Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

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That’s weird since that’s the one I use in particular. I can’t seem to replicate it myself. Hacks do tend to have brain farts sometimes so it could have just been a random occurrence. I’d hate to leave it at that though. I guess the only thing I can do is keep an eye out if it happens to anyone else.

Acknowledged. It’s an easy fix, just forgot to add the sword/bow armor to the promotion list on that item.

Also I’ll probably be throwing out an update soon. Nothing too major, it’s just been a few months and all the reported bugs and mistakes so far have been fixed.

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Is the avatar here similar to the one in Order of the Crimson Arm where I’m encouraged to edit in a custom portrait? Or is that not a good idea in this case?

Nah, if you want to do that, go for it. Male portrait is slot number 03, and female is 04.

When I killed the two bosses in 15-1 I couldn’t move on to the next chapter… Is that a bug or something?

Looks like it. There isn’t any reason that should be happening though. It’s been brought to my attention stuff like this can happen if you patch the game incorrectly. You didn’t use a prepatched rom or patch an EU rom or anything? I’m just throwing darts at the board here but it’s worth asking.

I guess not… thanks for your response :blush:


And speaking of patches, I’ve uploaded that update I mentioned the other day. I listed the details in the update 1.2 thing below the link to the UPS patch. It’s just some bug fixes and tweaks is all. No supports yet. I’ll say they’re 25% done now.


Very good hack thoroughly enjoyed it. Would only suggest one potential change of making promo items especially the knights crest a little more frequent and available early on. Unless i missed something i got only two knights crests and due to not knowing that you can use the fell contract to promote brigands and pirates wasted the earth seal on james and dale(love berserkers). I wanted to use all three wren emma and ty so tys promotion came very very late.

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Found a couple bugs both in chapter 11
-When recruiting Darius with Francine their dialogue is swapped. (Darius says Francines, Francine says Darius)

-In the after battle cutscene female tactician turns into a male

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Was there a female assassin or thief that was supposed to be recruited

Yep. You can recruit her in the chapter with the dragon destroying the city. Visit the inn with one of your thieves.

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Thank you @Lumpi because I was on the last chapter and seen her portrait I was very confused because I never seen her as an enemy beforehand

I am on Chapter 15-2 and have enjoyed the hack so far. My main issue would be type of promotion items (2 Knight Crests, 2 Orion Bolts, 1 Hero Crest , 2 Elysian Whips, 1 Guiding Ring) you get means you either have to use certain units or wait to promote others.

I have units (mage, troubadour, mercenary, brigand and pirate) that I want to promote but can’t due to the type of promotion items that I have got so far. I have 2 Knights Crest I will never use because my cavalier died, my soldier and knight have terrible stats.

It would be easier if you got Earth Seals so you can choose which units to promote rather than waiting for the appropriate promotion item.

Other than that, I like the hack. The dual-wielding Hector unit and the magic-wielding Eliwood unit are great. Also the huge roster of characters you can recruit means you have alot of choice on which type of units to put in your party.

Question, I’m on chapter 22 and my Arjun is lvl capped and got some really good stats for a non promoted, when do i get his promote item?


The end of chapter 22.

Ch.19 - dragon showing up was interesting and the extra boss.

Ch.20 - Reminds me of the FE7 where Nino and Jaffar meet Sonia in the Water Palace.

Ch.21 - Visiting the houses actually matters even though you don’t get any items.

Ch.21x - My fav because I have never seen a chapter like this in any of the hacks or original Fire Emblem Games I played.

Ch 23-3 : The boss stats are unreal, even with the legendary weapons. I could barely deal 10+ damage to him with physical weapons. My sorcerer could deal 23 damage but he gets doubled when he holds the Legendary Tome. I basically had to slowly wittle him down while he ported around which took forever. Maybe reduce his Def and Res a little more.

Boss Stats

Also maybe add 1 or 2 Angelic Robes or make them available in a Secret Shop. The reason is that even having 35 HP is dangerous in the latter chapters based on how much damage the enemies deal (the dragons are the main culprit). Also the boss on 23-3 could basically kill alot of my units in 1 shot unless they were over that threshold.

Game is still fun, though.

I generally tried to do something unique every chapter, be it something that defined the chapter or just a small thing. It’s nice to know you enjoyed some of them a lot. The 23-3 boss is supposed to be a bitch but I’ll keep in mind your suggestions.

I just have to say that I LOVED IT …I just finished the hack right now ( 3:47 am here :rofl: ) and really of all things I’ve played, this is a Master Piece

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I’ve been playing this hack nonstop and honestly it’s probably my favorite hack of all time, and I play a LOT of hacks when I’m bored, so yeah, I love this hack, thanks for existing, can’t wait for support convos!

also Ronaldo is best boy

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Hey, your hack has a Hector Great Lord bow animation in it, right? Would I be able to use that animation for my own hack?