Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Reborn [COMPLETE]

Introducing Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Reborn! A remake of the original NES game with much gameplay inspiration from the DS remake. Also features music and art from Mystery of the Emblem as well as the dialogue from the original NES Fan Translation.


This hack features a complete reclassing system, although only promoted units can reclass. This feature is unlocked during Chapter 4 and places a “Reclasser” into your inventory (It disappears after you start the map, so don’t think about reclassing outside of preparations).

Reclassing Options
Men: Paladin, Dracoknight, Warrior, Horseman, General, Hero
Women: Paladin, Dracoknight, Swordmaster, Sniper, General, Hero
Mages: Sage, Bishop, Sorcerer
Critical Force (+20 Crit): Sniper, Berserker, Swordmaster, Wyvern Knight

Gaiden Chapters

FE11 units and Gaiden chapters, now with 90% less unit death! To unlock them, you only need ONE person to die in the lists below to unlock the chapter.
Athena+6x: Ogma, Barst, Bord, Cord, Darros, Castor, Navarre
Horace+12x: Roshea, Hardin, Vyland, Wolf, Sedgar, Matthis, Draug
Norne (End of Chapter 14): Caeda, Cain, Abel, Gordin, Roger, Jeorge
Frey (During Chapter 17): Caesar, Radd, Minerva, Dolph, Macellan, Tomas
Etzel+17x: Wrys, Lena, Merric, Wendell, Maria, Linde, Boah
Ymir+20x: Midia, Astram, Catria, Palla, Arran/Samson, Est, Lorenz
Nagi+24x: Tiki must be dead. Falchion can be obtained, it doesn’t matter.


I’m not skilled enough to actually have a full forging system, but more weapons have been added to mimic the forging system.
From Chapter 4 and beyond, you may forge a Steel Weapon/Thunder Tome/Arrowspate Ballistae. They cost 6.5 times the normal weapon, but have 3 extra might, 10 extra hit, and 2 less weight (They’re effectively D Rank Silver Weapons). From Chapter 8 and beyond, there are also ‘unique’ forges, similar to Aimee’s special deals in FE10. They include effective weaponry, ranged weapons, and even unique weapons like the Wing Spear!


New weapons have been added from the DS remake, as well as the Shaver Tome (Which replaces Blizzard). Also, all of the Regalia are now A rank weapons that give +3 to a specific stat. There are also a lot of minor differences, like the Manual/Arms Scroll being replaced by a Metis’ Tome. Finally, two new PRF staves have been added to make every staff user have some unique utility. Silence for Wrys (Obtained in Chapter 15) and Rescue for Maria (Obtained in Chapter 18).

Two characters, Matthis and Samson, have become different classes just for diversity. This doesn’t really matter for Samson since he can still class change to Hero, but Matthis lets you have another flying unit in the early game. Finally, Hard Mode Bonuses are given to characters that start as enemies.

Guide events have been added to each chapter to give some information on reinforcements or basic strategy that may help. Also, some other changes include Thracia-style trading and a new weapon weight system. Every unit only has 1 CON, so your SKL/4 acts as a point of CON. Just remember increments of 4, 8, 12, etc. Finally, you can press Select on the map to display enemy ranges, or to display growths on the status screen.

There’s also a “Minimug” Patch that lets you see a unit’s equipment and basic battle info from the map.

This hack is 100% playable, all the way to the end! There’s a even a small post-game challenge accessible from the final chapter (Just make sure you don’t overwrite your Chapter 25 Save).
There are also two Quality of Life patches for the current version as well as a Reverse Recruitment patch which does exactly what it sounds like it does. The Minimug patch lets you see more unit info on the map (Shown in Miscellaneous). The Fixed Growths patch is the same, but averages out character’s stats to get rid of the random factor in levels.

Download Link (Patch to a clean FE8U Rom)


nice hacc

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welp, I’m killing Daros to get Athena like always

gordon can die. off with his head.

Are you sure? Because the download link isn’t working.

Please tell me the dropbox link is just not working and this is real download (94)


I can’t believe I’ve made such a blunder. It’s April Fools and I just played a prank on myself.

Anyways, the link SHOULD work now…

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are their skills?

Nope, sorry. As far as I know, there is no way to have reclassing and Skill Systems, since they take up the same data. (Or something like that, they’re just conflicting patches in FEBuilder.)

I’m sure somebody could find a way to use both systems with Build Files or some other method, then you could have something comparable to the 3DS games instead of either the DS style reclassing without skills (Like this) or Jugdral style skills without reclassing (Like most other hacks).

