FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


Konami code summons sigurd, entering it twice summons enemy arvis


Go full FE3/5 and make all stats except HP cap at 20, Give Natasha a prf 5 use Hammerene staff, Joshua is able to use Rapiers and has a prf Wo Dou, and all S rank weapons have unlimited durability. Formortis is replaced with Arch, who is an Eliwood Knight Lord, with Siegfried’s final boss weapon from TLP, and his death quote is “EN WILL NEVER DIE”


Do you know where I can get Arch’s portrait?


Gimme an hour to finish class and I’ll post it, tho I forgot to add eariear, Give everyone a 3% move and Con growth


Also. This is a “collaboration”. ( There are really just some things beyond my capability). Please do help me out and provide as much as you can with your suggestions.

(Please reply soon :slight_smile: )


Replace all battle music with a midi of “A Real Hero”
All staves (Including the healing ones) now give the beserk effect


I am unsure about all of the Hitler memes. At most I’m going to put the moulder Hitler in


So yeah, gotta put my foot down on this one. I’d really rather not have my mug included in a project that portrays white supremacy as a joke.

We’ve got way too many fascist fuckwads in the world to deal with already without spreading their cancerous memes. I see no reason that we should be doing their dirty work for them.


Yeah I didn’t feel too good about the Hitler thing either. Was unsure if I’d even do the moulder one.

Also do you have your portrait that we could use tho? I won’t include any of these Hitler jokes or memes


Replace Riev’s mug with this guy, rename him “Glaceo” and change every line he says into “You can’t win against Glaceo.” Replace the enemy title from Monster to Disciple of Order, and have them have these boring ass palettes. (Bishop is Riev clone man)


All the generic mooks now talk with indecipherable accents, and the sage class have flipped base res and def stats and growths. thrones give double the usual def bonus.


I can handle this part, yes.

As for the portrait, I’ll PM when I am able to.


Alright, thanks Arch.


Orson is replaced by Takeshi, the long forgotten protagonist of my 5 year old dead hack, project Juan. Has a special class called renegade, which is the rogue that uses swords and staves



what hairesy is this


Moulder’s Midlife Mancrisis


Neimi is a female Brigand (D Axes) while Colm is a Bonewalker (E Swords/Lances). Both have personal steal and lockpicks and crit bonus.
Neimi’s growths: 85/70/25/75/40/20/20. Colm’s: 70/45/50/60/35/25/10.
Promotion gains from Bonewalker to Wight: 3/4/2/2/3/4, all of the above in order of HP/Str/Skl/Spd/(Luck for levels)/Def/Res
Rename Ephraim Great Lord into Disgusting.
(Female Brigands promote to Female Warrior or Berserker, Bonewalker is stuck with Wight)
And lastly, change all CC character growths to 69 in every growth.

(If these are too many, choose what you feel is good enough)


FE8 colour version


Pic related replaces Valter, renamed to Gwonam, all stats buffed by 3.

R text is “Squadala, we’re off!”