FEier's Weapon Icon House


And, here’s what I could do so far.


'ere you go, my good sir!


Sorry for the late response, but I would like to ask what you mean by “a double axe”?


Well sort of halberds! An icon with two axes, in the same way the orion’s bolt icon were built.

But finally, I changed my mind about that, so maybe just a scythe would be enough :slight_smile: I changed the weapon of my sprite so here is why!


It looks really cool, even without the correct colors. :smiley:

Good job and thanks!


so, it’s a scythe you want?


Scythes aren’t really in FE, but I did what I could.

(to be honest, I just used a reference image of a scythe from the internet.)


Yup! Thanks!

Oh great, it looks beautiful! Thanks a lot :smiley:


Glad to be of help!


Yeah that’s very beautiful! I didn’t see it so I edited my commentary ;3


Can I use those tomes in the OP?
For my hack, it has anima split.

Also I’ld like to request these:

Thanks in advance


Thank you so much. I’m gonna use this on my new hack. Do you mind if I give your name on the credit list?


No if you credit him he’ll press charges. How dare you ask someone if you can credit them for the work you didn’t do


No no, you must be mistaken. I request him for 3 items, he make them and I want to use those 3 items on my new hack. I feel that it’s necessary to put him on credit because I’m using what I request him to do. I just ask him if he felt ok with it.


It was sarcasm. Earlier in this post he specifically said [quote=“FireEmblemier, post:13, topic:3534”]
If you want to use these, ask me first. Also be sure to credit me.

Which is legitimately his asking for credit for the graphical content he made. Besides, would you legitimately take his art and claim it as your own in a project? Don’t ask to give credit. When in doubt, give credit. When not in doubt, give credit. If you did not personally make it, and you know specifically who made it, give credit. There is never a reason to not give credit to someone.


Oh, I don’t mind whatsoever. Credit is definitely fine.


Not exactly what I’d imagine, but here’s my go at them!


Can you make Ice magic tome sprites? I always found it depressing that there’s only the Fimbulvetr. Also, are any of those sprites free to use?


As long as you credit, you can use them.


Sure, thanks