To celebrate FE1’s 31st anniversary, I’ve updated the patch! It’s still not complete, but it is now playable up to the start of Chapter 24 (You can save the game after Chapter 23, but 24 isn’t playable yet).

Notable Changes

All of the maps and units now have darker color palettes. This is a very minor change, you may not even notice.

Palla and Catria will NOT appear in Chapter 14 if both Minerva and Maria are dead. (I may have them appear regardless in the next update, I’m note sure.)

Est can be recruited regardless of whether the other Whitewings are alive.

Samson’s bases have been changed slightly (His HP was ridiculously low).

The Killer Axe has been buffed slightly (-1 Weight, you won’t even notice).

The Star Ring, found in Chapter 12, was replaced with the Star Scroll.

Patch this over a clean FE8 ROM. If you already have a save file, just make sure it has the same name as the newly patched rom.

Next Update: Sometime in July, hopefully. Unless some game-breaking bug appears, the next update will be the first complete version of the game with all of the maps and character endings.

If you find any bugs or have any issues with the game, please tell me. I’m always looking for ways to improve this hack!


minerva a hero?

minerva a hero

m minerva a hero?

She certainly can be.

oh yeah that

Which fire emblem rom to patch with this hack? 。◕‿◕。

A clean FE8U Rom. I’ll update my post to clarify.

that hp lackin

Big news! The hack is now 100% complete. Have fun taking your strongest units to fight Mediuth! (Or just warp skip the chapter, I won’t blame you.)

For those who played an older version

Thank you to everyone who decided to play this hack before it was completed. However, I have some bad news… While playtesting the game, I found that certain units would disappear from the party after resetting the emulator. I was able to fix it in the new patch, but it will break your existing save file if you use it.

If you already have a mostly complete save file, I recommend downloading the “Outdated” patch to beat the game. Also, use savestates before closing/resetting the emulator if you want to keep your units the whole time. I believe that Soft Resetting will also delete units, so the Suspend/Resume options won’t be possible either.

Patch over a Clean FE8U Rom like before and make sure the save file has the same name as the newly patched rom. Just know that I won’t be updating the Outdated patch, so further updates will only apply to completely new save files.

If you’ve been waiting to play this hack until it was complete OR only played a couple of chapters, I recommend using the new 1.0 patch that isn’t labelled outdated. If you find any glitches or have any suggestions, please let me know.


Congratulations, I’ve been dreaming of a 32-bit remake of this game for a long time.

The idea of this F.E.Hack is great, but the 8-bit graphics/art of the characters is really horrible, even on real hardware ( tested on slot2 DS Lite):
It’s like getting punched in the stomach.
This immediately makes you lose interest, at the first approach, in the game, and it is a pity…

Why don’t you make the best use of the graphic potentialities of the console, using portraits, maybe similar to the original 8 bit ones, but in step with the times (taking them from the site archive, or having them created by a graphic artist)?
Mine is a simple suggestion, but I think I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I hope I made myself understood, despite my bad english.

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Thanks for the feedback! Your english was good.
To be honest, I don’t really like the FE1 art either. I just used it because I knew it would be easy for a single person with minimal portrait skills to implement. I was thinking about using the repository for art, but portraits were missing for about half of the characters.
I also thought about using FE3 portraits, but some characters were completely cut (Riff, Darros, etc.) or never existed in the first place (Norne, Frey, etc.) I think that ‘Biraku Emblem’ has art for these characters, but I only learned about this when all of my portraits were already finished and implemented.

I might go back and change the art in a future update when I have time, but for now I’m just glad that the game is completely playable.


Time for another update! This one’s pretty light on new content and bug fixes, but features updated portraits for characters.

Character, location, and weapon names have all been updated to align with FE11. Gone are the days of Paola, Katua, and Est abandoning Macedonia to fight against Mediuth of Durhua!
You probably know this, but a lot of characters in FE11 were either cut from FE3 or weren’t around at the time. Luckily, the creator of Biraku Emblem made a lot of portraits in the FE3 style!

However, there is still a problem. Horace, Ymir, and Nagi are still missing their art as I haven’t found an easy way to transport it from Biraku Emblem to GBA. As it stands, these characters have temporary stand-ins until I can get everything sorted. If you know of a way to get these three portraits, please tell me.

Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Matthis no longer grows like a generic enemy. All this amounted to was him getting 1 extra HP, so it’s no big deal.
  • Enemies no longer have luck growths and bosses no longer have base luck.
  • Slightly improved stat caps for magic classes.

The new patch is in the same spot as before, just use a clean rom and rename it to match your save data. As always, please tell me if you find any bugs or have any feedback.