Fire Emblem 6: The Blinding Fog

Hello everyone!
I have made… a hack. Is it good? Uhh… probably not.
Well, read the title. It’s Fire Emblem 6–but everything is a fog map. Sounds horrible, right? You guessed it.
To make matters worse, I made the normal fog maps Thracia style fog. To compensate, I made them have 5 spaces of visibility. Regular maps have 3 spaces of visibility. Endgame and CH24 are also Thracia fog now.
You wanna play this?
Go ahead, I guess.
Have as much fun as you can! I’m mildly interested to hear if anyone beats this.

-Chapter 10A, Chapter 11B, and Chapter 18 Ilia are all Thracia style fog instead of normal FE6 style. I made them have 5 tile visibility as a result. This is because they share a pallet with other fog maps and I am still a noob at this kind of thing.
-My eyes hurt when looking at Arcadia’s sand effect.
-Watching some cutscenes makes the game freak out. Just skip them. Should be playable otherwise. Some are unskippable like Legance’s starting event on 8. Report this to me and I will fix it.
-The end event on ch8x does take place on the 8x instead of 7. This is because I am stupid. Deal with it.
-Red units that turn green (Perceval’s knights in 15) turn invisible if they are in the fog as of turning green. Weird, but they seem to function?

And, to top it off–have a few screenshots done in testing.
FE6.emulator-10FE6.emulator-10 FE6.emulator-9


Finally, a good FE6 hack


What foul sorcery is this?

Fog Epic, cute gimmick hack.

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Smh stole my idea :pensive:

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great minds think alike??

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Well, at least it’s not an all-vantage fog hack, right?

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Hmm… :thinking: it’d be a shame is someone made that…



If someone does that I’m gonna sob. So scary…

I assure you, an all vantage+ hack exists. As does siege weapons dazzle-lunge. After any enemy attacks you, they swap places with you. Even from afar with siege tomes like Bolting.

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I mean, only a crazy person will play this.
FE6 is hard already due to the terrible hit chance of landing blows.
Now you want me to play on lunatic+ or even Dark Souls on GBA?
Ok i’ll take the challenge.


That’s the point!
Only someone out of their mind (such as myself) would ever play this.
Hope you have uh, “fun” if you accept my challenge.

OK. So, some updates.
1.1 was released earlier today but I just released 1.2 now.
I realized that the hack straight up softlocks sometimes–or just doesn’t work in some cutscenes due to well, red units moving in fog.
So, what am I supposed to do, I may think.
I just kinda nuked a lot of early story eventing with movement. So now uh, game should be playable (with a bug on ch6 I have no idea what the issue is) up to 8x. Not sure if 8’s end works, but 8x’s does, although I nuked more on 8 by accident because I realized “wait, why isn’t nothing changing? oh, I should probably change 8x… since that was the save I was given.”
I’m correcting issues as these are reported to me, because I have no clue what my issues are, admittedly. Woops. Probably should have actually played the whole thing like a normal person before I published this monstrosity.

(PS: Sorry for the lots of words! TLDR: Game broken, softlocks/crashes sometimes, I am fixing these as they’re reported. There may be more, so just wait for me to fix them/report em.)

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