Fire Emblem: Dark Lord and The Maiden of Light

That’s fine. I was wanting to know if I could make a few changes to it? (Nothing HUGE) Maybe try and see what it would look like if some things were adjusted whilest keeping it as close to form to what your hack was like originally?
Also, I am excited to see what future things you’re making! I’d enjoy playing them whenever they come out.

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Actually I’m really enjoying the game so far but where can I see the growth rate pls ? (I don’t have FEbuilder)

Growths aren’t intended to be visible in this game.

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Nah, sorry, I’d rather not let anyone else alter the game. I mean, I can’t stop you from doing it for fun or out of curiosity, others have done things like that before. But I wouldn’t let anyone do “official” changes besides myself.

its nothing i wanna change & post for you, i just wanted to do some for fun ones out of curiosity. That’s all.

Waiting for your future project ~


Just rereading this threat makes me smile. It’s been some time since I finished my first playthrough of this game, and I’ve done to separate playthroughs by now (one female tact, one male tact.)

I know a lot of people are quick to list certain FE8 hacks as their favorite fan projects, but this one just hit all the right marks for me. This game is probably my favorite full-length FE rom hack on the site.

Orion and (tact) were a great pair, especially as the plot went on, and Francine is probably my favorite Jagen/prepromote starter unit out of all the many Jagen-types from all the different rom hacks.


Male Tact x Francine for the win


I’m trying to figure out what the player phase theme is that plays during chapter 27-1

that’s the new mystery version of the holy war theme from FE3. i can’t find a link to the converted version i used for the life of me but i do believe it was done by agro.

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Hi, I was wondering who the Est in this hack is or if there’s even an Est at all? I love raising those units



Pretty worthwhile too imo.

Hey Ty, I think your hack is really great. I had a ton of fun playing your hack. I’ve sorta been lurking in the community until today, when I finally made an account. My thoughts on the hack are mostly good, and again I had a ton of fun playing the hack. I’m gonna do a 2nd playthrough soon. Just thought I’d let you know that I think your hack is great, one of the first I played. If anyone actually reads these, I suggest you play this hack.

P.S My friend found a funny glitch where in the ending cutscene, Fressia’s overworld sprite was replaced for one of the monsters.
Sorry I don’t have a screenshot rn, I will add if I find it.

Thanks for reading this.

Some of my favorite units included Orion (profane bld op), The Tactician, Freesia, Ty, Durga, Shermie, Arjun, etc.

Great characters, great story, thanks for making this hack.

I agree, one of the best hacks on the site, up there with The Last Promise, and Vision Quest.

So, how was I supposed to know that I needed to save 1 single lockpick or chest key for so many chapters just to wait for chapter 25 to roll in and show me that chest that I now have no way of opening because I was not sold or presented with any recent lockpicks to buy or steal??? And no way of guessing if the very elusive secret shops sold them or chest keys cause I never found any secret shop. I just hope it didnt have a legendary weapon in it, since I am missing the S Anima tome :frowning: