[FE8] [WIP] Fire Emblem: Infernal Blade [V.0.3.1]

==V0.3.1 release!! See the changelog for details==

The continent of Gallanea, circa 805 of the Era of the Sun Dragon. This land is ruled by the mighty Solaria Empire, which takes its name from that of Solaria, the fabled Sun Dragon, who was said in legend to have banished a dark evil from the realm ages ago. Though she is not the only country to
exist upon the continent, Solaria is by far the most prosperous, with her people enjoying bountiful harvests and mild, comfortable weather. However, such prosperity naturally attracts attention from those who would seek to take what is not rightfully theirs…


-26/29 playable chapters including prologue and finale, no gaidens
-48/49 playable characters, suitable for ironmanning
-Some new classes such as the wolf rider and gwyllgi rider
-Some music from other games
-No skills, expect a more traditional GBA style game


As of December 2023, the game is playable up to ch 25, but the story is done up to 10.


=All the assets used in this hack are from the repo, FEU, SF (SerenesForest) and through discord though majority is from the repo itself=

=Thanks to 7743 for Febuilder as well as the various patches used=


Female Fighter - FEGirls
Female Warrior - Temp
Female Myrmidon - Maiser6
Female Rogue - eCut
Halberdier - TBA
Spartan - Vilkalizer
Soldier - Flasuban
Orion-Lord Tier 1 and 2 - TytheBub
Female Lord Tier 2 - FE7if devs
Female Necromancer - TytheBub
Priest - Eldritch
Cleric - Yangfly
Male Mage - GabrielKnight
Female Lord Tier 1 - GabrielKnight
Champion (Ephraim) - Nuramon
Champion (Hector) - Nuramon
Arcanist - Devisian_Nights
Female Summoner - Velvet Kitsune
High Maelduin - Seal
Cyclops Bow - Pie1055, Orihara_Saki
Gazer - Seal
Deathgoyle - Teraspark
Elder Bael Repal - Teraspark
Gwllygi Repal - Teraspark
Hellhound Repal - Teraspark
Drowned - DatonDemand
Symphone - DatonDemand
Male and Female Cavalier - SALVAGED
Nomad - Pikmin1211, Maiser6
Nomad Trooper - Pikmin1211, Maiser6
Male and Female Ranger - LeoLink
Wolf Rider - Zoramine
Gwllygi Rider - Zoramine


Backgrounds - 7743, Fenreir, WAve, Zoramine
Stat and Battle Screen - Warpath

Class Cards:

Soldier - Flasuban
Halberdier - TBA
Spartan - Der
Gazer - Seal
High Maelduin - Seal
Cavalier - RobertFPY
Male Mage - Jj09
Female Thief - L95
Wolf and Gwyllgi Rider - ZoramineFae

Item Icons:

Arondite - Celice
Ligis - Celice
Galaxium - Celice
Rhindon - Ereshkigal
Strykebow - Ereshkigal
Halvard - Ereshkigal
Hope’s Staff - LordGlenn
Flame Sword - LordGlenn
Strange Gem - Maxim
Obsidius - SacredStones
Zar’roc - TheBigDededester
Hailthunder - Ereshkigal

Map Sprites:

Female Fighter - FEGirls
Female Warrior - FEGirls
Halberdier - TBA
Spartan - Der
Soldier - Flasuban
Female Myrmidon - Alice
Female Rogue - Unknown?
Male Lord 1 and 2 - TytheBub
Female Lord 1 and 2 - FE7if
Champion (Ephraim) - VelvetKitsune, Snewping, HGS
Champion (Hector) - TopazLight
Female Cavalier - Pikmin, SALVAGED
Male Cavalier - SALVAGED
Female Paladin - Tordo45
Female Ranger - Flasuban
Male Mage - Pikmin
Arcanist - Smug_Mug
High Maelduin - Seal
Gazer - Seal
Symphone - DatonDemand
Drowned - DatonDemand
Wolf Rider - ZoramineFae
Gwllygi Rider - ZoramineFae


Ch 1, 2, - Regi
Ch 3, 6, 20 - Aura
Ch 5 - Celice
Ch 4 Castle cutscene, 7, 9 Black Temple cutscene, 15, 18, 19, 25, Final - Prime
CH 9, 10, 12, 16 - Zoramine
Ch 13, 21, 26, 27 - Sairento
Ch 14 - BentleyCooper
Ch 23 - WAve

Portraits (Not specific):

Thanks to Zebbmann for Jade and Desmond.
LaurentLacroix, Zoramine, Matthieu, MeatofJustice, Megacowsamman, RandomWizard, claire45, DragonLuca, Fishlunge, SSHX, Candy, Kanna, Capibara, SirNicee, Peerless, Jiro, TrezVG, PKLucky, DainofGugnir, Vlak, Sme, Zmr, Parrhesia, Lord-Of-Admirals, MexicanCactus, XVI, monk-han, Mrgreen, File2ish.

