FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


Hey whoa too far man, I thought Star Wars 7: The SJW Musical was pretty good.


i think a more accurate title would be star wars: a new new hope, or star wars: despite the fourty or so years this franchise has existed, we don’t have anything else interesting to do with this dumb space movie franchise so lets return to step one and basically do that again.

because that’s basically what it is.


Oh no! Woms were in the movie! /s


Missigno in fire emblem ?


Um…The thing I suggested in the Discord about the player phase themes from Gaiden…? Oh, and um, can you make the IntSiis theme be anything you’d like? Just make it different.


Two questions.

  1. Is an LP okay if I’d like to do one after you consider the ROM finished?
  2. Is it alright to ask for Forde and Kyle changes? If so, may I?


I take back my cookie description, it was quite dumb, really…
New one: “Freshly chocolate cookies, probably heal 10 HP, maybe.”


How about inserting some widely loved FE music like, say, Eternal Bond?


Or winds across the plains


Or make the overworld theme Everything Into The Dark.


I say we use Inescapable Fate just for MarkyJoe.


More like A New Hope but everywhere they could’ve done something interesting or new they decided to go with being bland and unoriginal.

Rogue 1, on the other hand…




I vote for His World, the most-loved Fire Emblem song in the history of the series


Is it loved more than “Winds Across the Plains”?




Neat, I thought this was dead.


What happened here?