Fire Emblem 7 - Money Doesn't Matter [COMPLETE]

Mekkah says many times in dondon’s FE7 LTC that “money doesn’t matter in fe7”.
We’ll see how true that is in this hack where armories/shops sell nothing, making money truly not matter.
Have fun!

Patch and HHM sav:
Patching instructions: How to Patch a Rom v5

Warning: Extremely low effort hack may result in extreme hack badness.

EDIT: Forgot to delete my Marcus solo, that isn’t the start of the hack


"B-but if you don’t have it, your weapons will rust!

And you can’t fight without your weapons!!!"

Weapons don’t rust in the future?
Money… isn’t important…?

how are you supposed to get new weapons? Do you harvest your bad new characters for their stuff?

basically yeah

I’m afraid of playing this hack

So my dumbass tried to make the arena insta-kill you but turns out I just made it 100% reliable instead, uhh. Oh well