Feier's Weapon Icon House

For some time, I’ve been working on spriting a couple of things, but mostly just weapon icons. I’m willing to make weapon icons out of anything FE Related, or TRS related.

Lately, I’ve been working on my tomes, ranging from all Anima tomes (including ice) to Light, to Dark.

I have also been doing physical weapons, like redesigning Iron Tier to Silver Tier.

Staves were experimental, but I’ve tried to re-create it in a sense.

Whilst doing more and more icons, I’ve decided to take on more than just redesigns of already existing weapons, like these Blade Tomes, from Fire Emblem Heroes, or the daggers a little above.

So, if you have any requests, I’ll be glad to take them, depending on what kind of request it is.

If you want to use any of the weapons I make for you, or any weapons I made in general…
Please give credit.
Stealing is a bad thing, unless if you want to make yourself look like a dick.

Another thing, the icons I’ve done through request can be used by anybody, as long as they follow the guidelines above.

EDIT: Although I’m not always active, be sure to leave your requests here. I might take a couple days, but I’ll get it done regardless.
EDIT 2: Ice Tomes have been added to the tomes collection.
EDIT 3: Earlier, I showed pictures of special swords I made. I replaced that with the Iron - Silver Tier weapons.
EDIT 4: Icons have been updated for all the tomes.
EDIT 5: Staves have been added to the collection!
EDIT 6: Earth Tomes have been added to the tomes collections.

  • Boxes have been formed around the icon, for easier extraction!
  • Blades from Iron to Silver have been made, as well as the Blade Tomes featured in Fire Emblem Heroes!
  • Daggers are finally here! Ranging from Iron to Silver.
  • Slight alterations to the Iron Sword Icon.
    (how many edits does this need? I’ll never know)

I request a Wing Spear. There’s literally no art of this anywhere. Good luck.

No problem!
I’m up for the challenge.

Edit: It does have art. Thought I’d let you know.

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The Dullahan from TRS
The Swordbreaker from the same game

The Lord Gram from Berwick Saga

And now for my lowkey “Fuck You”

The Lord Asral sword and Dandelion Lance from Vestaria Saga


Ran into some issues, but here it is, I suppose.

Looks like a sword now that I think about it… :thinking:


Alright then!
Challenge Accepted.


I’d like to request icons for two bows, if you’re up for it :eyes:

The Shining Bow and the Double Bow

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On top those, the Hunting Bow as well

I would like to request Gradivus, Hauteclere and the Fire Emblem.

I’d like to request an icon if it wouldn’t hurt at all~

Uhm, let’s see, how about a light tome, but using the icon of Artist from Kirby Star Allies?

(Color does not matter)

I’m rather new to spriting, but uh, I could try reshading something from FE7 if you’d like as sort of a, payment I guess?

I couldn’t find images to reference off of for the last three, but I certainly got the Dullahan and Swordbreaker.

(Dullahan Left, Swordbreaker Right)

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I had to go through a few shortcuts, but this is the most I could think of at the moment, considering the small amount of space when making a tome.

But here it is.


Another Note:
If you want to use these, ask me first. Also be sure to credit me.
Stealing is bad.

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Is it possible to have a weapon icon for a double axe ? With gold and silver on it? Thanks! :smiley: Great icons by the way!

Your Hunter’s Bow, as you requested.


If it’s possible I’d like an icon of Siegfried from FE:IF, I think I’ve seen Rajinto before, but I’ve yet to find a Siegfried.

Great work so far.

Siegfried was was a little difficult to deal with, as it has a gap straight down the middle, not to mention it seems longer than a normal sword. But 'ere you go.

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Hey! Can you do the Mage Masher from FFIX? =)

Would love to see it!

Thank you so much!

Although, pink isn’t a color in FE GBA, I’ll see what I can do