Fire Emblem 8: Self Randomizer (Reverse Recruitment Edition)

I’m kinda coming up with a different solution for monster classes. Some will just get more skills, but a select four…

Tear, Reginleif, and the Alpha Hasta are set to appear in the Treasure category. If you feel as though their drop rates are too high, then I can move them to the Weapon catagory.

As much as it’d make sense to replace Cormag there…


He already kinda appears in Neimi’s place in the Creature Campaign.

Your suggestion isn’t TOO bad, but I think that just yeeting Cormag out of the roster for the sake of “having a better lord” takes away from the idea of it being Reverse Recruitment. Sorry for the disappointing answer, but I hope you get where I’m coming from.

The next update won’t come for a while, AND it WON’T be compatible with prior saves.
But I think it will be worth it. Very, VERY worth it.

Well you certainly reply very quickly! I’m curious to see what you do with the monster classes.

Sounds like a reasonable solution for those weapons.

No I understand, and that’s why I mentioned it went against things a bit when I brought it up. There’s no perfect solution, it’s more about what direction you’d rather go. It’s your project so naturally that’s up to you.

Edit: It might also be worth editing one of the earlier posts to mention that the new patch will not be compatible with old saves so people can have a heads up and possibly choose to wait until the new patch to start.

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Alright, look at the top post. I edited it.

Wights don’t have a hand axe animation, which could break using any sort of ranged axe with them
Edit: hold on you actually merged the axe and hand axe anims? that’s actually dope

That was what the Improved Wight had. Teraspark and Wan are to thank for that.
Have a poll. It hints at what the next big update is. Answer honestly.
Neither drops their primary weapon…


But the Demon King can spawn with two weapons ON OCCASION, and on this occasion, you can obtain ONE of his weapons. There are also surefire ways of getting Refil and the Demon King weapons: the Demon King weapons can be gotten from the Chapter 21 secret shops, and Refil, if Great Lord is not randomizable, will always spawn on Eirika, and in this instance, it will not be sold.

@Cryse Here’s a window into what I have done.

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Hmmm… I think I’ll close this off 5 hours from now. Just about.

Is the poll for player randomization or enemy randomization? Because I can’t tell at the moment, and I feel like the answers people give might be different depending on which is the case.

Both. There isn’t even a way to ban players in particular from randomizing into a class.

And you know what? I may as well say just WHAT I’ve been working on.

Archsage%20Flipped T I E R 3 C L A S S E SDark%20Druid

There are no short order of these, as most classes get them (save for mounted mages and fliers). As well, all promoted Lord classes will have the stats and growths of T3 units, letting them remain on par with the rest of your army! To compensate, MANY changes will be applied:

  • Break save is added so that T3s can be strong (YOUR OLD SAVES WILL NOT WORK)
  • Magic and Physical weapon ranks will be displayed together.
  • Classes without T3s recieve a blanket +5 to HP and +2 to all stats (save for Entombed and other non T3 monsters: other monsters get +3 to all other stats, Entombed get these max stats now: 80 hp, 35 str, 25 skl, 23 spd, 28 def, 26 res).
  • Bonewalkers and Hellbones’ variants have been merged to make room for other T3 classes. For this reason, and because they were kinda boring, Cyclopses have also been axed! Both of 'em.
  • NPC classes have been taken over, so Villager NPCs in the story now are T1 classes.
  • T3 classes have a max level of 10. The classes in game that were once normal classes that became T3s have been adjusted.
  • Most T3 classes get +1 mov, a unique class skill, more weapon types, and a whole new look.
  • Many bosses are changed to T3 classes, including the Imperial Generals. Fado, Artur, and Colm are now T3 Lv. 1 units, as well as other Creature Campaign units. Some enemies are also changed to T3 units, though not many.
  • To compensate for the chance of Formortiis spawning without a ranged weapon, all T3s will spawn with a ranged weapon if their class’ normal weapon isn’t ranged
  • Reinfleche is added for T3 units only. It is a heavy 1-2 range S rank bow.
  • Most promotion items are removed (they didn’t serve much of a purpose with Master Seals being cheap), replaced with S rank weapons for some classes. They can’t be bought, so Master Seals are more common, and these S rank weapons will spawn on T3 units and appear in shops. Lords, Arcane Lords, and Spearmen CANNOT promote with these.
  • Heaven Seals are a thing now! They promote Lords, Arcane Lords, Spearmen, and all T2 classes that have T3 classes.
  • Mauthe Doogs and Cerberi get Canto, and mounted unit rescue! They also are weak to horse units now.

There’s more in store, and I plan to show off what classes are in later today. I still need to work on some stuff, so the Dropbox links won’t be updated for a while. Stay tuned!


Sounds cool! I’m eager to encounter them in game and see how they play. There are no Manaketes of any kind in the randomization pool, correct (Regular, Morva ver, DracoZombie, etc.)? Funny enough having T3 classes would let Manaketes be more balanced than they were previously.

By that last point, do you mean that Mauthe Doogs and Cerberi now count as horse units for weapon effectiveness? Or are you saying that all horse units will be effective against them?

Weapon effectiveness wise, I mean. Also, Morva’s Manakete class is altered to be a slightly stronger Myrrh Manakete with less growths. Also, it looks like Morva now. Yes, this means Manaketes are in the T3 pool.

Dracozombie and Demon King anims will be the ones that @SHYUTERz made, so be sure to check out his stuff.


when the new version of the patch will be downloadable

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Oh god, please, yes. Dark Magic users have been getting the shaft while all the other classes have their awesome T3’s. I’d love to see an interesting T3 dark user design (or two or three!), especially as the High Maguc and P/Matriarch exist.

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Hmmm… Not sure if you’ll be disappointed or glad… Druids will promote into either generic Necromancers or Dark Druids, and Summoners can choose that or Harbinger, an armored dark mage with swords and axes.
Female Heroes and Sages have been merged into the Lilina Archsage. I wish I could add a more interesting T3 dark mage, I really do, but I lack options, and Male Sages already get High Magus… Sorry…

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Expect it to be out by next week AT THE LATEST.

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I saw the notification for a post in this topic and thought it was a reply in the Graphics Repo. I… am so embarrassed.

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No, no, you’re fine. I’m sorry, personally.

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Also, I noticed that the poll was tied, so I decided that the tie breaker would be a coin flip. After that, it’s decided: Demon King will be in the randomization pool!