FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


[quote]G-Gregg-sama why…
So you know, well then, the time I’d have to finish you off is much
sooner than I expected, I just love playing with you as a puppet, you
naive child! You shall die the same way your father died!
Bring it on![/quote]
Gr- Gregg-sama, nande…
Ara, shitteru no desu ne… Dewa, ko no hi wa omoi-gakenaku motto sugu kitan desu wa~. Hontou wa, atashi wa kimi wo papetto no you tsukau no wa daisuki desu. Kimi, kawai-sou na bocchan desu yo ne~. Ima, chichi-oya no you ni shine!!
Iza!.. desu~!

… actually, now that I think of it, it’s much funnier for Ohai to break character and speak to Gregg in English. I still want him to say “Bring it on… desu~!” though.

But Lyn’s whole thing is that she’s fighting to have her true love, [whatever is replacing Ismaire], for herself. :cry:


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why are you posting your salt here? [insert discord eyes emote here]


…Then replace Ismaire with…her daughter.


who? Lilina?



Now replace all monster enemies in the final two chapters of both routes names and portraits with undead FEH Style Rebecca. No battle or death quotes for them, though.

Make the R description say: fOrEvEr


feh rebeccas eyes are not that unsettling, they just need more distinct pupils really and it would be fine. I digress though.

buff all promoted stat caps by 10 and add 10 to the promoted level cap


Finally, someone agrees with me about Rebecca. I do admit her eyes look off, but I never saw them as creepy, let alone as creepy as everyone else seems to find them.


Quality of the portraits? Quality of the suggestions? Holy jesus shit have you seen this topic?

On that note, change a random insult in the game to the person calling the other person a poo jabber.


yeah, actually now that i examine it a bit closely id say really the problem is that there’s just a bit to much shine in the eye, because their is pupil. Its just rebeccas eyes have a mirror like shine to them for some reason. Weird but not a game breaker, plus the voice acting for her is weirdly fitting.

anyways uuuh, nother edit, all dragons in the game now talk with nauseatingly cute dragon noises text.


Vulneraries are replaced by Cookies that have five uses.
“A piece of God’s body that has fallen from the heavens…”


Hey I wanted this to be a best of FEU game, where the only memey stuff was character choices and the rest of the game was FE8 but 10x better.


If you wanted best of FEU you better put “nigger nigger nigger nigger” somewhere.

Also, 10x better? Damn, I only went 5x better for FE8 (FE8.5), shit, even Yeti’s going only 7x. You’re crazy.


sacred stones but innes is a inner weeaboo who constantly tries to hide his power level but can’t help but show it


The class tree is rearranged (And edited to, if you can find enough animations) to be like that of Awakening.
DLC and special classes don’t count.


Wrys replaces Ewan starts at level 1 bishop with the stat booster Ewan would come with. A staves D Light,recruit convo is the same as FE11’s.


ephraim gets a new portrait



disgusting cunt*




I love this omg

(Give Eirika a similar face, except more like this)