[FE8] Dark Dragon Rebirth

Hello guys, I hope you don’t forget us “Lair Team”.
This project was once a time ago we presented in a previous FEE3, right now we’re trying to retake it for the enjoyment of all of you because we decided to continue with it. well, for anybody who doesn’t know us or the project, we’ll introduce us.

@Fiuke_Bnuy; developer, artist, and development head

@HauntRS_0337; developer, technical support besides community manager

We intend to create the best version of the first Marth’s story! We’re looking to use the great potential of the third fire emblem for GBA, the plan is to merge FE1, FE3, and FE11 with the idea of using features of these three games to create a new and great experience of gameplay. Among these features are:

  • Mount and dismount system
  • Support conversations. (It could take time to design them)
  • New Style

    After a poll in the second post, we decided to go for a style similar to FE11 and an appearance more modern

This project is very influenced by the next project made for Merpin.

We’re ready to check any suggestions or feedback you have for improving our work with this wonderful story for the enjoyment of everyone, we know there are some opinions with the official versions why not take advantage and fix it? Well, feel free to give us your comments for this to be true this dream.

If you want to help us, send a message to @HauntRS_0337 or @Fiuke_Bnuy to look at the way to do it.


A problem that has been tormenting us since some time ago is the general game design; in the start, our idea was the game was completely different and new but we weren’t sure this would be the agreed of everyone because we decided to ask to you, what style for the remake do you want.

Gameplay Design

a) Like Vanilla. Practically without so many changes, we’ll just have the features preestablished by FE8 with sort changes in gameplay and appearance.

b) New Style. This would be something newer and modern, very close to the new Fire Emblems, the version would be so similar to FE11.

  • Vanilla
  • Modern

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Appearance Design

a) Classic. Surely is explicated for himself, Vanilla’s appearance.

b) Modern. This is an idea that so many are used to. New style with new tilesets made for members of the community, new animations, and also some radical changes.

  • Classic
  • Modern

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