Fire Emblem Enhancement Patches public release(currently FE6,7,8,EN and partially FE1) - Currently closed for renovations in the next few months

Oh,also lyn is 15 like in JP because I just did that.

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Maybe you can add the L/R hold to disable/enable animations to FE7 and 8?

And add the Danger Zone? [FE7/8] Enemy Range Display Hack

And what is the Hardmode bonus patch?

That actually never worked for me, idk why. And because of that, I could not really evaluate if I wanted to include it. On the other side, it was kinda like “Press A to speed the animations up”. I figured if people would want the game to be faster, they would just disable the animations altogether. But eh, guess I will add the L thing in the next update then.

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Hardmode Bonusses is what is talked about at the bottom of this threat(where I actually got it from). Reason I added it was because some people appearently find lynmode too boring to replay(Basicly, you can thank mangs for the option xD)

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Actually reminds me, if any bugs occur with the optional IPS Patches, then please report it here. It means that an edit that was made after the IPS patch screwed something up(Not entirely common, but the automatic repointing is literally RNG when it comes to that.)

Does FE7 really show growths when you press select? It didn’t work when I tried.

Also just to show you some things you might want to consider adding from my notes:

Improved Sound Mixer:

Exp Coefficent Fix:

Text speed change:

I recommend the values: 04 03 01 00

I consider enemy control glitch to be a part of the games. That is why I made dancers in FE8 actually able to doubleattack without softlocking. And I already fixed the exp coefficiant. Not every change is listed because there are so many small changes that I do not remember them all without someone jogging my memory.

And well, they are supposed to show growthrates when pressing select. Maybe I accidentially did not update the patch correctly. Will investigate tomorrow,gotta sleep now.

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Appearently something went wrong when updating the Patches, because…yeah,there really is no growthsdisplay in the released version, but it still works in the rom I have

Edit:it should work now. If it does not, then I have no Idea what is going on.

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On request of Fates-Blade, I have updated FE8 with Dangerzone and press L to disable animations. I have also added text to the attackrange-entry of the glossary to reflect this change properly. I also applied the Improved Soundmixer-patch in FEBuilder for this game.

Because I am too dumb to handle actual pointers and there is no such patch for FE7, that game will not have the soundmixer impremented when the next update drops. I honestly fear to lose the appeal of it basicly being “vanilla except better” by imprementing changes like these, but the requests were more feedback then I had ever gotten before, so I made an exception.

Also, FE7 will feature the JP textspeed again(It was a wonder to me that it was actually really slower in the west and just nobody talks about it) and FE6 will at least have slightly faster text in the normal textspeed-option. I decided for it because the tutorial is just dreadful with the vanilla speed except when mashing A or B.

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Having cleaner sound with less noise doesn’t count as vanilla except better?

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I thought more about dangerzones and the animations on L-Thing. The second one of these is actually such a weird sidegimmick that I did not even mention it ingame or in the updatenote on the secondary plattform where I also released the patch.


I will update FE7 in the next few days. School just started today and there is a lot to do and I did not really take the free time I had(last two weeks) to relax but rather to continue working on fire emblem(I currently also translate the FE7 patch into german and work on preparations for an actual romhacking project, so everything is even more of a mess than usually), otherwise I would have updated the patch already.


what this thread exist since months and just saw it now
hey that look promising what you have done here
reading the whole thread you typed a lot of stuff

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Mostly just generic announcements and currently outdated Information tho.

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Fe7 update uploaded. Unless something major happens in FE6, it will likely take a longer time until the next update of any kind. Also, just a question for the future: is anyone who looks into this treat versed in telliushacking?


The unlikely happened and I noticed that I actually missed a minor translation error and I accidentially had a command in one conversation where a ’ was supposed to be, so I quickly updated FE7 again. Also gave me an excuse to put in the “Affin” from the EU rom into the supportviewer image.

First off, thanks for your hard work with these patches. I haven’t had a chance to download and look through them yet, though I do have a couple questions. First off, is it possible to have a separate Rankings patch without any text changes, or any sort of tutorial for editing that data? Also, is there a changelog of what text areas were changed? Again, haven’t actually looked through the patch, but I do have my own list of FE7 errors. I’m sure you got some of these, but please double-check these for any errors or typos:

  • Ch. 19x of Hector’s story might’ve been incorrectly called “Prisoner of Magic” instead of “Imprisoner of Magic”. This is likely a typo, but I’d double-check with a Japanese game to double-check (wouldn’t have to be able to read it, just see if the characters are the same or not).