Music (Not specific):

Alusq, UnitedStar111, Kascade, Tambo, Sme, A Reliable Chair, CivilYoshi, Raulster, Psyche, MemeTzar, SurfingKyogre, MrGreen3339, Tristan Hollow, SaxortheNobody, 7743, Azula, Conlad, Nyawenyye, ArcherBias, WarPath


Hailthunder - Mikey_Seregon
Ligis - SHYUTERz
Galaxium - Blazer, Jubby

Tilesets and palettes:

Thanks to 7743 for 2 of the fields palettes.
Zoramine for the F2U palette for black temple.
Improved Castle - N426
Improved Village - N426, Zoramine, Venno
Frontier - WAve, Peerless, Zoramine, Venno
Desert Bastion - HyperGammaSpaces, Zoramine


Stat Colors/Talk - Tequila

=IF theres any I’ve somehow missed out, PLEASE let me know=



-Changed Chadwick’s portrait (goodbye based headband).
-Supports are now in! (Vanilla text is still in, but characters now have there support partners for real now).
-Re-adjusted the bishops stats in chapter 13.
-Fixed Armory placement error in chapter 14.
-Adjusted reinforcements for chapter 17.
-Re-adjusted enemy stats for chapters 16 and 17.
-Re-adjusted monster stats.
-+2 base Str and Spd to Ruben.

Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-0Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-1Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-5Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-7Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-8Fire Emblem - Infernal Blade.emulator-9

Download here (v0.3.1)


The battle backgrounds look sick!

I might be up for helping with a couple of portraits. I am no expert, rather a novice who’s simple splices are only just starting to look decent. You can see some examples of where I am currently at in the last post of my “Mark of the Dragon” thread. If those look good enough for you, then let me know and I’ll happily contribute with a portrait or two.


Forgot to add that those backgrounds aren’t actually mine oopsies. I’ll update op with all the credits later.

And thank you I’ll check them out, don’t really mind the skill level as I can touch up on them.


Progress report!

The progress on the hack is admittedly slow, as I’m the sole developer, and whilst I have found somebody to help with writing, I would still like some extra help, especially the portraits, in short I’m looking to recruit a small team.

Right now, said dialogue has been completely reworked for both Prologue and Chapter 1, so I’ll update the screenshots and I am also yet to do a custom menu screen.

For those sort of wondering, I do not intend on entering my project towards FEE3 this year, as to be honest there’s not really a lot to show for the viewers anyway. However! IF you are interested, I am open to playtesters to play the hack from beginning to end (most of the hack is playable but lacks a lot of dialogue), if you are interested in checking the hack out, then drop me a message on discord at _armory.


Hello, I am the bearer of some good news!

After much hard work, the hack is currently fully evented from the prologue up to the end of chapter 10. The only thing left to do now until the first demo release is some slight script adjustments, I hope it won’t be long now until I release a first demo for anyone to play. I hope to release first demo by next week at the earliest.

Once it is released, I’ll add in some extra info like, recruitment, secrets and references (yes this hack has a ton of references) and finally add the credits, I apologise for not doing that already but I will say that some assets have been switched around vice versa.

I hope you all are looking forward to its first release. Watch this space!


You’ve waited long enough, I am proud to release the first demo patch of this hack. The folder contains a Readme and Credits, as well as the patch itself. Everything you need to know is in the readme.

Going to bed now, if link somehow doesn’t work then please let me know.

Download! (v.01)

Edit: I think I may’ve messed up the link, please try again.


Including supports, I hope. And what do you mean the game is playable until chaper 25, but the story is done up to 10? Are the chapters after chapter 10 textless?

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Yeah there’s no text after chapter 10 pretty much other than some rough recruitment dialogue which will get changed at later dates.

I don’t plan on getting supports done anytime soon either as i want to focus on getting hack done gameplay wise.

I hope your enjoying the hack nevertheless though.

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Merry Christmas to you all! Just a short post but maybe an important one, I plan to release the next patch with some minor changes for the first 10 chapters, some characters will be buffed to accommodate hard mode as well, right now, hard mode is admittedly a bit untested, so if your thinking it’s unfair at times then I do apologise.

