Fire Emblem Facts

Many Fire Emblem Facts show interesting facts within the World of Fire Emblem itself and how intriguing it shows us.

For example “Do you know in Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, If someone dies on the last round of Enemy Phase in Chapter 8, the sad character death music will continue to play as the last reinforcements reappear and Ike calls everyone back.”

It’s really interesting to know about the little tidbits from Fire Emblem and their facts such as Characters, Secrets, Development, Locations, and much more.

If you have any facts that you want to bring up, go on ahead.


Tidbits, you say?


fire emblem was not released to western audiences until fe7



In TLP Chapter 11, a village that typically gives a blue gem gives you a white gem if you visit with Karina.

Similarly, in Chapter 15, a village which usually yields an iron blade gives you a seal staff if you visit with Emma.

Shoutouts to Pushwall for telling me about these because it’s so odd lmao


Roy’s first apearence in a game was in super smash bros melee not fe6


The only character carried over from Fire Emblem 64 was Karel
The lord of FE64 was named Ike and Ephraim was a character who was the son of Eliwood
Bors, Raigh, and Owain were also mentioned in some of the few screenshots of the game.

Severa/Selena is the character available in the most maps in the series, second being Owain/Odin, and third being Inigo/laslow


The company that made Tear Ring Saga (Tirnanog) was founded 2 weeks before Kaga left Intelligent Systems


Marth was considered for smash 64 but was cut due to time restraints.

Kaga worked on super famicom wars


Getting a White Gem and a Seal staff seems so interesting to know. I wonder why Blazer set up a big reward on a White Gem to visit with Karina and a Seal staff for Emma.

This is Tirnanog, the creator of TearRingSaga. but Tirnanog is the name of a place in FE4.
Tirnanog is a village in the northern part of Isak.
where the baby Celis was hidden and grew up.
The name of this place appears at the beginning of Chapter 6.


I think Karina was like, Blazer’s gf at the time or something. And idk about Emma.
Because Karina/Lyam both kinda replaced another unit names Nayr(iirc)

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Anyways Actual facts:
Fe9 was developed under the name of fe8,
And fe8 was developed under the name of fe9.
In tlp the generic spear has the same weaponlock as Storm’s prf, so if you get the sieg mode generic lance, you can give Storm a lance rank.
If you don’t send a report.7zip 7743 will find you.
There is a shining Bow hidden within fe9’s code that doesn’t have any relation to the fates Shining bow, and also has no effects.
There is a unit hidden in fe9 named Heather, who has no relation to the one in Radiant Dawn.

Joshua’s portrait gets cut off by the sides of the hackbox. Unlike more obvious ones such as Gheb or Roland, his is impossible to notice ingame or even by looking at the graphics in ROM, due to the cutoff being a thin outline colored hair strand. The only way to know this information is by comparing the official portrait used for FEH Choose Your Legends to the one from FE8. (credit to @L95 for discovering this)

  • In FE8, if you bump into an enemy in fog ~17 times without turning the system off and then load a save at the world map, the game will crash. In other GBAFE games, this won’t crash and you’ll just get graphical errors.

  • In all 3 GBAFE games, the Configuration graphic at the top left of the Options menu screen is displayed with the wrong palette. The game loads in a palette specifically for that graphic, then immediately overwrites it with the palette used for option icons. The relevant colors in these 2 palettes are identical, so this was never caught.

  • FE6 had a series of trial maps that were only obtainable through winning giveaways. Any one copy of the game can only have 1 of these bonus maps at a time, as the data for it is stored in the save file. The system used for this is entirely absent from FE7, but is present again in a modified form in FE8. This version of it changes how the map is accessed, as trial maps aren’t a thing in FE8, but is incomplete and non-functional. This implies that at some point in development, FE8 was planned to bring back save-based maps, perhaps accessed from the world map, but this was scrapped before the system was even fully reimplemented.


Another fact:
If you turn off bgm in fe6 chapter 13 the bgm will still play in the scripted battle between Zephiel and Cecilia

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I figured this out when I was playing FE6 in 9th grade on a chrome web store emulator (chromebooks don’t support exes so i couldn’t force vba or anything), and I turned off the music because the emulator had glitchy sound, and I got surprised when Zephiel’s theme started playing

Other than Nini’s Grace, the dancer rings in FE7 appear to be references to the anima magic holy bloods from Jugdral, but the translation choices obscure them.

Filla’s Might->Fjalar
Set’s Litany->Forseti
Thor’s Ire->Thrud


The Fire dragon has a leg with some unshaded tiles offsceen. (You can actually see the unshaded tiles during the death animation since it gets shifted over a bit for that.)

(Ignore the chunk of missing tiles, that’s just me being too lazy to paste in the flipped tiles that spot uses)


In GBA FE, commands that are colored green indicate that you can do another action after doing them. Trading and convoy access are two such green commands.

This is why it annoys me so much when I play a hack where the Talk and Support commands are green but they still end my turn anyway after doing them. Plenty of hacks do this, so it makes me wonder why they’re made green if they’re still turn-ending like in an unhacked game. How hard is it actually to not make them green?


Huh I did not know that well that one thing to make sure I get right with my hack