FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


this is how he blinks



Just give the entire cast exaggerated facial expressions!


Replace Eirika’s mug on Klok’s request.


Replace Tana with Shitty Chen and have her description be honk


FE7 colors pls


It’s funnier this way


This is so golden I now suspect you might have the Midas touch!


It can’t just be me who wants these in the game, right?


the lute one for sure. might wanna pull the erika one back just a little. but it works.


Antitoxin name => “Hot Fudge Sundae”
(looking like an onion)

Elixir name => “Hot Fudge Sundae”
(looking like a hot fudge sundae)





That name’s almost certainly going to get cut off, alas.


I think that Natasha/Lute/Eirika’s character slots are all taken already, so replace some more generic monster bosses with those?


HF Sundae?
Make Tana/Chen a myrmidon with a 100% luck growth, every noun/verb is replaced with “honk”.


just have all her dialog be “honk”


The proyect is ded if yes replysoon if no then pls when relese d8


This project is still underway. Expect a release right around the same time as half-life 3, fexna, and megaman corruption.


More like expect a release once school ends lmao.


Plus FE8.5, Zero Escape 4, Arch’s Fire Emblem 1 remake, a good star wars movie…