I have to say this seems really well thought out. Enemy placement and stats are both really good.

The only bug I’ve encountered so far is the wyverns in the second chapter. They just disappear after attacking the player even if not killed.

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Huh, I thought that was only the Ch4 ones but seems like it isn’t the case. Thanks for letting me know.

It happens in Ch3 as well with the wyverns on the bottom right.

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Guess it’s all enemy Wyverns then. I’ve only seen it occur against the Ch4 ones myself.

Was playing through earlier, and wanted to talk about this on the Discord but it seemed pretty ded so I decided here would be a better place.

  • I was expecting a mediocre peg knight, in keeping with the general ethos toward the class within the FE hacking community at the moment. However, I was not expecting what effectively amounts to a deliberate sabotage of the unit’s performance. I mean, you give the player a Peg Knight with Warding Blow at base yet make every mage for the first 3 chapters after their join a dark mage with +/- 3 mt and +/-15 hit WTA against them… Capping their base damage against mages at around 10… With only semi-reliable hitrates. Then in the chapter after their join, the slower sword units the peg would otherwise prey on are encircled by archers. Now, while she eventually gets the Ch 3 cavs to use a horseslayer against, you generally don’t want a combat unit to show up in their join chapter and be useless at combat in what is supposed to be their main niche.
  • Wigbrand’s design as a Jagen… Confuses me. For one, the decision to give him a brave sword is generally just worse than the usual option of giving earlygame prepros a silver weapon because he just shreds the thing’s uses. He gets a maximum of 15 uses on the thing compared to 20 on the typical silver lance Jagen, but then by Ch 2 you start needing 3 hits to kill WT neutral enemies, and against enemy lance cavs in Ch 3 you need all four. The main issue is that he relies on multiple hits to deal damage, imo - since this makes the weapon triangle overly influence his damage output when he’s supposed to be a reliable unit. Especially given that the weapon he’s meant to kill with is a Brave Sword, which will typically hit 4 times.

(Example of a 3HKO)

(Example of a 4HKO)

  • Can you give out more vulneraries in the early game, please? By Ch 2, you’ve received 2 vulneraries while you have 7 units, which is less than one vulnerary per unit over two maps. I don’t think there’s any reason to have them be so sparse.
  • Huginn’s hit rates are bad. I’m not sure if the idea was that you’d sit the lord next to him for extra hit, but +10 hit isn’t gonna fix ~60 hitrates; and him being entirely dependent on the lord kind of just stings. Give some more early enemy lance users, please. Not to mention that strength base of 9 at level 6 makes his 2HKO thresholds start becoming pretty unreliable.
  • So I get the ethos behind changing the Rapier to be a reaver weapon, but um… There are no lance enemies Wren can use it against until Ch 3, and most enemies are either axe users or dark mages before that. Once again, while lance enemies show up in Ch 3… You want units to be good at their niche in their join chapter at least, because that helps them get EXP and makes the game more intuitive.
  • Why does the Prologue boss double the lord when his skill triggers? I’d understand if it was doubling, like, Huginn. Or if it was the difference between the lord doubling and not doubling. The only reason this wasn’t a problem for me is Tempest Blood not working.
  • A lot of the personal skills in this are just really bad choices. +10 hit/avo on the lord isn’t great right out of the bat, mostly because its effects just either aren’t helpful enough (Huginn) or aren’t notably useful (most everyone else) - if its effects were doubled or if it were might instead, I’d probably like it a lot more. Vantage+ on the archer is a meme that is only useful for baiting the wyverns that are, for some reason, on every map.
  • Can you at least place filler skills on the cavs, Huginn and the peg? Instead of no skill at all? They may not be what you have planned for the units in the long run but having no skills while the skill system is in place is really lame.

I do think there’s an attention to detail in this hack that’s indicative of the hack genuinely having potential, but it’s more what this attention to detail is used to actually achieve that is currently the problem with it.


Another thing I notice is that this game doesn’t like units doubling. Like, outside of a few units like Wigbrand, you just don’t double a lot. I get that early on, doubling shouldn’t be universal for everyone. But Ch.3 is just a bad map where you really shouldn’t make it a defense map, especially when player characters struggle to deal with the enemies properly. I feel like the reinforcements are simply too much for players to handle this early on in the game. Your units simply aren’t developed enough for players to handle this map. Couple that with Cato’s AI, and it’s simply just not a good map. It would be great if the reinforcements aren’t so relentless or if the player units are prepared to deal with the map. That, or just don’t make Wystan so pathetic that literally any enemy that sneaks past will immediately result in a game over; it just adds an unnecessary restriction on the player’s side imo.

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Thread page has been updated with two separate download links for releases, since having the releases link directly to the GitHub where everything is very much in a state of flux has turned out to be a less than optimal idea.

Please consider using the official releases if you’re planning on giving feedback.

@ Grey, @ Mid

I’m carefully considering your responses and solutions to the problems brought up but I’ll give a proper reply once I’ve figured out how to tackle them. I’m still mulling over ideas that I’d feel satisfied with.

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the enemies in that chapterare more than manageable in normal mode, you can even steal the boss’ energy ring and then kill him. and the enemies on every chapter can be doubled by your fast units

hard mode is a whole different ball park and i struggle to hold on past turn 7 on every attempt (about when the knights and wyverns spawn from the east), but the main post clearly said that hard mode hasn’t been balanced yet. it is simply the normal FE8 hardmode bonuses on every enemy which ends up overwhelming you