  • Index 06C8 in FEditor: In the narration about the Eight Generals, the phrase “horseman Hanon, his beloved plains” show up. Hanon is a female.

  • Index 0918 and 09A1: Typo: “abilities” is misspelled as “abilites”

  • Linus is infrequently called the “Rabid Hound”, it’s supposed to be only “Mad Dog”

  • Eubans is called the Hurricane a couple of times, when he should be called the “Eagle”.

  • Bernard’s portrait description says “Knight Commander of Bern. Trusted by Marquess Laus.” Should say “Knight Commander of Laus.” instead.

  • Index 00A1. Erk and Priscilla C Support. Erk talks about Serra (confirmed in the next support), but uses male pronouns (pronouns should be ambiguous because of the next support).
    Erk: My last lord was a very willful child, you see. He would call me over the slightest things… That is past now, though… of course.
    Should be:
    My last client was a very willful child, you see. I would get called over the slightest things… That is past now, though… of course.

  • Index 009F. Priscilla and Heath B Support (this might not be an error, but something to check). Heath talks fondly about his old Wyvern knight captain and uses a male pronoun. This might’ve been a reference to Vaida, except she has a female pronoun and is a commander.
    Heath: Our captain was a true soldier, he was. He charged the enemy shooters to draw fire away from us… Even with an arrow through his shoulder, he kept charging.

  • Erk and Louise B Support (Index 0111). “Castle Reglay” was called “Wrigley” (probably a beta-translation).
    Louise: When this battle ends, why don’t we return to Castle Wrigley together?

  • Heath and Louise B Support (Index 0116). Unless this scene is supposed to be about Heath being flustered by Louise and being dumb, he mistakenly calls Louise “Marchioness Wrigley” instead of “Countess Reglay”.
    Heath: So that was Marchioness Wrigley?

  • Index 0F87. In the Tactician Ranking screen, Marcus has an unnecessary space at the start of his line.
    Marcus: Well done! Very well done indeed,

  • Index 107F. In Bartre and Karla’s ending, he says he “joined” Karla, when it should say “mourned” Karla.

  • Index 1035 and 1036. In Guy’s ending, he’s mistakenly called a “Mounted Swordsman” and his ending says that people called him the Saint of Swords. Instead, he should be called an equal to the Saint of Swords. Source:
    “Guy - Mounted Swordsman”
    “Guy continued in his quest
    to be the finest swordsman
    of all Sacae. His form was
    so perfected that all called
    him the Saint of Swords.”

I would rephrase it to
Guy - Striving Swordsman
Guy continued in his quest
to be the finest swordsman
of all Sacae. His form was so
perfected that all say that he
rivaled the Saint of Swords.

  • Index 005B. In Eliwood and Hector’s Support, the context of the support mistakenly implies that Erik cut his hand to start an oath, but it was actually Hector.

  • Index 0B25. In Chapter 17x/18x Pirate Ship, Fargus has the line “Looks like we’ve got a visitor.”, which itself is fine, but there’s a line break before it that pushes it to the second line for no reason.

  • Index 0B4E. In the Dread Isle chapter, Nergal says “FORCE”, which is supposed to be quintessence. Also, I heard there was some mistranslation regarding Nergal’s explanation about war plotting here and in Nils’s descriptions of Nergal’s plans in Kinship’s Bond (0BE5). I would reach out to someone like Kantopia about it.

  • Index 0B7C. When meeting Renault in 18x/19x, some characters (I think Dorcas and Raven) will respond with “You’re of a different faith than the last pilgrim we met on Valor.” to learning that Renault’s on a pilgrimage. Instead, they should say something along the lines of “What kind of religion requires a pilgrimage out here?”

  • Index 06FC. For the narration, it ends with saying “Hector quicky gives chase.” instead of “quickly”

  • Index 0B9D. In 19x Pt.2, Hector’s response to Teodor revealing himself as an enemy is “You… It was you!?” which makes no sense in context. He should say something along the lines of “You… You’re–”, or “You… Who are you!?”

  • Index 0DAA. Sonia says “To a man, you will all die!”. Awkward phrasing in regards to gender aside, this is meant to reinforce her misconception and delusion that she’s human, so I would rephrase this as “By human hands, you will all die!”

