FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


I’ve been talking to some people on the FEU discord, and we were all talking about how much we disliked many of things of Mang’s FE8 PME. But it was then that I thought, what if FEU got together and just modded the hell of an FE8 rom with what ever was suggested (within reason, of course.)

Pretty much everything is open to be suggested (nothing impossible, please)

Since I quite obviously can’t do everything myself, and am still a bit inexpierenced. You can contribute pretty much anything thanks to the magic of buildfiles! If you know what you’re doing event assembler wise, you can directly contribute through the github link below!

When (or if) the rom is ever finished, it will be released for all to play, but it would be nice if we had some FEU community members play it for funsies.

I expect many memes involving this community, go nuts.


Make commits (contributions) to the github buildfile here: https://github.com/Kobazco/FEU-POU


All of Eirika’s lines are changed to “Please reply soon. :)” her name is changed to Tordo, and she has only 45 pixels from her original portrait. All her growths switch between 40% and 50%. All her bases are 5, and she has 4 con, and 9 mov. Her class is randomly chosen from all tier 1 units capable of using staves. Her rapier is replaced with a heal staff renamed “Valkyrie Staff”.


Gold is renamed to Donations


Seth is renamed Meth and has 1 con. All of his growths are changed to 11%, except speed, which is 111%. Also, give his portrait Nergal’s googly eye.

Alsoalso, since this is FEU, add pair-up (if that is allowed to be used?), dangerzone, and HP bars to the game. And buff monsters, but that goes without saying.


make ranged claw weapons for monsters and give revenants the dancing zombie as their ranged animation


Each monster is buffed/powered by a different drug and all boss portraits should be rendered/made upside down.


If you do this, make Orson an entombed! 8ʬ8


Let’s improve Gilliam.

Gilliam is now named Dorcas and uses Dorcas’s mug. He’s also now a Tarvos. Don’t worry about changing Gilliam’s bases to Dorcas, it’ll be fine. Just remember to chuck the Tarvos class some promo gains.


Eirika’s T2 should have 6 move, but flight; and like Leif’s promotion not adjust her EXP curve (have the same Class Power and not have the Promoted Class ability). Oh, and Light Magic!

Sieglinde, naturally, would be changed to be like all other legendary weapons, an exceedingly heavy tome though with good power, hit, and possibly critical… 15 Mgt/80 Hit/10 Crt/20 Wgt?


Ross is replaced with pic related and is renamed to Jimbob, his STR/SPD growths are buffed by 10% each, and his hatchet is renamed to the Pugi, with the same stats from FE5.

R-text description is: “A beautiful amalgamation of various bandits.”


Looks like Dorcas got a promotion.


Overlapping melee/magic weapon triangles.


@Arch I am unsure of what that means. Example please?


@GeneralCiraxis What am I looking at.


Swords/Light -> Axes/Dark -> Lances/Anima

So Light would have WTA against Axes and Dark, Dark would have WTA against Lances and Anima, Anima WTA against Swords and Light, Swords would have WTA against Axes and Dark, Lances would have WTA against Swords and Light, and Axes would have WTA against Lances and Anima.

Kinda like what Heroes does… RIP


Name this tome “The Doc” and give it the flavour text “I hope you read it…” and this icon:


Kinda like what Heroes does… RIP[/quote]
This is why I just call it the fire->grass->water triangle.


Since you said I can submit as many edits as I please, replace Garcia with pic related and rename him to Zyxz’Zoth, with 50% more skill.

R-text description is: “Iilth qi’uothk shn’ma yeh’glu Shath’Yar! H’IWN IILTH!”


Is there an existing way to apply the weapon triangle to Tomes, or will I have to do some diggin on my own to find out how to do it?


My last edit for now since I don’t want to hog all the characters, replace Vigarde with pic related and rename him Harkinian. He should be reclassed into the King class from FE6, with a golden palette.

R text is whatever you want.