FEier's Weapon Icon House


Hey, idk if it’d be rude to ask for more icons, but I wondered if you could make icons for the master weapons from Thracia 776 (Meisterschwerd, Master lance, etc.)

Thanks regardless!


Alright, I’ve got a request for a weapon icon: The Alonne Greatbow from Dark Souls 2.
(This is the best picture I could find of it, if you need more I can take some screencaps in-game.)


These should be it!


image I’m not so certain about the Alonne Greatbow’s actual colors, but since I could mostly see white or silver, This is what I came up with.


Yeah, sorry, should’ve given more detail in hindsight. But it turned out great! Thanks, Feier.


Breaking news:
FEIer is awesome at making weapon icons!
Wait… those are old news!

You’re great :ok_hand:


Hey, I hope you don’t mind me asking for so many things, you can just tell me to stop, but if you’ve got the time, could you make the communist manifesto as a tome? Nothing special, maybe a yellow sickle and hammer on a red book. It ain’t urgent, so just do it when you’re in the mood. No pressure.


If you’ve got spare time, could you make an icon for a Chinese Hook Sword and Dao?


When you have time, can you make an icon for this fireball sprite from Secret of Mana? image


I’m not exactly certain if you wanted a tome, or the actual fireball itself, but I’ll just supply the fireball first.


Should be it!
Not exactly sure if you’ll be happy with it, but I did what I could at the moment.


They look amazing to me! My attempts at the hook sword looked like fishing rods. Appreciate it!


While not exactly visible, I did what I could and tried to fit a hammer and sickle into the red book.


Great job as always :+1:


That is even better than what I have thought of in the first place, thanks :grin::+1: