FEier's Weapon Icon House


Updated the tomes at the top of the topic, ice tomes should be up there.


everything is amazing ,the only “wrong” thing with those sprites is that they are way too over detailed, I mean the inner sprite itself is fascinating but I suppose the line(not the outline) is rather way too detailed


It’s just a style I use whenever I’m doing tomes. Nothing wrong with that.


I agree, just the line isn’t fe lol, I mean for the first weapons atleast, still perfect.


Cam you make for me three icon of them:

In the stone, can you draw some symbol of wind or a hurricane please.
And the icon of A very old looking hammer.


I had two problems when it came to these icons.

  • Details on the first icon were too big for the 16x16 size, and so was the amount of colors I could use to make said icon.

  • I didn’t really under what you mean by a “Very old looking hammer”, so I did my best to imagine that.

Other than that, this is the most I could do at the current time.


Tks very much man :slight_smile:


Can you make icon based on those picture? All of them are sword
Sange and Yasha


These icons are pretty sweet. Any chance of making some daggers?


If you like, I can send you some


That would be greatly appreciated, so long as the artist is cool with it; and I have their usernames for crediting purposes.

(I originally said author instead of artist. Sometimes I derp hard).


Well, I took those icon from a game called Dota 2 :slight_smile: You can search on google :slight_smile:


Oh, I thought you were alluding to icons made by community members.

No thanks; but thanks for offering nonetheless.


Since Sange and Yasha are technically the same as the ones from the first image, Just only made both of them according to their respective individual images.
As for Kaya, It’s not exactly clear from the ref image of what kind of sword it is.
Regardless, here it is.


I have indeed made some daggers, but the ones I made were used inside what is known as the “FE8 Patreon PME.”
I’d rather wait for the thing to get released first, and then place my icons here.

On the contrary, you can request a weapon you would like to see, if you want to.


Ah, gotcha. I’ll be looking forward to it.

I’ll change my request to a Magic Missile tome; Best image Google would give me, I guess you could cut out the hands and lower the missile count to 1?.

custom Anima tome in my hack.


Hey dude, I’ve been making a rom hack and I was wondering if it was ok to use some of your sprites (I will credit dont worry)


Sure! 'don’t mind if you can use my weapon icons.


Apologies for the wait!
Haven’t really checked the website recently, until now.
But, here’s what I could craft as if now.


That looks amazing! Thank you very much.

No worries about the delay.