Announcing FEE3 2023 (Submissions Closed)

Submission are now closed. Thanks you everyone for submitting, more details will be announced when the schedule is finalized.

Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that preparation for FEE3 2023 has begun. For those unfamiliar with Fire Emblem E3 (FEE3), its formal mission statement is: “To showcase ROM hacks, fan games, technical tools for hacking, animations, and other related materials to Fire Emblem fangame creation to an audience of like-minded creators with the goal of building awareness for and recognizing our work.” In short, it is an annual event celebrating and showcasing FE romhacks, fangames, and hacking tutorials in a video format. FEE3 has been held annually since 2011, making this the thirteenth FEE3! As a sample of what you can expect from this event, here is a link to last year’s playlist.

For those interested in submitting, there is one essential deadline; all videos must be submitted by August 20. Unlike previous years, there is no longer a separate registration and video submission, so this is the only deadline for you to submit something. Before you record and submit your video, please carefully read the guidelines below. While most of these rules are carried over from last year, there are several additions that have been bolded. If you aren’t certain that your project is eligible based on these guidelines, please reach out to me either here or on discord (username bpat) before making your video and we will figure it out.

What can be submitted to FEE3?
  • Project type

Eligible products include any Fire Emblem fan work, asset/animation showcase, hack-related technical demo, and hacking tutorial. Rebalances, weapon reversal, reverse recruitment, or other “minor” edit hacks, of either mainline Fire Emblem games or romhacks, are subject to rejection from the committee for acceptance. If you are interested in submitting such a project for a non GBA FE game, please contact me beforehand to make sure it will be eligible. However, reskins, rebalances, and PMEs for the GBA Fire Emblem games (FE6,FE7, FE8) are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, ports of a GBA Fire Emblem game into another GBA engine (including fanmade engines meant to replicate GBA FE, such as Lex Talionis and Tactile) are also prohibited.

  • Inappropriate content

The FEE3 planning committee reserves the right to reject any project that has inappropriate content in violation with site Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme profanity, nudity, sexual themes, and gore. Additionally, content requirements for video showcases, including both showcased content and commentary, will be stricter than site rules; please keep in mind that younger audiences will be watching this event, and design your showcase accordingly. Projects with inappropriate content, regardless of whether this content appears in the video showcase, are subject to rejection based on the discretion of the organizer.

  • Stolen work

Any work with stolen assets will be removed and will not be allowed in the show until this is remedied. The planning committee reserves the right to blocklist your entry from the show if it had stolen assets in it at any point.

  • Video length and quality

Video submissions must be no longer than one hour, and have a resolution of at least 360p, but shorter videos and higher resolutions are strongly encouraged. If your submission has commentary, please check your audio balance beforehand to make sure the commentary is audible over game audio.

How can I create my video? Will volunteers help LP my project?

As with last year, FEE3’s organizers will no longer connect project creators with volunteer LPers. Instead, once submissions open, we will create a thread where unofficial volunteer LPers can offer to help create a let’s play style (or other agreed upon format) video submission for a project, but we cannot guarantee that you will find someone willing to do this for any given project. As the event draws nearer, we will open channels in the FEU discord server where you can get help creating your video submission.

If you are looking for tips on how best to present your project, this guide should prove helpful. While it’s not a requirement, shorter videos are strongly encouraged, as feedback in prior years indicates that viewers find shorter videos easier to finish in a single sitting. While video lengths of up to an hour are allowed, we see stronger performance with shorter videos. Also, If you are doing an LP for someone else’s hack, doing a dry run first will greatly help video quality since you’d know what to expect.

If you’d like to connect with volunteer LPers or need help with creating your video submission, check out the FEE3 help thread.

Submission form details

For those unfamiliar with how submissions work, below is an example from last year of what your video thumbnail will look like. For the main thumbnail image, either submit a screenshot from your emulator or submit an image with 3:2 aspect ratio. The side image is optional; you can submit a character portrait or animation frame if you’d like.

The title of your video will be “FEE3 2023: <Project Title> by <Username>, and the video description will be what you submit in the form. If you would like your project thread to be linked in the description, please include the link in the submitted description. For the sake of readability on mobile, I encourage omitting “Fire Emblem” from the submitted project title, but ultimately it is up to you. Videos will air every six hours, starting at midnight EST. You may submit one or more time slots that you would prefer; while we cannot guarantee that everyone gets their desired time slot we will take these into account when creating the schedule.

