Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

Hey, I’m real glad you both enjoyed it. It warms my heart. I think I should also say supports are about 40-50% done. We’re getting up there.

Yeah, I’ve been meaning to put my animations up in the animation directory section on this site. One of the issues you’re gonna have though is I redistributed the colors on the hector sprite edits I did. So the palette wouldn’t be exactly be the same. It would be an easy but tedious task to edit it back to how hector’s was. but you are free to use it and edit it however you please. Luckily the bow animation does not use too many sprites.


Thanks a bundle!

@Fe74ever that wasn’t the final boss lol
(tho very hard to take down either)
and I totally missed a whole whole bunch of recruitable units that I don’t think any first timers should know how to recruit lol
any recruitable unit lists? in spoiler tag

Simply remarkable hack. Excellent story. Excellent characters. Really stellar job. 10/10. Thank you for this experience TytheBub. And seriously top-notch engagement/communication within your thread when it comes to responding/getting back to people who left comments - this is my first comment in the thread but I did frequent the thread while playing and, truly, your dedication is most admirable. So yes thank you once again Ty. Amazing job.

Happy you liked it. I do try to keep up with the thread and posting lets it be known I try fixing/editing things when I can. And thank you as well, I appreciate it.

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I didn’t find anything really in need of fixing on my playthrough. Everything was smooth sailing for me. As I said, I really really enjoyed it. And for me my favourite one moment if I had to pick from the hack I’ve included below (potential spoiler for those who have not completed)


Being able to command a dark druid as part of the main story of a hack. I can’t remember another story-based hack if any even exist besides this where you can do that but I’ve always loved that character class so much since first seeing Nergal’s sprite on GBA what must be over 15 years ago now wow. And always it seems in hacks the dark druid is maintained as an enemy phase only character (and understandably so in most cases). Combine that all with the fact that in your hack in particular I just so happened to love Zahhak’s portrait/design way more than Nergal or any other dark druid character from any other hack thus far and you can imagine for me it was quite the awesome moment when I saw that I would get to command Zahhak (who also probably is my favourite overall character in the hack). Finally, the fact that you teased being able to play as Zahhak for so long having him remain as a green other phase character for most of that last portion of the game was driving me absolutely nuts…and to finally see him turn blue in that last chapter I got such a joyrush. I’m literally just going into the super bonus round arena beating people down with the character for satisfaction of being able to command him still since completing the hack.


Yeah, I always really liked the dark druid class too. That was actually one of my earliest goals. “I want a gotoh-type character that is a dark druid.”

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Seriously awesome work Ty. Once again I absolutely loved this hack.

I was playing this rom hack for a while but when i was about to go to chapter 17 the screen was black then it went back to the press start screen. I NEED HELP PLS!!!

which chapter 16 did you do? you might have also patched the wrong rom or are using a bad emulator.

I figured it out thanks for the tip it was the emulator sorry for the inconvenience

ah cool, good to know. which one were you using, by the way? i might have to start making a list.

Whether or not you’ve seen this one already, I’ll leave this typo here. It’s quite hilarious and I think I’ll save it.

Chapter 6x Spoilers


Freesia you hypocrite.

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Simple kind of typo I like to call the Restructuring Typo, where the sentence was planned to be something else and then got changed and something was missed. Happens to everyone. Will keep an eye out for more, but I know I missed two or three in earlier chapters before I started recording them.

Chapter 7 Spoilers

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So do you have any plans to expand upon this story in any kind of way

Maybe a second gen or gaiden like situation?


I appreciate it because I think grammar and typos was probably my biggest weakness when cobbling this all together.

I don’t have a solid plan for anything in regards to the future. I’ve had more time to think about it though. Doing nothing but support dialogue can get pretty monotonous and i get stuck a lot, so I sometimes trail off thinking out stuff like that to get juices flowing again. I’ve actually got a couple of ideas that vary from gen 2 to gaiden to thracia side story stuff now. It’s too early to tell where I go with any of this. As for this hack though, I do plan on adding in some story things I couldn’t fit in the main story or in supports. They’ll mostly be backstory or off camera stuff that would have been too awkward to put in normally. I plan on having you access them through the houses in the bonus map at the end.

Some examples of this would be

Interaction between Zahhak and Brauma from back in the day. Or what the duke of Vanheim was up to during the story since he is completely absent from it.


I’m not sure if this bug has been addressed yet but when I Killed Thomas and won chapter 11, right after my avatar thanked Orion for coming to help, it switches the pallette to the male avatar as I chose the female avatar.

This would be interesting to see

but Q: what kind of goddess is Brauma a dragon or an Ashunera type

And does Freesia have a paired ending with Orion?

Brauma’s a dragon, as stated in-game. And Freesia doesn’t have a paired ending with Orion. It’s a miracle in-universe for Orion to get involved romantically with anyone since he’s married to the job.

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