FEU Collaborative "POE" (Or Pick Our Edits)


Boost all enemy growth values by 10% (15% if you’re feeling ballsy), default hard mode, max level 30, require level 20 to promote, promoting does not reset unit level.


Pick a main character with a tonne of lines and change every mention of a specific object, character and/or location to “cunt”.


Every mention of the word sister is replaced with cunt effectively making Ephraim look like a total prick.


Doowile. Make him the boss of ch4 instead of that generic entombed. He is a myrmidon, but uses the Eliwood Lord animation from FE7 and has a droppable runesword. He has 60 HP, but 0 Speed/Def/Res. His description is “Likes to eat. Not as lucky as Dorcas.”
Change the name of the Runesword to Fork, and change its description to “Consume thy enemy!” Also, give it the brave effect.

  1. Ephraim works ‘disgusting’ into every conversation (or sentence)

  2. Myrrh is now Fa (they have the same coding just need to transfer over/replace sprites? I did this for a starter FE8 project I never finished)

  3. pick a monster class and give it and its promotion 20 base skill


Disgusting cunt and I have to go to disgusting cunt and get the disgusting cunt.


Adding to this: Mod in “Thriller” as the BGM music for all zombies.


Real talk: FE5 critical, Tequila’s capture system, and Growth colors are all must-use ASM to add. Add those too.

Edit: Swap Artur for Micaiah. Micaiah is now the protagonist. She uses light magic and has Thani, plus she gains anima and staves on promotion. Use her animation and I think Nickt’s character portrait for her.


Shave Moulder.


No, give him a Hitler stache. Now he REALLY hates the undead!


Fuck it, go full ham and have him call them jews. Give him a tome called “gas” that’s effective against monsters/undead.


“Mould-ler, those are zombies not Jews.”

Edit: I actually checked to make sure it was Stormfront.org, I ended up on their white supremacist forum, and the announcement at the top is for a speech by a guy with the last name ‘Black’ lmao


It’s beautiful


Vigarde should also begin or end every sentence with “My boy”.


Replace L’arachel with Beta Oona and invert the color of all her text bubbles.


Make Dozla speak like an extremely slurry and barely intelligible and drunk Scottish/Irish amalgamation

Give some characters misaligned blinking sprites on purpose like Tales of the Emblem.

Replace every instance of the words “battle”, “skirmish”, “war” and variations with “sexy chess”.

Replace every single one of Ewan’s lines with a sentence picked at random from any Harry Potter book.

Give Summoners the same move as cavaliers and Bishops the ability to walk on water.


Replace Siegmund and Reginleif with lances named Cest and Win respectivley, every line of Ephraim’s dialouge is some variant of him denying an incestous relationship with Eirika, with Eirika becoming a Lachesis/Clarine clone with all of the brother loving implications possible. Eirika’s Rapier is now named Disasterous while Sieglinde is now Implications.

Saleh is replaced with Kaga using the above mug

Everyone has a 3% Res Growth


Eirika is already changed/taken, check the first post.


Also rename the Phantom Ship to the Happy Ship and make the whole thing extremely colorful and kid friendly until Dozla runs in cursing and burping.

There, I’m done.


Make Shamans, Falcoknights, Great Knights, Paladins, and whatever other class that has staff animations available somewhere able to use staves. Also make healing staves (and maybe status staves?) use users’ res instead of magic (I believe there is a patch for this somewhere) (dat 3% res growth).