Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

Well, I started playing your hack just a few days ago, and I gotta say a few things as a enjoyer of Fire Emblem. I think the game has potential, and that there are some things I find interesting about this hack. Such as the amount of characters there are to use. It’s honestly amazing how many characters I can decide to use, or practically just bench them if I find someone else I’d like to use in place of them. I’m currently on Chapter 15-2, and I hate to say it but it’s not looking to good. Not sure if someone has already covered it, but I think there is quite a bit so far I’m seeing that is kinda killing my enjoyment very quickly. I’ll start from the beginning. The MU. The ability to make your own character (to an extent) is damn amazing, and the custom animation is nice to boot… That said the growth rates on your character are…,for a lack of a better term, confusing lacking. The low speed makes sense at the start, so that you can help your other characters get some EXP similar to how Francine acts is nice, but the growth of it is a little to RNG reliant. You get a understandable base stat for SPD only to get screwed if you don’t get enough come the difficulty spike. I can’t tell you how many times I was excited to practically be lvl 20 just from getting ZERO kills for like the first 8-12 chapters. I gained all that EXP just from hitting them so that my other characters could get the kill, and get the big EXP stacks…but I’m sitting at a measly 10 spd at 20?! (Minus the speed wing I gave myself I would’ve been stuck on Chapter 14 because of the next topic) I can understand not wanting to show Growth rates because you want people to try out different characters, but…this isn’t even a Lord anymore…to top it off I am currently sitting at 8 res, and again if I didnt use the talisman on myself I’d have a horrific 11 res…I think maybe adding some extra stat increases to their bases, or maybe to their growths will help because this next topic is going to blow your mind. I. Have. No. HP. For. ANY. Of. My. Units…If it wasn’t for the Angelic Robes I for SURE wouldn’t have come CLOSE to how far I am currently. My Emma got RNG screwed so bad that Francine is my Paladin…and she is BARELY making it as a Paladin anymore if any. She is like only the tip of the iceberg. My Orion? Also lvl 20 btw. Only got 2 points total of Skill…My dude…2 points…in how many lvls? Also, no res either but I’m assuming you gave him zero growth in res so I didn’t count that. He needed to TWO Secret Books to BARELY touch 10 Skill. He has dmg, he has tankiness, but bro he LITERALLY can’t hit anything…I had to gamble everytime I wanted a kill for him to get EXP. If they weren’t a Axe user, and NOT standing on anything AVD increasing then he could get a solid hit in but…that’s definitely no bueno. The growth rates are really really in need of immediately attention. Most of my units tend to either get out spd, AVD diff, or just out right one rounded by the weakest enemies. Freesia…I don’t even want to go there, but in short term she can’t do anything. (For insight on what to fix with her) ((No DMG, no HP, zero ability to take a hit, and her growths just aren’t even making it change anything as she isn’t doubling, or gets weighed down by anything and everything that isn’t a Vulneary))


To continue in a sense with the growth rates: Maximillian is WAY to strong for you to really ATTEMPT getting the secret chapter for 15x. I have to roll a dice, and PRAY that his Bolting doesn’t hit me…TWICE, and no I’ve tried using a Flux tome with Forest, and Pure water to help but it’s just impossible to have a surviving chance against him. He doubles, does 21-24 Dmg per hit, hits twice, AND STILL has a SOLID 61-70% Chance depending on if his Hit rate is rolled high or low. I get that you want to have a secret chapter, or something but leaving it up to chance to decide if anyone gets to see it? Doesn’t that just take away the point of the chapter in the first place??? He really shouldn’t have 20 CON to negate the Bolting Tome. I’d rather have to deal with one hit doing say Idk 50 dmg but at 35-40% Hit over a Dual Fried MU served on a stick to Fuwa ok? Please if anything I’d REALLY appreciate having Growth rates shown in SOME form, or maybe a Metis Tome somewhere to help reduce the amount of people I’ve been FORCED to bench not because they are bad but because RNG just doesn’t seem to be on the fair side for this hack. I want to get further into the game, but the amount of hiccups I’m seeing is draining my enjoyment. The lore is interesting. I’m excited to see what comes after Chapter 15-2 but…there’s just to much forced against the player. The lack of two range weapons doesn’t seem to help either as I can’t help the theifs who also have been RNG screwed. I already used up my Light Brand just trying to get ONE SPD point on Shanks so he can steal the Angelic Robe from the Wyvern Ride with the Brave Axe… that’s how bad these growth rates are looking right now. An Extra Light Brand or two would do quite nicely as it would allow me to attack these now suped up Fiends to get a lvl or two for the old fart, and Rat face duo.

