[FE8U] BS Fire Emblem: Archanea Saga [1.0]


A Remake of BS Fire Emblem: Akenia Saga in FE8U. Version 1.0, the full release, is now available!

Project Repository

Download Version 1.0


Download Version 0.9.1

-Re-fixed an issue where episode 4’s chapter name would not appear

Download Version 0.9

-Major internal restructure, all known issues resolved.
-Halfbodies have been reformatted into regular mugs to solve aforementioned issues.
-Gold chests in Episode 3 now work properly
-Seize point in Episode 2 has been corrected

Download v0.5.3

-Fixed an accidental debug feature
-Added new infobox graphics

Download v0.5.2

-Fixed ch2 boss’ weapon ranks
-Minerva can now seize

Download v.0.5.1

-FIxed healing freeze
-Fixed effectiveness issues
-Fixed destroying villages by visiting

Full credits list on GitHub.

Old Screenshots

BSFE_038 BSFE_049 BSFE_053 BSFE_050
BSFE_061 BSFE_047 BSFE_010 BSFE_070
BSFE_088 BSFE_125 BSFE_130 BSFE_129
Note that halfbodies are no longer present since these screenshots were taken.

If you encounter any issues, please report them here.


This looks sweet dude. Can tell a lot of love went into it. The custom grapihcs in particular are great - love the watercolor-y aesthetic.

Looking forward to trying it out and sharing feedback!


I see bows are still effective against Bishops.


I guess you could say that’s very BS
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Apologies for the shaky launch, but every game-breaking issue that was reported has been fixed in release 0.5.2. Thank you to everyone for playing my hack, if you had a poor experience I hope it can be better another time around!


After reformatting halfbodies into normal mugs and transferring everything relevant over to a new environment, BSFE is now bug-free!* I haven’t tested it as extensively as I may have liked, so please continue to let me know if there are any issues. Download link has been updated in OP. Still tagging this as pre-release, after FEE3 I’ll put out what will hopefully be a final build.

*All existing known bugs appear to have been fixed. This does not guarantee it is currently entirely bug-free.

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What’s going on with the mugs that are too wide to fit the regular hack box? Draug had a really cool mug before so I’m hoping that’s not gone.
Anyway, terrific to see the project is back in the spotlight Sme. Great to see that you’re dedicated to having a polished product. Giving a 3 minute trailer was really generous too, you have a lot of content that’s worth showing!


Bedone, thot


I noticed version 1.0 is a ups file. How do I play that with a emulator? Do I need the base game first?


I have a good question. I noticed the game is broken down into 4 parts. Do I have to combine them into one file or how does that work?

How I feel after playing BSFE:


Thank you Sme for making this - very cool and enjoyable.

EDIT: oh gosh i realized I posted here three years ago, sorry i didn’t play this until now. Overall I had fun and enjoyed playing the maps - not much else to add beyond feeling grateful that this exists.


Dear author, I have a friend CarefreeX6 who really likes your work and hopes to translate it into Chinese. Will you allow him?

If you don’t mind, my friend wants to reset the bgm in the game. Will you allow it?

Late but yeah you can do pretty much anything you want with this per the license (bsfe/LICENSE at master · sme23/bsfe · GitHub), exempting reusing assets that I didn’t make myself for other projects, since they’re not mine to give permission for (mostly the character portraits, see the readme for the full list)

will dolph ever see the return of the hackrom

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