Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

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okay thanks, should be an easy fix.

How’d that work for you? I talked to him and he survived but he didn’t join me. Was it because I beat him up a little bit with other characters?

He joins you on turn 2 or 3 of the next chapter, if you haven’t played that far yet.

Oh it just happened, thanks a bunch.

So I just finished the hack. It was pretty awesome. Probably beats Order of the Crimson Arm for my favorite hack so far. I just notice that theres an assassin lady in the support list that I don’t have, so I just wonder if I missed anyone or if she’s exclusive to the Kotan route.

She’s I believe in Chapter 19.
Visit the bar with the Avatar or Shanks to get her.

Another bug report:
In chapter 25 after the battle and the mapchange the cursor was gone. So I was on the changed map but couldn’t do anything but move the screen up and down without a cursor. When I activated auto cursor and ended my turn, the cursor came back and to my luck I didn’t have to restart the chapter.

That would have been annoying cause that chapter is a pain ^^

Ronaldo works too.

Acknowledged. I’ll see what can be done there.

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Ok so I finally finished the hack, so I can give you some more feedback. I may repeat myself^^

You did an amazing job in my opinion, especially as this is your first hack. The ending really got me interested in a sequel as well:


Maya, Fuwades, Arjun and a lot of other characters with potential interesting stories for example.

So many interesting not playable or playable characters, even without supports yet. Especially the fuglies as you called them ^^

Difficulty, Mapdesign:
The difficulty spikes up from the midgame onwards, which is also nice, but some chars that worked perfectly fine in the easier early game surely start to struggle eventually, but that’s ok. There are always good and bad chars of course.

The maps in the lategame all become pretty big, you have a lot of deployable characters and the enemy has a lot of long range weapons. So eventually you start to check for ranges a lot and move a huge amount of units which makes some parts a bit taxing.

And I just really feel like a few QOL options would be nice. You have a lot of long range tomes and staffs so the range indicator would be nice, as well as showing which units won’t move, so it’s easier to see the range and to plan your strategy (“Can I put my units there or will they get attacked” is something you don’t have to test as a player). But I don’t know if and how easy it is to implement and if you want it.

A lot of nessecary alliances between chars that would be opponents otherwise. That gives the story some interesting aspects. Freesia, Orion and your own unit all have their own struggles and things they face. They are not perfect. That makes for far more interesting Protagonists.


Brauma is a weirdo^^

Hey thanks for the commentary, playing all the way through, and enjoying it. I’m sorry to say those QOL suggestions are just out of my hands though. I’m not quite sure what you mean by range indicator. You know you can click on enemy units and see their attack ranges, right? Unless you want something that shows all attack ranges at once, and yeah, in that case, out of my hands. Same with showing enemies that move thing. It can be done with ASM hacking, I’m sure, but that’s out of my level of expertise.

Ye I meant showing all at once. But ok, I didn’t know it’s not that easy.
Your hack is still super awesome and should definitely get a lot more attention! It would be well deserved in my opinion^^

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Very, very good hacke, do you still have a sequel?

I don’t quite know what you mean unless you’re from the future. But if you’re asking if I am working on or planning a sequel. Nothing is going on in regards to that. I can see there are people who would like one but I want to finish the supports and fix mistakes and bugs and stuff for this project before I start working on something else. That said, I’ve got ideas of course for a sequel, but I don’t wanna lose focus on the task at hand. So those ideas are to be kept on the back burner for now.


(in future you made a great sequel that it got famous and like millions had played it,
however, there’s a evil group of villains called team Rocket, whose aim is to destroy fun, deleted every copy of the game, including the ones in ur pc,
However, Einstein the 69th made a time machine for Axetius to go to our present time and secure a copy for the game in order for the future population to play again)

Well, if only

Hey, been playing your hack. So far pretty good. Sometimes feels a bit lopsided on how your units gain exp whenever they kill a human or a monster (in particular the Manakete seems to gain no exp at all).

Other than that though, my coment comes because I recently finished Ch 21 Ahribaal, and did so in 14 turns, but it seems that it doesn’t take me to the gaiden. So I was wanting to ask if there was something else missing.

monster classes and human classes have the same class relative power so the exp gain should be the same. and kiri counts as a promoted class, she gains the same amount of exp as a promoted unit. i just did some tests to make sure and everything is working as intended. maybe you’re confused about monster classes that are promoted and unpromoted? most of them, i just ported from fe8, so their sprites are the same just recolored, so i can see someone getting confused, especially if they haven’t played fe8.

21 ahribaal’s only gaiden requirement is beating it before turn 15. it all checks out still. i did some tests to be sure it’s all working right and it is. i even had the chapter won on the enemy turn 14 and it still dropped me in 21x. you using any special emulators or something?

Only VBA, but I guess I’m going to try again.

Found a bug:

As you can see, Wren cannot use the earth seal to promote.