Once again, the deadline to submit your project video will be August 20. If you are interested in helping out with this event, please let me know either by replying to this thread, messaging me here, or messaging me on discord. We are currently looking for volunteers to review videos and create thumbnails for videos (a template will be created by Levin), and also to unofficially LP hacks.

Thanks in advance to everyone who submits a project or volunteers to help out. I look forward to seeing what the community has to show this year!


I’d be glad to help with creating thumbnails! Though I do have a question about that.
What do you mean by a “template” for the thumbnails? Like, what part of the thumbnail will be featured in the template? (I’m not familiar with FEE3 setup, so yeah).

Taking a quick glance at the playlist linked, I’m assuming your referring to the banner at the right of the video thumbnail?


Always happy to LP submissions. I’m also willing to create thumbnails for submissions I play unless desired otherwise by hack creators or by FEU staff.

DMs always open, and most readily accessible on Discord @Epholo8#5358.

Super willing to discuss how you want your game’s showcasing done, so don’t be shy if you want things handled a particular way :sparkling_heart:


:steam_locomotive: Hype train :steam_locomotive:


Last year I volunteered as a Let’s Player and I’d love to do so this year again! I have some videos on my youtube channel which show my style of video making (link on my profile), but I’m open to any requests you have in mind!

If you’d like to pair up, send me a dm on this website so I can give you contact info.

Really excited to see FEE3 return once again this year! Good luck and lots of fun to everyone preparing and working on projects and behind the scenes! :heart:


Super excited to submit my project this year! Am I correct when I understand that you either choose a LP format or a trailer format for submitting your project? As in, you can’t do both?

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone


I mean, you could put a trailer at the start of your video, and then also do an LP? So long as it meets the time limit.


Crazy to think this is the third FEE3 I’ve been around for…

I’m looking forward to all the stuff this year! And big thanks for keeping the event like it was last year, this kind of style really works I feel!


Super excited to actually be able to submit my project into an FEE3, I just missed last year, and the fact that it’s already happening again just makes me feel old.

Old and excited! Can’t wait to see all the cool stuff, and to show off all my cool stuff.


I’m going to break my record for event participation this year so you already know I’ll be on the unofficial LPer list


Officially outlasting E3.

FEE3 the only show in town :sunglasses:


If a video is submitted a reasonable amount of time before the deadline (idk what’s reasonable so for this hypothetical let’s say a month) and rejected for whatever reason, would any resubmission attempts be allowed after that following changes to the project and/or video? If so, what would be the limitation on that?


Well everyone, we did it. FEE3 of 2023 is a go!
Now I’m looking forward for the lineup on what kinds of new and returning ROM hacks, Sprite animations and some ASMs that would benefit for the FE Community.


Now THIS year, I’ll definately participate


Long live the new FEE3 manager.

Good luck! Hope the new changes will be a step in the right direction.

I’ll see if I can make a submission for this one, if college allows me so.



I’m looking forward to submit my hack this year


I’m also wondering this. I have a lot of interesting features in my game that won’t be front and centre within the opening chapters, such as promotion methods and a route split. A 3-4 minute trailer or overview before a half hour let’s play seems reasonable.


Really cool can’t wait to see the hacks this year


Yep, there’s no restriction limiting you to one or the other. You’re welcome to do a trailer and follow it with an LP for your project.

Even if a video is submitted just before the deadline and it is rejected, we will make sure they have a chance to resubmit if it’s changed to fit the guidelines. Earlier submissions will be reviewed sooner, so if you think there’s a chance a video may be rejected it would be better to submit earlier, though if the video being rejected is a serious concern then it would be best to contact me directly about it before submitting.

I was asked on discord for clarification on the inappropriate content rule; generally projects that don’t violate sitewide content rules will be eligible, though the content that is actually included in the video is subject to stricter guidelines, as we don’t have age rating tags for videos unlike projects. If your project has a high age rating, I suggest against choosing to display more extreme content in your submission. As always, if you have concerns or would like clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll work it out.

Thanks for volunteering! I will create a thread organizing volunteer LPs very soon.