[FE8US] Fire Emblem One Turn Clear


Fire Emblem One Turn Clear
version 1.0
a hack by Ephraim225

Credit to Circleseverywhere for the skill system used.

The goal of this hack is to clear every chapter in one turn. There are 30 chapters all based on maps from the original FE8, all edited to be cleared in one turn. In a sense, this hack is more a series of puzzles than a war game, and you’ll need every tool available to clear it! The skill system gives you access to Rally, Seal, Spur, and eventually Galeforce skills. Check what you’ve got as you go.

However, keep in mind the following:

  • PLAY ON HARD MODE. Everything was tested, edited, and created with Hard mode in mind.

  • DON’T LET ANYONE DIE. Goes without saying.

  • DON’T THROW AWAY OR WASTE ITEMS. You never know if you might need an item further down the road or not. Warp and Rescue in particular should be conserved as much as possible.

  • YOU CAN STILL GET UNLUCKY. Even at 80%, attacks can still miss. That said, none of the maps outright require RNG manipulation to clear them. If your hit rate is 70% or more, you can generally expect that you are intended to hit that attack. Luckily, all maps last one turn only anyways, so retries don’t take long.


And finally, the download:


If you’re stuck, or find yourself forced to rely on a lucky crit or unlikely dodge, let me know! It’s always possible I simply overlooked something! But be sure to use spoiler tags to avoid giving the solutions away.


Huh, neat.

I think you can remove the difficulty option and force people to play on hard mode via a patch. I love the idea, definitely adding this to my must-play list.


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Thanks <3

I already disabled Easy Mode with a patch but I think I prefer leaving Normal available for a lower difficulty option. Still, everything’s meant to be played on Hard.


Oh shit, dondon is back???


I’m not sure if I could be doing something better or not, but I’ve had some kinda RNG based strategies in Chapter 4 that I can’t think of

Basically for that group of enemies on the island where the boss is, the strategy I came up with was to send Seth in, equipped at first with either the Horseslayer or Axereaver, then the Javelin
Thing is with that is that he needs a few crits or the Horseslayer/Axereaver will break before the boss attacks him and he doesn’t one round the boss with the Javelin without a crit, I can’t use them both because then he won’t have the Javelin equipped when the Mogalls attack him


You’re on the right track so I’ll give another clue. What I do is put Seth in this exact position with the Javelin equipped:


The rest of the team has to deal with every enemy that Seth doesn’t one-round from there. Mogalls need to be killed or you need to make certain they can only attack Seth.


Ah, I was putting him in the forest, I’ll try that then