FEE3 2022 Schedule Announcement!

FEE3 2022 Schedule


Huge thanks to @Fenreir for the awesome FEE3 banner!


Hey all! It’s finally time for FEE3 2022, the 12th year of FEE3! FEE3 is a romhacking and fangame event where we will show off what we’ve been creating over the course of the past year. It’s an exciting event that brings together the entire community and to share progress with them.


This year, we have 77 projects to show over 20 days, starting on October 15th at 12 AM Eastern Time ending on November 4th at 12 AM Eastern Time.
Like last year, we will be releasing videos every 6 hours, starting at midnight (12 AM) Eastern Time on Day 1. They will be available on the FEUniverse channel and collated into a playlist throughout the event’s almost 3 week duration. Each video will still be viewable after they are shared, so don’t worry if you miss it when they first drop! You can always catch up after the event.


As the event progresses, links will be provided to each entry’s video
All times are in EST, Eastern Standard Time

Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Timeslot 12 AM EST 6 AM EST 12 PM EST 6 PM EST
Day 1 Eternal Winter Fire Emblem: Aletheia Nuramon’s Animation Showcase Sacred Echoes
Day 2 Of Sand & Sabres Souls of the Forest Justice & Pride: Book 2 Remake Time For Tom: Thomas and Jake’s Excellent Adventure
Day 3 FE6na Hard Mode Starlit Souls Seasonal FE4 Remake Fire Emblem Deity Device: Saint’s Blood
Day 4 FE5AD Creating a Chapter in 16 Minutes Lady of Masks Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Rebirth
Day 5 Doubled or Nothing Cerulean Coast Parallel Emblem Absolution
Day 6 Legacy of Sorrow 7 Siblings Dreaming of Other Twilights Legends of Avenir
Day 7 A Vestrian Tale Deg-Deg the Ravenous Scourge of Proxima Pokemblem
Day 8 Iron Emblem: Gaiden Fire Emblem Heroes Remake Home By Winter Tierra Maldita
Day 9 Radiant Dawn: Daybreak Project PURGATORY Hikari Saga: Blades of Fate Vesly’s Patch Showcase
Day 10 Carcino 803 Fire Emblem: Unification Drums of War FE: BR (MOBA Emblem)
Day 11 Elibe Continental Project Fire Emblem: Embers Entwined Lex Telephonis Fire Emblem Sealed Hope
Day 12 Fire Emblem: Ballad of the Bard Host of the Dark Blade and Claw Fire Emblem: Ash Blossom
Day 13 Prophecy of Flames Fire Emblem: Vyland Saga Touhou Emblem Saga of Spirits: Aeon Compass
Day 14 [FE8] Thracia 776 Link Arena Tales of Kotor Nations of Conquest DSA
Day 15 Project Stratagem Genesis Cipher of Destruction
Day 16 Fire Emblem: The Order of Frost Tales of London Fire Emblem: Path of Rebalance The Last Promise 4: Revenge of the Promise
Day 17 Lullaby of Lust Fire Emblem: Genesis Grug 2 The Chthonic Curse
Day 18 OC Emblem Redux Fire Emblem: TMGC (Two Milkmen Go Comedy) Fire Emblem: Wings of Dawn Staff of Ages
Day 19 Radiant Dawn: Exalted Fire Emblem: Aurora Chasers Shackled Power Bells of Byelen
Day 20 Void’s Blitzarre Adventure 3D

No way J&P Book Two on day two???


So many exciting hacks on this list, this year’s gonna be so good!


Man my work’s finally on display, I’m pretty excited.


Vyland Saga

Ok, I’m bought.


Staff of Ages in current year?!?!!??!?!!?

very excited


We got the schedule for FEE3 2022. I have seen some returning ones and some new ones that seems a little interesting. Been waiting for some news about the schedules since the closing day of the submissions. There are some ROM hacks that got my interest from last year and it makes me wonder what kind of new things that they are willing to showcase.


Day 11, neat.


Days 4, 7, and 9 hype for my 3 videos :tada:


This is gonna be an interesting presentation. Looking forward to it all.


Also shouldn’t the schedule thread be the pinned thread now instead of the submissions form thread?


It is now.

On a more relevant note, the schedule’s up! I think I’m on Day 15, though if so my hack’s called Cipher of Destruction, not Cipher of Darkness.


I can’t wait to see all the hacks! They all look so interesting




day 8 looking real nice

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Starting with Nuramon and Sacred Echoes will set the epic stage! I’m also interestet in this seasonal FE remake. Cerulean Coast interested me when I saw it last year (if it is what I remember, the trailer where the music dropped perfectly when the chicken attacks landed made me hype so much)! Always excited for news and seeing new stuff. Gotta try and finally watch everything I still haven’t consumed from last year :partying_face: :partying_face:


I’m interested in Radiant Dawn getting two hacks shown off. The Tellius series (and 3D fire emblem in general) really need more love.

I hope one day the hacking gets so advanced that we can have things like Dimitri from Three Houses in Radiant Dawn, with his own unique model, animations, skills, etc…

Edit: Nevermind. I read the dates wrong so that’s why no videos are up yet.


4 days until showtime :eyes:


Damn there so much projects, can’t wait to see the amazing works of everyone ! :smile: