FEier's Weapon Icon House


A quick update on the tomes, with there being new icons instead of the old ones.

(If you like the old ones, let me know)


Hi FEier! Just wondering if you could make a personal fire tome for me? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but a bit less generic than the regular fire tome. Sorry if I don’t have anything you can reference on.



I present to you your personal tomeeee.
Smells like burning wood.


Henlo. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you make an icon of a string of sausages? Only request is no questions.

Reference: https://previews.123rf.com/images/ajt/ajt1503/ajt150300019/38097974-string-of-sausages-hanging-on-white-background-.jpg


Hello There.
If you don’t mind I would like to request a whole set of tome icons based on earth (by set I mean like Anima’s: Fire, Thunder, Elfire, Bolting, Fimbulvetr and a Legendary tome). Like if the earthbenders from Avatar were to use tomes. Also, can i perhaps use your ice magic icons for my romhack?

Pretty please?


I’ll see what I could do about that.

Also, my stuff can be used as long as you give credit.


That’s… an interesting request.

I’ll see if I can get it done. However, I might make it look a bit different.


and it should be done!


Worked some things around, and here are the sausages that you ordered!




That’s some spicy-ass artwork!

Thanks, sport!



So I’m going to prephase this by saying that there’s no need to rush this. I do not need this anytime soon, but I’m hoping to have it eventually. This doesn’t have to be top priority.

I’m planning on setting up/creating a hack using the Anima Triangle that has exactly one tome for each anima type from E to S - so 6 tomes each, 18 in all. (That doesn’t include light and dark tomes, but I need to work on my setup for that.) The B weapons will each be special - Wind’s will be high crit, Fire’s is a Brave tome, and Thunder’s is Bolting.
There’s enough tome pictures around to have a unique one for each spell, but I was hoping to have a consistent progression from E to S, with B being a bit unique.

To the point - would you be able to create 6 tomes with a consistent progression for Fire, Thunder (blue colored tomes), and Wind? With B somehow able to imply the effect within?
Again, this doesn’t need to be anytime soon, and this can even be one at a time. But if you ever have nothing better to do, is this okay?
I’m sorry if this is too much, and I’ll drop it if you’re not okay with this. But I’d really appreciate it.


:thinking: as much as I’d love to make tomes for you, I’m not exactly sure how I would be able to help
if I don’t get to see, let’s say an animation of the tome.
The idea of my tomes (all the way up there) were just from normal, to el, and then to Arc levels.
For more tomes, i’d need to rely on what the animation looks like to see what I could do for the other tomes that aren’t again, Normal, El, and Arc.
Otherwise, if you could supply me with such, I’d be glad to do the tomes for you.


Alright. I’ll see what I can do. It might take a bit, as my computer access is spotty at best, but I’ll make sure to show you as soon as I can.


Would it be possible to make Dark magic tomes for the FE8 monster spells? Evil Eye, Crimson Eye, Demon Surge, Shadowshot, and Stone. No rush.


Could you please make me a Zweihander?

And here’s my shot at it, but I am not all that convinced about it.


Thanks in advance.


Before hand, I already made a crimson eye and demon surge icon for a friend, but I thought I would touch it up a little.
Anywho, here it is!


Here’s my attempt on the Zweihander.
Heads up by the way, it seems like your attempt doesn’t match up with the FE GBA Weapon Icon Palette.



Looking good, I would use a couple pixels to expand the base guard so it looks bigger, but it’s hard to do without it looking odd.

How weird, I extracted the colors from the Iron Sword. I’ll check that out later.


These are absolutely perfect, thank you!