To clarify things as well, the hacks story is done up to chapter 10, whilst AFTER 10 it is non-existent, so you have the option of carrying on playing after 10 or stopping once reaching it. I probably didn’t make this clear enough in the Readme.

I’ve added credits to the OP, there may be some credits I’ve missed but I’m sure I have got them all now, if there’s anyone I’ve missed I’ve not credited, don’t be shy to let me know.

Any feedback on the hack itself is widely appreciated, I am waiting still to see what people are yet to think of my project thus far.


Looks pretty cool, am currently itching for a new ironmanable hack to play on my own time. Will give it a try and report my experience!

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Ooh sounds great! I would definitely watch you stream it!

I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas wherever your from, I’ve decided to release a pretty big update making changes to some characters, as well as all of them now having proper descriptions and death quotes etc. Hard mode has been playtested to upto 10 but not past it.

You can find the newest patch in the dropbox link.

V.02 Changelog

-QOL patches added such as Actions after Talk/Support and Less Annoying Fog.
-+2 base Def to Xander.
-+1 base Str, Spd, +2 base Hp to Wally, -1 base Skl.
-+2 base Skl and +1 Spd to Holly.
-+2 base Hp to Brock.
-+2 base Def to Murtagh.
-+1 base Str and +3 base Def to Gerhard, starts with Iron Axe instead of Steel Axe.
-+3 base Hp to Helman.
-Minor changes to enemy placements in some chapters.
-North house in chapter 6 now gives a Zanbato instead of Halberd.
-All playables/bosses from Prologue-Ch 10 now have flavor text, death quotes.
-Some dialogue adjusted slightly.

Download V.02 here!

The next update will likely be an aesthetics update, some classes will receive newer animations (mainly the unpromoted ones) such as the fighter, mercenary. After that, my next focus will be to get all the chapters playable which includes the finale, then slowly but surely, the story will be implemented then the game is more or less complete with the exception of supports.

As always, I am open to feedback and criticism.


I’ve finally managed to play up until the start of Chapter 11. I genenrally had a good amount of fun and apart from the last few chapters having insanely busted promoted enemies, it was all pretty good. I took notes while playing and thought i’d drop them for you, hopefully they’ll be of use for you.

Mind you i played on version 0.1, not 0.2 which you released recently.


The priest starting another dialogue just to tell you to visit the village right next to you feels unnecesarry. Not only were you just told that you’d get started by the main character, but visiting the village should also just be the first thing the vast majority of players will do. I would suggest just completely cutting the dialogue about the village.

The defence Xander has feels a bit incoherent with how big his armor is, and how big we are told his armor is. His face also looks like a straight up copy of Kent. I think adding one or two facial features from another character would help a lot to make him look more unique. Chadwicks portrait looks more like a thief than a mage, but still mage-y enough to be considered a mage, and otherwise pretty good.
I liked how you could lure in 2 brigands at a time with your lord and mage, allowing you to follow up and kill both on following player phase. Nothing much else to say otherwise. Alright first chapter.

Chapter 1

I really like the portaits of your Cavs, especially Niles. Giving him steel weapons so he gets weighed down and can’t double the enemies but perfectly chip them makes him immediately feel useful.

This is how the map looked at the start of turn 4. Would honestly just add a few more brigands inbetween the middle and the boss, because the following turns felt a bit empty despite me still needing 2 turns to even reach the boss.

Chapter 2

Zara’s dialogue starts with Hallo instead of Hello. Unless you’re going for a german accent or something (which would be cool), it’s technically a typo.

Desmond specifically mentions Wally when talking to himself, then Wally says something about Desmond. I feel like Desmonds dialogue is enough to hint towards his recruitment, and you could probably cut Wally’s dialogue.

Desmond actually fights Wally if he gets in range. Would make more sense if he initated a talk.

Couple of dead turns. Would probably be better if you had one of the brigands drop a chest key or two, so you can get one side of chests with Zara, the other with any other unit, and then converge in the middle instead of spending extra turns having to walk/rescue drop Zara over to the other side despite already being pretty much done with the chapter.

Chapter 3

Had my first game over here due to Xander being doubled and killed by 2 Myrmidons on the left side despite being full health. While they did feel a bit stronger and were pretty unexpected, i should’ve been more careful with where i put my torch to scout. I don’t mind the loss since the difficulty felt a bit easy so far.

