FEier's Weapon Icon House


Hey, idk if it’d be rude to ask for more icons, but I wondered if you could make icons for the master weapons from Thracia 776 (Meisterschwerd, Master lance, etc.)

Thanks regardless!


Alright, I’ve got a request for a weapon icon: The Alonne Greatbow from Dark Souls 2.
(This is the best picture I could find of it, if you need more I can take some screencaps in-game.)


These should be it!


image I’m not so certain about the Alonne Greatbow’s actual colors, but since I could mostly see white or silver, This is what I came up with.


Yeah, sorry, should’ve given more detail in hindsight. But it turned out great! Thanks, Feier.


Breaking news:
FEIer is awesome at making weapon icons!
Wait… those are old news!

You’re great :ok_hand:


Hey, I hope you don’t mind me asking for so many things, you can just tell me to stop, but if you’ve got the time, could you make the communist manifesto as a tome? Nothing special, maybe a yellow sickle and hammer on a red book. It ain’t urgent, so just do it when you’re in the mood. No pressure.


If you’ve got spare time, could you make an icon for a Chinese Hook Sword and Dao?


When you have time, can you make an icon for this fireball sprite from Secret of Mana? image


I’m not exactly certain if you wanted a tome, or the actual fireball itself, but I’ll just supply the fireball first.


Should be it!
Not exactly sure if you’ll be happy with it, but I did what I could at the moment.


They look amazing to me! My attempts at the hook sword looked like fishing rods. Appreciate it!


While not exactly visible, I did what I could and tried to fit a hammer and sickle into the red book.


Great job as always :+1:


That is even better than what I have thought of in the first place, thanks :grin::+1:


I have a request I like to offer to you, FEier!

I would like to have two staffs be made into their actually in game design, Absorb and Freeze. The colors don’t need to be accurate for me, just their whole design is great!


Ah, sorry for the late reply. A bit busy.
However, here’s what I’ve come up with.


Its all good.
Thank you so much for making them!


Damn, Feier, you do good stuff. Props.