  • 0FB8, 0FB9. In the Augury, Nils talks about “A sword that steals life energies and feeds them to its wielder.” The issue is that this is talking about the Runesword the Lloyd/Linus wields, but they changed it to a Light Brand. I think a villager might talk about the sword too, but I’m not sure.

  • Index 0E1C. Nergal has a couple of weird lines. He says “The purest fire… Flame breath.” in response to getting hit by Forblaze, so I think it should say Forblaze instead of Flame breath. He also says “However, fire is no longer my foe! Look! Not even a legendary blade can cause me harm!” still in reference to Forblaze, in which I think “blade” should say either “flame” or “item”, since “legendary item” is what they’re called (well, Heroes changed the term to “legendary weapons” instead of “items”, but items are probably more accurate when it comes to the tomes/staff).

  • Index 0E28. Hector calls Armads the “thunder hammer”, but in every other instance it’s called the “thunder axe”.

  • Index 0765, 0766, 1335, 1336. The bonus disc messages for unlocking the new songs and the actual song titles should change “Sacred Dragon” and “Dragon God” to “Divine Dragon”, while “Silezia” and “Silezha” to “Silesse”.

  • “Spear mastery level” should be “Lance mastery level”. Same goes for the Lancereaver’s description being “Strong against spears” needing to be changed to “Strong against lances”

  • Weapons like the Rapier, Mani Katti, Wolf Beil, Armorslayer, etc., say they’re effective against “infantry”, but the Armorslayer should say “knights” (as per the Hammer), while the Prf weapons should say “knights and cavalry”.

  • The Wind sword and Dragon axe have their descriptions cut off in the US games due to character limits. The EU fixes for them are “A long-range magic sword.” and " A wyvern-slaying axe." I personally think “Ingrained with wind magic” would also be fitting for the Wind sword, to be more in line with the Light Brand and Runesword’s descriptions.

  • Reinfleche’s description is wrong. Should be “For experienced units only.” instead of “Can strike consecutively.”

  • Not a text error but I think an oversight, is that the Emblem bow doesn’t have any effectiveness against Fliers.

  • Not an error but more of a bonus thing, but in the Japanese version for the “Transfer Data”, they had a 60-use Vulnerary that never made it to the Western version

Sorry again for the long list, especially since I haven’t checked your own edits to see if any were implemented, and thanks again for your patches

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I fixed most of these, but some of them really slipped through the cracks because I could not find anything about them. Thanks for the imput! When it comes to the bonuscontent, I kept it the way it was since I accepted dragon god and sacred dragon as titles instead(As a direct reference to being Naga being viewed as an actual god) and silezha is a special case.

It is not a mistake but rather just the first localisation and was retconned. I personally am not a fan of things like that and thus usually use the official english names I prefer. I like Silezha more even tho Silesse is more accurate(I think that is actually just the japanese romanization), so I plan to change silesse to silezha in case I ever get to Awakening and FE4(it is harder to hack, so it might not happen).

Also, I will look into reintroducing the 60 use vulnerary. I actually forgot about it because it barely matters.

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I fixed everything from the list that I did not fix beforehand(also changed a lot of mentions of “spears” to “lances” to reflect the change in menu termonology(Only where it made sence tho. In some strings, it was pretty clear it was really meant to be called spear)). I made the pricilla and heath-thing slightly more open(“they” instead of “he”) and changes captain to commander, just so that there is no harm done for the time either way.

Also, I already had the Prisoner of magic-thing fixed appearently…for the chaptername string for the end of the game, but not the chapter title-string. Ooops I guess.

When it comes to bonusitems, I did not bother for the time being because the checksum is insanity for me.


What would be kinda cool btw is if the FE6-link from FE7J would be restored somehow. However, I assume that will never happen because it kinda does not have a real function anymore. All it would do is unlock the alternate deathquotes from the characters without having to beat the game too many times. Nobody would bother reintroducing an entire gamefunction just for that.

Outside of that, I really draw blanks what to add to the games that could be added(Looking at you, FE6 trialmaps). All that is left is really to just poilish up FE7 and FE8 some more and fix a few insanely minor problems. Guess I will soon have to return to Elibean Nights to provide new content for you folks since FE6 advancements are very slow and I continue to be the most useless guy in the community hackingwise(overblown statement obviously).

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