2nd run went a lot better, just got Holly’s village instantly and then mostly went down, had a handful of moments that could’ve ended badly but i managed to maneuver around. By turn 7 i had gotten all the villages and killed every enemy apart from the boss, who felt a bit too strong without Niles who i had used to get the village at the bottom left. The only other units who could even do anything against the boss were Chadwick and my stat blessed Dominic (if they even hit), aswell as jade. The boss pretty much nearly one rounded everyone else.

Holly felt very useless to me despite me liking archers like her normally. By the time you get her you already have 2 good 2 range chippers in Chadwick and Jade, who hit harder, with better accuracy, and were both faster than her at this point. I feel like Holly needs some kinda thing going for her to stick out and not immediately hit the bench. Maybe she could start with a longbow, or slightly better bases in turn for slightly worse growths. I don’t know. But her performance makes me not want to use her when Deployment slots don’t quite give me room for her when better units are around.

The game does not specify whether you need to escape with all units individually, like escape usually gets handled in FE, or if you just need to reach the escape tiles with one unit (which is the case).

Overall this is my favorite chapter so far, i like the tension, but i feel like it wouldn’t hurt if it felt a bit more like an escape mission with more and more enemies going after you. Maybe you could make Zade a bit weaker by not putting him on a forrest, and incentivise the player to actually keep moving forward more.

Chapter 4

I like how Desmond can recruit Brock. It’s never outright stated, but it makes sense considering they’re both mercenaries.

By this point Xander really started to fall off and i’ve started trying to specifically feed him kills, but the fact his Tyrhung has 10 less hit than an ironsword means he only sits at around 65 hit against lance cavs, making it pretty hard to actually let him hit. He just generally feels very squishy, which seems very unfitting for him. Honestly it wouldn’t hurt him if you increased his base DEF by a bit imo. His other stats were growing fine, but he was still at his 5 base DEF at level 4. Faster enemies were doubling him and he usually could not take more than 2 rounds of combat from a lot of enemies.

Mind you this picture of Xander is from CH6. I gave him a Dracoshield since he vehemently refused to level DEF

The boss felt pretty lackluster. He could probably use some more STR, or maybe even just a stronger weapon like a spear, which could also show him of being a higher rank than the other soldiers.

Chapter 5

I overextended with Brock, and had him die to exact damage from two swordfighters due to overestimating his DEF. He’s my first death. (you may wanna look at his death quote, looks a bit weird since 3 … are on the top row, while a single . is at the bottom)

Chapter 6

Alright chapter across the board. But i wish you would make the chapter objective be EITHER talking to Pete, OR killing the Boss. Because having to walk Xander over to Pete after you killed the boss feels uncessesary.

Chapter 7

Good and fun Chapter. I got lucky with the Wyvern rider since she dodged a ballista shot that i accidentally put her in. Went through the level normally, then saw the arena. Chadwick, who was one of my best units at this point due to his quick, magical and accurate 1-2 range damage, ended up winning me multiple fights, and i had just a turn or two left until i killed the boss, so i thought “eh, why not try a higher bet”. Took one around 910 gold, got matched with a nomad with a weird palette who ended up being insanely strong. The mercs i fought had around 22 HP and couldn’t double while doing 7 damage out of Chadwicks 21. The Nomad however had 28 HP, did 13 damage (with an iron bow!), and doubled with like 74 accuracy, meanwhile chadwick did like 12 damage with 63 hit. I instantly hit the B button but it was already too late. He got doubled and ended up being my second death. Really sad since i liked him a lot, but even if the Nomad may or may not be overtuned or bugged, it was still my own greed that got him killed.

On another note, there is a brigand on the right mountain who seems to be going for the house. I assumed i’d get something by saving it since he seemed ot want to destroy it, but i don’t recall getting anything.

I also like Friede’s name. It’s german for Peace. Quite fitting for a cleric.

Chapter 8

Had another game over here due to Xander dying on the bridge on the right. I was pretty bogged down there as i didn’t really have any units to take on all the enemies at once, especially with the wyverns and the entire weapon triangle being there. the bridge is also like 3 tiles large with the enemies being another 3 tiles or so away, so you cannot really attack them with more than 1 or 2 units. I feel like you should either move the enemy units a little closer, or honestly just make the bridge 2 tiles wide. Although i think the latter would be better.

