FE5 Tidbits

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 is full of interesting things. I’ll be posting tidbits I’ve found here, ranging from tiny inconsequential things to large curiosities. Some will be much more interesting than others.

Here’s a small one to start:

When Julius and Ishtar appear at the end of chapter 21x they have a rather curious set of items: both are carrying a battle axe, handaxe, and a vulnerary. Their inventories, leader, level, and AI match the axe armors found in the chapter, suggesting some copy/pasting went on.


nah they were clearly doing a couple’s axercise routine. it was in vogue in judgral at the time


Here’s another:

Did you know that enemies in FE5 can gain weapon experience? It’s hard to notice as enemies rarely get a chance to hit you 50 times, but it’s possible.

It’s even harder to notice because many enemies only gain WEXP 20% of the time.

Interestingly, each character has WEXP ‘growth’ rates for each weapon type. Player units all have a 100% rate for each type and many enemies/NPCs have 20% rates.

I haven’t really tried to find a rhyme or reason behind which units get the 20% and which gain full WEXP. I don’t know if there’s any consistency, but there’s definitely an outlier: the midboss of chapter 12, Kolkho, gains 200% WEXP with axes and 0% WEXP with all other weapons.


That is the most unique thing I have ever heared about an FE game. I wonder why that mechanic even exists.

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I never said they aren’t deserved
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For the generics it seems like an oversight, as for Colho/Kolkho it might have been a scrapped playable unit slot like the one between Dozla and Rennac in FE8 (1B AKA Nate).

this is my favorite thread on the site


this is also my favorite thread on the site


I don’t know why enemies would be able to gain WEXP, but the ability to configure how much WEXP characters get seems useful to me. You could differentiate two characters of the same class by changing the WEXP they gain, for example.

I don’t know why Kolkho specifically is weird, though.

Correct! I thought this would be a good way to motivate me to get back into messing with FE5 while also sharing some cool things with everyone.

Continuing with more:

Growths for enemies and NPCs in Thracia don’t matter, with autoleveling handled by something that we’ll cover in a later tidbit. This doesn’t stop FE5 from giving these units wacky growths, however.

There’s a large block of units that all have the growths

 40  10   3  10  10   5   5  20   0

Of course, there are also units in that block that don’t have any growths set, because who needs consistency amirite?

Weissman, the boss of chapter 1, has 30% growths for all stats except for his 10% movement growth.

Raydrik and the Julius that uses Saias’ portrait (as opposed to the Julius that uses Julia’s portrait and appears in cutscenes–oops, that’s another tidbit, isn’t it? We’ll get back to Julius some other time.) have

 40   5  10  15  15   5   3   5   3

And then there are some units that are just completely bonkers:

Veld’s growths are all 1% apart from his 10% movement growth.

Seimtore, the wyvern subboss of chapter 21, has

 48  15   5  12  13  15  14  14   0

The unused boss Orbis has 0% for all stats except magic, where they have a growth of 250% (It should probably be noted that they’re also a wyvern knight, which makes this even stranger).


Let’s talk about the Juliuses (Julii?). There are two in FE5’s character data table.

The first Julius uses Saias’ portrait and occurs fairly early on in the character table in between Raydrik and Veld. He goes completely unused.

He’s got a number of things set that go unused thanks to how autoleveling works: his base stats are all 12, he has growths, and he has a small amount of WEXP with all weapons:

Swd Lnc Axe Bow Stf Fir Thn Wnd Lgt Drk
 20  10  30  10  20  30  20  20  10  30

Additionally, he’s a Dark Mage with Renewal and Adept. His name is ジュリアス (“Juriasu”) and his associated portrait for dialogue is Saias’.

The second Julius uses Julia’s portrait. This is the Julius that gets used for cutscenes. They’re tagged as female, oddly. Their name is ユリウス (“Yuriusu”) and their associated portrait for dialogue is Julius’.

Both of them only gain 20% WEXP with all weapons, too.