(PS) Mostly from my personal likings I do wish the Promotion items weren’t sold only for 1k. I literally sold a Orions bolt because the other Archer units that I got besides (Shermie’s sister) are either to weak when they joined, or RNG screwed. I needed the money as another underlying issue with this hack is the amount of gold you get. I feel like I’m playing on Lunatic, but with no actual resources to use incase if I do get RNG screwed. So far I think I’ve squeezed out as much of a win per chapter from the RNG Growths, but having no weapons/Healing items has drastically made things much harder as I was forced to make the choice of weapons, or healing items. “Balance them out duh”. I tried. Believe me. I’ve tried. RNG saying “NO” to tankiness (Even for my ACTUAL tanks >.> Looking at you Briar/Wren) forces me to not buy weapons and to literally use 10k to stock up on Vuls as my healers are just not able to cut it on their own (ALSO Looking at you Arthur/Yet as Yet as YET to receive even a SINGLE point in MAG since I’ve gotten her)

All in all:

I really hope that some immediate changes can take place as right now things are not looking even remotely possible for me to complete this hack. Not because it’s hard. The difficulty spike seems reasonable, but the amount of LUCK (Heh get it?) you need is honestly just to much. It’s almost as sad as Whitney is with hers.

PPS: Please give her a little more in her other stats. If she doesn’t have luck, but has other stats then I would’ve have used her but again as she joins late and has nothing for her besides giving me a Elixir, Elysian Whip, and a Killer Lance she got benched IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I’m not the BEST player, but I have played a LOT of Fire Emblem and I have also completed Lunatic on multiple current games so maybe that will help understand where I’m coming from? Maybe not? Either way, I look forward to what you will decide on this.


hey, sorry to say it but i’m just not working on this hack anymore. also you don’t fight max in 15-2 to unlock 15x. you do that on 15-3.


Ahh ok. I figured it was still relatively new (completed though) as I had seen it through Google Newsfeed. Well, I guess I’ll just have to squeeze out a Game Clear with what I got. Maybe I’ll see a new hack some time in the future? Good luck, and take care.


I’d be very interested in seeing a sequel, at least! I finished my Ironman run (so many dead units…) and had an absolute blast with the hack to the point I’d eagerly try out anything else you make. No pressure though, take your time.


I’ve played 13 chapters and this game story is really fun and well told. It feels like an FE official game. The game not hard it a good middle spot for me. The characters are written very good in my opinion. I’m also glad their full supports in this game. I love that the Avatar unit in FE7 is fully use like in the recent FE games make me feel like I’m apart of the world. I will play any more more games from you especially if you implement something drum of wars support system were you can have multiple B ranks but only one A rank support. Overall a 9/10 for me.


I have a fresh FE8 rom and tried to patch over it with the current .ups file with no luck. Anyone else run into this issue?

Patch it to an FE7 rom

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Just finished. One of the best games i’ve ever played. Big rom hack guy and this one is certainly in my S tier and one of the best i’ve ever played. The cutscene after beating the final boss made me cry, as well as the scene with florence. Just wanted to say amazing work. Really loved everybody’s character arc and this really felt like a perfect fire emblem game. Masterpiece!

Literally everybody had such incredible progression character wise. Fucking amazing.


how do you beat chapter final-1? i’m having trouble with the constant dracozombie reinforcements

I keep trying to donwload this game with a fresh FE8 Rom, and when I try to patch over with the DLATMOL, I get a a47246ae mismatch error… I really want to play this game after seeing all the great feedback. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

It’s an FE7 hack, so you should be using FE7.


A fully complete hack with full supports included…HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS! They always recommend me complete hacks with supports…diving in!


Omg Darius being able to be able to be recruited by any girl except for Chandra is hilarious. He must thik he’s ugly and that is just…great lol


Okay, I am very confused about something. Ashley is supposed to have a paired ending with Raimon, or so it says in here: 122a paired endings - .

However, they don’t have support convos? What’s happening here?

something i dropped but forgot to remove from the list. there’s actually a couple of supports i wanted to do but cut for one reason or the other. guess that just slipped through the cracks. keeping track of all the supports and ending is tedious work, so i’m not surprised i let that happen. i’ll still keep that on there but i’ll just mark it with something like (this is cut content) i guess


Oh maaaan… Welp, free space for Francine (how did you manage to create a fictional character who is literally my ideal type, dude :rofl:). And even better, since she is a not useless Jeagan, like Seth or Titania.

well i know what i like and i know others like it too.


Ohhhh I’m curious as to who the cut supports are



these are the ones i have written down in a file saying basically “not happening anymore.” there may have been more but these are the ones i bothered to write down, so they at least got past the “just ideas in my head” phase. there isn’t much to say on them because i didn’t even get far enough to write the dialogue. and some were planned so far back that some of these characters were… different characters even. zahhak does also kind of stand out here because he was originally going to join early enough to have supports but there are a million reasons why he could not ultimately and thus only became playable in the final chapter.


Thanks for the list!


Ahhh I always wondered why there was never an Orionx Franchine talk. Like that’s his whole commander. The one I am most interested in here is Niya and Jenna and Ty & Durga. Those would have been some interested coversations.