FEier's Weapon Icon House


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Very cool i have another request i need you made is sword and grimoires
Pd: the sword previous say you go made are of the character of skull mask


Hey whenever you’re free and interested could you make me a blunt or a cat’s paw magazine icon?
References from google:
if you decide to make any of them and choose to do the cat’s paw just do the cat on the cover and try to make it look like a magazine.


If you’re still making weapon icons, could you make:

Thank you!

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If you are still taking requests would you mind making a weapon icon to go with DerTheVaporeon’s cursed sword animation please?


Thanks in advance.


Could you possibly make the Blazefire Saber from Final Fantasy XIII if your still taking requests? Thanks in advance!


Apologies for the late response, but this is what I’ve got.

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Just me being very caught up in other things. Had a little creativity when it game to your things. Especially with the Cat’s Paw mag, where I kinda made it a “tome” to at least have some pages visible.Made a no-page version if that’s cool with you.

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…I understand that you wanted a two headed (or two pointed) spear (did both anyways), but may I question why out of anything else you could’ve asked for, did you ask for the windows logo? (made an outline and non-outline version, not in that order)


The windows logo is the weapon used by a secret, optional boss in my hack.

…It doesn’t make sense in context, either. The boss’s entire existence doesn’t make sense.


Here’s what I have for ya

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Apologies for the long wait, but I’ve your sword ready to go

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Neat! Thanks again.


You did a great job with the sprites, the tome and magazine versions of the cats paw especially, thank you very much for doing these


My idea for the weapon icons I want are
-A sword that has a lightning motif that is in a dark red and gold color
-A golden trident that has a red banner tied to the base of the top
-A halberd with a dark charcoal center of the head, and one side of the axe head is larger than the other
-A large bow with golden edge and gold string, metal plating on the front
Hope it’s not too much


Thank you!


I have but two request.

Would you mind remodeling this FE4 Thief sword’s design to make it look more appealing?

Also, the miracle sword in its actual design of how it really looks.


I’d like the 3 versions of the Monado.
image image image


Can you please make the Echoes Mercurius icon for GBA? https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Mercurius There’s already an icon for it on the 3DS so maybe you could base it off that?


We got Mercurius sonewhere in the forum.