Up next: autoleveling. FE5’s way of autoleveling units is interesting. A unit is flagged to be autoleveled by setting their HP to one of a set of special values in their character data. These values, -1 to -9, select which set of growths to use, rather than using the character’s growth rates. These sets of growths are:

 -1 | 50  20   3  15  10  15  15  10   0
 -2 | 30   3  20  10  10   5   5  10   0
 -3 | 70  20   0  15  15  10  20  10   0
 -4 | 70  25   5  25  20  25  25  20   0
 -5 | 50   5  25  20  20  10  10  20   0
 -6 | 90  25   3  25  25  20  40  20   0
 -7 | 75  50  50  50  35  35  40  20   0
 -8 | 45  25  25  70  70  25  20  50   0
 -9 | 50  20   3  15  10  15   0  10   0

During the autoleveling process, the unit has a 10% chance of gaining a point of movement and gains 0-3 points in all other stats.

For each level added:
Each growth is rolled and gained stats are added.
Each weapon type rolls skill% to gain a weapon rank, even for types the unit doesn’t use.
For some reason, weapon ranks are raised such that a unit can use all weapons in their inventory for every autolevel added, despite only needing to do it once. Weapon ranks are raised like this at the end anyway, regardless of whether the unit needed autolevels or not.

Here’s a little bit of a breakdown as to how these growths are used:
The -1 scheme is a general-purpose physical unit set of growths, used by cavalry, armors, and archers.
The -2 scheme is for priests, bishops, and a few mages.
Scheme -3 is used for myrmidons, dancers, fighters, and the various bandit-like classes.
-4 is for strong physical units and bosses.
-5 is used for mages in chapters 13 and 14, the Unlock staff mages in chapter 24, and the unused Julius.
-6 is mostly promoted physical units and bosses.
Schemes -7 and -8 are unused.
-9 is for ballistae.

When determining how many levels a unit gets, they’re supposed to get 10 bonus levels if their class doesn’t match the class in their character data table entry, but this can’t happen when spawning a unit in. I’m hoping this adjusted level getting routine is used for something else so it isn’t completely useless.

For some reason, this post was hard to write. I hope it all made sense.


That is very interessting. The characterclass-data in GBA fe might be a leftover from that idea then, because it’s only real use in FE6(As far as I could tell)was to determine spawns when the devs didn’t specify the class of the spawned characters.

A quick one: Arion’s critical coefficient is 9. Truly a monster.


he do be FUCCing doe :flushed:


Another quick one: You’d think that the main lord’s map sprite would be under the most scrutiny, but Leif’s missing a pixel in his idle map sprite.



Oh, I also tweet these things if that’s something that interests you. This thread will always have more info, as posting tables, asm, etc. to twitter would be a pain. Catch me at https://twitter.com/ZaneAvernathy


Literally unplayable. FE5 confirmed garbage.


Reminds me of Eliwood from FE7.


A lot of the battle map sprites for magic units have graphics from other battle map sprites in them, filling parts of unused space. Mostly it ends up being frames of the bishop sprites facing various directions, probably used as references for the artists as they create more battle map sprites. I’m not going to post all of them, but here’s the priest graphics. It has parts of the bishop and what I assume are FE4 priest sprites.


Weapon locks are fun. FE5 has a few ones that people might get a kick out of.

Halvan, Galzus, and Pan all have unused weapon locks. I think most people have an idea of which weapons Pan and Halvan might get, but what about Galzus?

Ishtar actually gets a lock for the Mjolnir.

The killer ballista has a lock but doesn’t list any units that can use it.

There’s an unused lock for something usable by Linoan, Sarah, and Canis (including the Sarah Canis). Nosferatu, maybe?

There’s an unused lock for something usable by Schroff, Sarah, two priests in chapter 20, and Cohen, the boss of chapter 22. The terrifying part of this is that the common thing between the priests and Cohen (and Sarah in chapter 16B) is the restore staff. I really hope they weren’t planning on making the restore staff locked to specific units.

Loptyr and Valflame share a weapon lock with no defined users.


Galzus should be able to use the Bragi Sword (as should Mareeta :angry:)