FEier's Weapon Icon House


I got anohter request if possible! :slight_smile:

Its about this:

Its a electric sword, but I dont know if some electric effects are possible in such a small icon. :thinking:


I mean, they are definitely possible.
Problem is if one can even make it look good.
In the meantime, here’s my go at it


Thanks, yeah i guess youre right. But the base looks good ty. :+1:


Would it be possible to make…more redesigns of physic, rescue, and warp? In the hack I’m making there are 3 different tiers of all 3 of those staves, but I don’t have any of the designs for them. I’m going to be using the vanilla icons for the tier 2, and your redesigns in the OP for the tier 3 (because I like them more), but I still don’t have a tier 1 version of any of them. Could you try making…basically just less impressive versions of the regular staves, if that makes sense, lol.


I’m… not exactly sure what the point is of making three tiers of staves, other than just making staves more plentiful and useful.
regardless, here’s what I have


The purpose would be to have weak, mid, and strong warp staves. Physic already basically has Basic Physic in the gba games, which is essentially a heal staff. I usually went Physic - Fortify - Latona for FE8 as far as healing at range tiers. As for Rescue, I actually don’t know. I made Physic S-rank and gave it mag/2 range with unlimited uses. Worked for me!


thanks! and yeah, like klok said, my intent is to have scaling staves that don’t base the range off of your own magic, but off the tier of the staff instead, which lets the more interesting staves (like warp and rescue) be usable in the earlygame without being able to easily trivialize maps, like in echoes. and also to make staves more plentiful, yes. i’m not a fan of how staves are just healing until you get rescue.


Ah, got it.


can you make a generic sword with the brown handle, yellow hilt, and clean silver blade?


Not exactly certain what you mean by “clean silver blade”, but here’s what I have for ya.


Hello @FireEmblemier i have one request you can made all of the weapons of the lords of Fe Heroes



@LordGlenn did Alfonse/Sharena/Anna/Veronica/Bruno’s weapons and they’re F2U iirc
F%C3%B3lkvangr%20(LordGlenn) Fensalir%20(LordGlenn) N%C3%B3at%C3%BAn%20(LordGlenn) %C3%89liv%C3%A1gar%20(LordGlenn) Valaskj%C3%A1lf%20(LordGlenn)


Those are free to use, yes, though I don’t see myself doing any of the Book II or III weapons, so FEier would be a great option for those.


Would you be willing to make an icon for the main lord’s legendary axe in my hack? The axe would have a very large blade, with a golden edge and normal metal for the rest. The handle wouldn’t be particularly fancy or impressive (just regular metal). Thank you!


Wew! Sorry for the long wait. Didn’t check the website until a day or two ago, and you had quite the request.


'ere ya go :+1:


Thanks! That looks amazing. It’ll definitely be good in the hack.


you a real one for this


@FireEmblemier i have another request i need you made is sword and mineral ingots


…I’m not so sure about your request?
If it’s just the sword, I can’t seem to see the entire sword.
Regardless, here’s my attempt given the image.