FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


@NICKT Do you by chance have a Micaiah portrait we could use?


Hopefully this isn’t too many at once #yolo

Ohai. Replaces Beran (boss of Turning Traitor). R-button text: “Desu~”. Battle quote: “Konnichiwa~”. Death quote: “Ara ara~ Oniichan, daame~!”. Give him -4 strength, but +4 speed and a brave bow. Change his AI so he pursues without heed instead of guarding.

Ganon. Replaces Duessel. He is a druid with A ranks in both dark and anima, and has growths of 20% in all stats. R-button text: “The prince of darkness. Possesses the greatest face in Koridai.” Death quote: “NO! You haven’t seen the last of me!!!” He starts with a Thunder tome and a Flux tome.

Florina. Replaces Syrene. Valkyrie. Her description, bases, growths, etc are all the same as in FE7 (but adjust her bases to be appropriate for the time when she joins). She starts with an Aura tome and a Rescue staff.

Lyn. Replaces Carlyle. Female swordmaster. Still has a wind sword.

Also, make Steel weapons give +10 luck when equipped.

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playable florina


enemy lyn

Alusq why do you hate me?


Did you make that lyn/florina?




Wow, she actually looks better than in RD.


Replace evil Lyon with this Lilina

make normal Lyon her normal self.

Make her a Lilina Sage with her battle sprite in the animation thread. Every time she mentions anyone, she actually mentions Roy.

I’ll give you a custom palette for her battle sprite later.

EDIT: Updated Evil Lilina


I’m down for evil Lilina but only if her mug looks better

Edit: Now that she looks better, I kind of want her playable, where she swaps personalities in dialogue as well as her mug, idk haha


Lyon uses flowers instead of naflgar or whatever its called


lol, ok


…Replace all of the text concerning Knoll, Lyon/Lilina, The King and so on, so that the true story of the game is that Lilina, after losing Roy, delved into forbidden spells and became insane. Meanwhile, Prince Zelda was trying to conquer the world with the dark powers of the Triforce, but instead, Lilina came in, took control of everything and banished Zelda, who could replace…Um, I don’t really know, but she’ll have a special class, maybe Master Knight? There could be an extra boss battle where after using Eirika to defeat Lilina and the Demon King, she becomes even more powerful.
Lilina has a custom battle theme-“Lunatic Princess” from Touhou: Imperishable Night.


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Change Colm’s class to Rogue (with staves), and this mug


Summoner class is replaced with ‘Teqnician’ and phantoms are replaced with ‘Ducks’


This makes me uncomfortable


all generic general have these growths
hp 100 str 50 skl 25 spd 0 lck 2 def 100 res 25 and wield all weapons.

also add a baron class with 50’s growths across the board and access to swords, lances, axes, and anima magic.


Give the Recruit (2) class 8 flying move, the Recruit (3) class 12 flying move and crit bonus, and literally give Amelia wings
(am doing the sprites necessary)