FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


Character: Guile
Replaces: Gerik
Class: Amerca (Not a typo!)(Lance mercenary)
Weapon: Flag (Lance)

Character: Freedom
Replaces: Tethys
Class: Hope Giver (Can dance to rejuvenate characters)
Might maybe use edited version of Budgie from the Zombie hack, or maybe we can get this patriotic eagle a real set of map sprites and battle sprites?


Ciraxidoge replaces Franz, and is a Knight. All his dialogue is replaced with barking.

R text is whatever you find appropriate.

Growths: hp 150 str 80 skl 25 spd 30 lck 30 def 90 res 40

Give him Gilliam’s bases.


this monster replaces Knoll, his name is Void, description:
Luck:0 (Knoll much)”

+10% in all growths and 0% luck growth (knoll much)
class is gonna be lord, but eph lords promote with guiding rings now




“Guy’s son. Seeking revevenge
to a nomad triblesman as an undercover Grado soldier.”
basically his purpose in life is to kill Ohai, also all of the misspells are intentional.
Gregg replaces Cormag and is a Wicked Flier (I already got permission from Blue Druid and L95 so don’t worry)
Since Wicked Fliers are pre-promoted his bases should be much better:
HP: 35 (60 cap)
S/M: 18 (25 cap)
Skill: 20 (24 cap)
Spd: 24 (27 cap)
Luck: 5 (30 cap)
Def: 18 (24 cap)
Res: 20 (27 cap)
Con: 10
Level: 5
He should join with a Horseslayer and a Flux.
Battle Quotes:
As enemy “Pshh…nothin’ personnel kid, I just need to harvest your soul…”
Against Ohai:
Ohai: G-Gregg-sama why…
Gregg: Finally now that I turned coat I can take you down… traitor! Cut the act, fool, and fight me!
Ohai: So you know, well then, the time I’d have to finish you off is much sooner than I expected, I just love playing with you as a puppet, you naive child! You shall die the same way your father died!
Ohai: Bring it on!
Death quote:
Gregg: N-no… father… I failed to make re-…revevenge for you…


“FEU POE: Fire Emblem Sacred Stones except it’s just Fire Emblem Sacred Stones”

i believe in you all


Big Lyn replaces Binks in chapter 9E.
She stays a warrior and gets an axe with the reaver effect called Fatti Katti.


This is something I could get behind.

No seriously Imma get behind that big booty if you know what I mean


@Kobazco Overlapping Weapon Triangle Hax


now mugs are loaded like this : normal minis : portrait value - 9 *8+(cos(lord’s str) - tan ( seth mov))-78 , default minis are loaded like this : number of turn * char #7’s current status + sin(current map’s x size) - 87,normal mugs are loaded like this : number of time the player got a game over + 64 - 65+ 255 + sin(cos(tan(active’s character’s value)))



What exactly is it you don’t like about it?




Oh. Sorry if it came off as rude. You did a great job editing everything in and working on it. What we mainly didn’t like were the suggestions and the quality of some portraits. But mainly just the suggestions seemed eh to us.


Er…there’s already been three suggestions for Gerik’s place, mine is second, so I change it to Marisa, @Klok, you should change yours as well…
Oh, um, also, Anastasia often mentions events and people from FE7, but no one really understands what she’s talking about, she has an A support with Lyn and Florina.

Anastasia’s R text: A quiet, even demure girl from the Wild West who tamed Luceid and sacrificed herself to defeat Lord Blazer.

Sword Magess R text: A title reserved and bestowed only upon Anastasia Rune Valeria, the greatest hero to ever live.

I don’t see myself getting access to my computer any time soon, for which I greatly apologize, so if anyone can just crop and requantize her official artwork, I’ll be extremely grateful and in debt…


Replaces Anna.


Kaga is a paladin, and he wields the Seiken Canaan from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is effective against the final boss, and PRF locked to Kaga.

Formortiis is renamed to IntSiis, and only Kaga can fight him. IntSiis has this portrait:


PRF weapon is only effective against final boss. YESZ.


Fomortiis is a moe anime girl.


Following on from that, this is Kaga’s dialogue with IntSiis when he fights him:

Kaga: “IntSiis!”
IntSiis: “So, Kaga, have you returned to develop Fire Emblem games for us now?”
Kaga: “No. Fire Emblem was a mistake, and, with this sword, one I aim to correct.”
IntSiis: “Foolish Kaga! Do you really think you can defeat such an established franchise with merely the power of a small development team and some puny sword from a game noone cares about?”
Kaga: “I don’t think I can. I know I can. Prepare to be destroyed, IntSiis!”


Add Japanese words, like onii-chan and quotes from “You Are The Ocean’s Gray Waves”.