FIRE EMBLEM - Code of the Black Knights: Decisive Edition (30 chapters)

It comes from the music repository, however I don’t know to what game (if any) it belongs…

EDIT: The song appears to be made by the user “nyawenyye”.

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order of characters on the tier list maker (correct me if some orders are wrong, spoilers ahead):

character spoilers
  1. Artemisa
  2. Nikolai
  3. Bonnie
  4. Clyde
  5. Angel
  6. Jin
  7. Isaac
  8. Mjoll
  9. Abraham
  10. Cecil
  11. Hermes
  12. Maria
  13. Grey
  14. Oliver
  15. Josephine
  16. Taurus
  17. Zero
  18. Elizabeth
  19. Lowell
  20. Jaeger
  21. Hazel
  22. Mithra (Regular)
  23. Sally
  24. Subaru
  25. Crescent
  26. Blaise
  27. Cyan
  28. Walker
  29. Sei
  30. Hiryu
  31. Lewis
  32. Mithra (Awakened)
  33. Iris
  34. Rose
  35. Noir
  36. Kayleth
  37. Aurora
  38. William
  39. Rowling
  40. Liam
  41. Tolkien
  42. Schwarze
  43. Argent
  44. Mia
  45. Shade
  46. Hall
  47. Elias
  48. Celia
  49. Kelly

I’m doing this for data, btw the soundtrack is phenomenal.


Small bug I found, if promoting Cyan from berserker while hes holding a 2 range axe, the game either crashes outright or has a bugged promo animation which then crashes the game when he enters combat. I’d assume this works with the other berserker but I’m unable to test.


Hello! Version 1.24 is now available. It contains the following features:

  • Several scenes regarding the game’s antagonist have been added.
  • Fixed several glitches regarding the Ashura hand axe animation.
  • Fixed a glitch regarding an optional boss of CH17’s death causing some events to trigger in a weird manner.
  • Fixed a glitch where Bonnie and Clyde would not charge 10.000 gold but instead only 2.000.
  • Fixed a glitch where you got the opposite item that you asked in CH20.
  • Fixed a glitch where Crescent would appear instead of Tolkien in a conversation.
  • Zero was nerfed (-5 str growth), Crescent was adjusted (-5% HP growth, +5% skill growth) and William was adjusted as well (-5% skill growth, +5% str growth).
  • The cavalier boss from CH16’s skill was increased by 5.
  • Teenage Noir’s portrait has been slightly adjusted.
  • Several skill icons, such as Charm, were reworked.
  • CH27’s ranking was (Re)introduced.
  • Rally was moved downwards and movement/rally commands now have a distinct yellow color.
  • Several typos have been fixed.

Been playing a lot of ROMHacks recently but this is my first post on FEU! I just beat all the routes of the ROMHack and thought it was overall a ton of fun!

Big fan of the story as a whole, adding in meaningful player choices and experiencing the results/consequences made me feel a lot closer to understanding the characters (and ultimately feel satisfied with their successes).

I think the enemy/player balance makes this hack play really differently from any other one I’ve tried.

Enemies and player units being on the tankier side makes it easy for the player to get overwhelmed in terms of enemy density especially if you want to play at a fast pace. However, the game does give you a lot of fliers (even if their stats aren’t exactly great) to ferry your units around in addition to powerstaff Oliver and buyable Rescue.

The end result is me mostly using rescue drops and warp/rescue staves to run through most levels while focusing on specific high offense infantry units to swarm enemies. Lowell, Schwarze, Noir, Rose and Zero were basically the only units to see combat at the end with everyone else relegated to movement/staff utility.

Small suggestion is giving the inventories of characters back to the supply if a character dies in a cutscene (I lost a warp staff in an endgame this way).

Overall I think this playstyle was a ton of fun and I recommend the game to anyone who liked movement-centric player-phase games like FE6.

Tier List

Hot Take

Jin needs a buff to be a valid choice instead of Rose because almost every mage can do what he does but better without killing himself in the process, and Rose she is a myrmydon that has access to Psyblades making the player that choses jin play not optimally



I don’t mind y’all using my armor, but I would have preferred being asked about it first and being included in the credits. As it is now, y’all took my art without asking.

Please, in the future, ask artists before splicing their work, not everyone is okay with it. My stuff is F2U with credit, F2E if I’m asked first, neither of which y’all’ve done.


I am very sorry. I found this armor set as part of one of the Mugging Blitzes, so I assumed it to be F2U.

I will remove the mug immediately.

EDIT: I also now included you in the credits. I will carefully review the list of F2U mugs I have used to make sure this does not happen again.


Two things.

  1. F2U =/= F2E. You can use F2U mugs as-is, sometimes recoloring them. You cannot edit them or use them for splice material. If it doesn’t say F2E, assume it’s F2U.


If you don’t mind, why even mention it? It’s okay to say it bothers you, but to pretend otherwise feels like you’re just stoking a fire.

Also using y’all unironically is cringe.




I still haven’t recruited Jaeger yet in Route A someone help

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If the portrait was in a Mugging Blitz, then it should’ve been F2U and F2E with credits, as per the rules of a Mugging Blitz. I don’t know if that was the actual circumstances, but Mugging Blitz rules are clear about what can be done with the submissions.

Also using y’all unironically is cringe.

I encourage you to take it up with the entire American South, then.


Well, that’s an interesting statement, considering it’s wrong.

MB1, the original: No specifications that all mugs must be F2E and F2U. Mugging Blitz Round 1

MB8, same story. Mugging Blitz Round 8

MB11, the most recent one, same story. Mugging Blitz Round 11 -2021's First-

So, no, that’s not clear at all. They’re definitely assumed F2U, but nowhere is it stated they’re F2E.

In any case, you seem to have otherwise agreed with what I said.

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You see, that’s the point: Mycahel initially assumed that it was free to use and edit, but he forgot about the fact that edited splices must be credited until Imperial reminded Mycahel of it.

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You got me there. I overlooked that. Do note that the same wording is used on MB8 too, but not MB11. I triple checked MB11 and didn’t see it (it was actually the first one I looked at of the three)

Anyway, you otherwise agree with everything I said about F2E not being the same as F2U.

Edit: and then I was wrong again

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I assume the problem with Imperial’s mug has already been solved and this conversation unrelated to the hack needs to be moved elsewhere. Thank you.


Just as a precautionary measure, I redid Young Schwarze’s mug.
I also made the credits section much more specific, especially in the music repo part.


A new version has been released.

  • Jin’s bases have recieved a massive buff (+3 to HP, +2 to all stats except SPD, DEF and LUCK, which have been boosted by 1 instead. Con and Mov are unaffected.)
  • Maria has recieved a buff (+5 hp growth, +1 base strength).
  • A new trophy weapon, an anima tome called Meltdown, has been added. It is obtainable by S-ranking CH12.
  • Young Schwarze’s portrait was updated following a dispute.
  • Effective damage has been scaled back to x2.

I actually like that new portrait better, it’s much more clear that he’s resting a sword on his shoulder, before it took me a moment to realize what it was 'cause the colors were so similar.

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