FEE3 2023 Help Thread

Hi all, this thread’s purpose is for project creators to seek help from volunteer and for volunteers to advertise their availability. This thread can be used summarize your project and what content you plan to showcase for prospective LPers. If you would like to volunteer to LP some projects then this is a good place to advertise this. Following up on these can be done in DMs as to not clutter the thread, this thread is mainly for connecting project creators and volunteers.

Please keep in mind that volunteers are not officially associated with FEE3’s organization, and they are free to choose which projects they would like to help with.

The current list of volunteer LPers is:

Additionally, Merpin has offered to help with trailer creation for those interested in submitting a trailer for FEE3, as well as general video creation advice.

The full list of video submission guidelines can be found here, but to summarize a few key points, videos can be no longer than one hour and must have a minimum resolution of 360p. However, shorter videos are strongly encouraged, as not only do these result in better viewer engagement, but they also make things easier for volunteers who review your submissions. Disabling battle animations is an easy way to cut down on video length. Similarly, resolutions of at least 480p make for a much better viewing experience, 360p is the bare minimum but if you can record higher resolutions please do so. Also, checking audio balancing beforehand is important; it was very hard to hear commentary over game audio for a few videos last year. Knowing what you want to cover in the video ahead of time is also important, doing a dry run before the final recording will help with this.

Submissions are now open! If you are ready to submit your showcase, please fill out the below form.

FEE3 2023 Showcase Submission Form

Submission form details

For those unfamiliar with how submissions work, below is an example from last year of what your video thumbnail will look like. For the main thumbnail image, either submit a screenshot from your emulator or submit a 1280x720 image. The side image is optional; you can submit a character portrait or animation frame if you’d like.

The title of your video will be “FEE3 2023: <Project Title> by <Username>, and the video description will be what you submit in the form. If you would like your project thread to be linked in the description, please include the link in the submitted description. For the sake of readability on mobile, I encourage omitting “Fire Emblem” from the submitted project title, but ultimately it is up to you. Videos will air every six hours, starting at midnight EST. You may submit one or more time slots that you would prefer; while we cannot guarantee that everyone gets their desired time slot we will take these into account when creating the schedule.


Trying my best to balance audio. Are there general tips for that or is it just about feeling? All I heard was that listening to stuff without Headphones on can help you out for a more natural outcome.

The most common audio balance issues I’ve observed in past events are game audio drowning out commentary and one person being louder than the others when multiple people are giving commentary. Doing a quick 30 second test recording should be plenty to check for these issues.


Can also record audio to separate channels to allow for fine tuning afterwards