FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


All weapons in the game are effective against the Recruit class, Amelia is renamed to “Trash” and has this mug:


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Gameplay changes ahoy!

Change the name of the chapter where you fight King Harkinan to “Strive for Dinner”. Change all physical weapon users in the chapter to sword users (mostly sword-using generals and cavaliers) and equip them all with Forks. Give Harkinian a droppable sword named “Dinner” with these stats: C rank, 30 uses, 12 might, 85 hit, 0 crit, 1—2 range, 12 weight. Flavour text: “My ship sails…”.

Change Aias’s name to “xXx-AI4S-XxX”. R-button text: “xXxX- N0 LUCK all SkiLL -420-XxXx”. Max out his Skill and give him 0 Luck (if the skill makes him a crit monster, you can nerf his strength). Give the enemies in his chapter (including Cormag) +5 skill but -2 strength.

Give the Soldier class +1 move, buff all of its bases by 3, and buff all of its growths by 10% each. Give them the movement pointer of Berserkers so they can cross peaks and water.

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To complement the 3% Res/Mag growth since they are technically the same now, all generic enemies have 0 res, but all bosses have 20 res

Thrones forts and Gates give FE5 boosts

All S Rank Weapons are swapped for the FE4 Holy Weapons

Gerik is swapped with Ike, who comes with Ragnell, Ettard, Urvan, and the Regal Sword, with the first three having their FE10 stats and the final it’s FE9 stats

To change one of my earilier edits,Joshua is swapped for Roy, and is an FE6 lord. Comes with a Rapier which is non Prf and the Mani Katti, which is his prf, and has a A support with Natasha . Audhulma is also prf to him, but is the Binding Blade instead, just with the FE4 esque stats for holy weapons.

Natasha is replaced with Sue, with her FE6 Base Stats, class, and growths. Comes with a Short Bow and an A Support with Joshua.


Ok guys. Now you can REALLY contribute by making a commit on github if you know how to work a buildfile. https://github.com/Kobazco/FEU-POU
The make rom.cmd works with a clean FE8 rom called “FE8.gba”
Once you’ve submitted something, make the commit and I will review and add it.


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now in FE8 colours!


Replace all the world map themes with the world map themes from Gaiden

“Treasured Memories” -> “Chapter 1 (To Sofia - Alm’s Setting Off)"
“Grim Journey” -> “Chapter 2 (Celica’s Setting Off)"
“Ties of Friendship” -> “Chapter 3 (Liberation Battle - Each Road)"
“Ray of Hope” -> “Chapter 4 (Land of Sorrow)”

I will provide midis.


replace Saleh’s grandmother.


https://youtu.be/l4QJiKNL2pA oh yeah make this the preparation music if you can


[details=more new bosses]

Ruud. Replaces Breguet in ch1 (if Breguet is already taken, replace Murray in ch7 instead). His stats and inventory are the same as in FE6. R-button text: “A commander from Bern. Likes to bullshit around.”.

Rebecca. Replaces the generic monster boss in ch11 on both routes. Make her a level 7 sniper with a steel bow and “attack units in range” AI. Battle quote: “Hi! i’M rEbEcCa! LeT’s Be FrIeNdS!” Death quote: “hEeHeEhEe! LeT’s PlAy AgAiN sOmEdAy…”

Rebecca. Replaces the generic monster boss in ch18. Make her a level 14 sniper with a longbow, “random movement” AI, and high Skill and Speed. Battle quote: “… WhAt? YoU tHoUgHt I wAs DeAd? hEeHeEhEeHeEhEe. LeT’s PlAy ToGeThEr… FoReVeR.”. Death quote: “HeEhEeHeE! lEt’S… pL…aY…a…G…a…I…”. Give her text the evil black speech bubble.[/details]


No. No. I’m putting a stop to this. Don’t you dare encourage usage of FEH styled Rebecca. That absolute demon needs to be purged with holy fire and/or holy water. It’s just so bad, it’s probably going to bring Satan back instead of Jesus for WWIII.


So um…
Make Lyn be recruitable with Florina and give them an A support.

Change the weapon system to that of Heroes and (if possible), implement an Anima split, but leave most of the spaces empty so that others can give suggestions as to how it would work and what the tomes will be.

Replace Gerik with Anastasia from Wild Arms 2/FE7if with a custom class, Blade Magess (swords, staves and light magic, I think Klok ripped her animation) and the following stats: 20 HP, 10 Skill, Speed and Luck, 4 Move, 6 Con, everything else is capped at 5. She starts with 10HP, capped Move and Con and 3 in her strong stats, 1 in her weak stats.

Her Prf sword is called Argetlahm and gives her such ridiculous stat boosts, that she reaches the maximum available before it overflows into negative/zero (in other words, if her stats were one point higher and she was equipped with Argetlahm, her stats would overflow.)

All of her growths are 40%, meaning that there’s a 40% per stat chance for that stat of hers to overflow and become useless, her class gains as much EXP as a tier 1 recruit.

Her custom theme song is 'Megalomania" from Live-A-Live.

I’ll add weapon type icons, Anastasia’ portrait (I might just use the FE7if one) and Argetlahm’s icon later, I apologize if this was a bit too complex and/or long… :<


Insert a random and unfunny jojo reference and call yourself a meme king


If Harkinian is still going to be a general, we need to make sure he has 5 axes.A Hammer, a Halberd, a Poison Axe, a Killer Axe and Thracia’s Master Axe.


I wonder if this and the other masterpieces from here could make it in


Every mug should be from that thread


Dragoon Wendy as a endgame boss pls


Novala, Tirado, Aias, Gheb, Beran, Caellach, Valter, the first version of Lyon (Lilina) and both versions of Riev all have their death quote changed to “May the blessings of Fomortiis-”