These dog riders have crazy good stats. My Dominic started to get doubled here

I feel like the Forts get underutilised here. The graphical design of the map tells me atleast some enemies will appear from the forts, but i don’t think this is ever the case. The middle section is also a bit of a slog due to it being a 1 tile choke, and it taking quite long to get your army through. I feel like if you expanded it a bit, it would feel more fluid. I also got the idea of the player being ambushed by enemies from the forts (don’t necesarrily have to be ambush spawns, especially not without any warning). That way you’d have this “oh fuck” moment where you have enemies in front of you, and suddenly also behind you, also giving your backliners something to do.

The last part 1-2 turns before you reach the boss also felt a bit empty. I honestly wouldn’t mind some zone based reinforcements which appeared from the top left once you got maybe like 5 tiles past the choke section.

There is also a house at the start which is unvisitable. On my first attempt i sent my cavalier there with canto so he could visit, which turned out to be useless. Would love if the house got so

me dialogue (if you put in the aforementioned fort reinforcements, you could be told to be careful of the ambush appearing at the middle of the map!), i would also make either of these two tiles plains tiles so whichever unit you send to get the village and the house, doesn’t need to move back again and lack behind. This would also encourage players to actually visit the house compared to if they have to go a little out of their way to visit it.

Chapter 9

My favorite chapter so far. at first i thought it might get a bit boring due to the left side of the map being pretty much completely ignorable by the player, as you can just grad the first village with a flier early on, then rush the 2nd village near the ballista. But it turned out i was wrong! It felt like the enemies were close to overwhelming me, every unit had a job to do on most turns, and i even had to dance with death and the RNG a handful of times due to my mistakes, luckily never ending deadly for me. I managed to BARELY get the northern village, and easily get the southern one, and the energy drop on the brigand (Zara my beloved)

After a while a promoted Dogrider appeared from the bottom with absolutely busted stats. better than even the boss. I’m not quite sure if that was intended.

Accidetally put an Injured Helman in range of the sniper which cost him his life to a crit. Real shame, i love armor knights and he was very promising. Upon closer look, the Sniper also looks absolutely busted. The only unit which maybe could’ve taken one crit from the sniper was Helman… at full HP. But even he would’ve then been doubled and died anyways. The sniper had a whopping 23 crit or so becaues of his insane +15 class boost, which combined with his 18 STR and the might of the steel bow, and his speed meant that most of my units could barely even take a round of combat with this guy, if at all. On top of that there is a hard hitting dark magic user right next to him. The only reason i didn’t have another unit die was because i got very lucky with Slim Sword Niles not being doubled, luckily not being crit, and barely surviving both with 2 HP. I think you should definitely tone down the stats a little here.

Also: These guys should probably start moving after a while, or after you moved close enough to the boss. They were kinda just standing there.

Chapter 10

First impression: The map looks absolutely gorgeous! One of the best looking maps i’ve seen in a while. The other thing i notice: Yngvar is actually weaker than the random promoted dogrider i fought last chapter lmao.

Had Domenic die to a thunder mage and another unit. Didn’t really mind it since he was really lacking behind at this point. The Warrior near the middle is also very overtuned again. He only has a hatched but that also means he’s very accurate. 15 Spd is a actually enough to double nearly everyone in my entire team, even niles gets doubled for 11x2 out of his 27 HP, which combined with the red gem knight is what cost him his life.

Zara ended up eating an Angelic Robe because favoritism she needed the HP to tank the promoted enemies.

I took a lot longer on this map due to the absolutely busted Warrior, which i could only slowly chip down by hoping for killing edge crits with Zara… until he just ate an elixir and suddenly i found myself sandwiched between 2 more promoted dogriders who one rounded over half my army, and the warrior who also one rounded over half my army. I ended up having to sacrifice Eric due to him being the least useful to me at this point and me rather having the other units. I also felt like i had to early promote Murough at level 14 so he could take on the dog riders, only to realise the swordmaster promotion has absolute dogshit promotion gains, so it didn’t really do anything for him other than take away his potential levels.

I wasn’t quite sure if these guys would destroy villages or not, so i sent niles in their range to kill them. Again, there doesn’t really seem to be a reason to go on the left side.

Also these guys should probably move after a while, like i proposed for last chapter.

Please just tune down the promoted enemies. Otherwise the map was fine.

Unit Review

Xander: Started off very meh, and vehemently refused to level DEF, so i fed him a lot of kills which luckily made him atleast good offensively. He ended up getting a B support with Jade, which really helped his accuracy problems. Once the norther isles arc began his PRF actually started to become really useful since he could now actually hit enemies he was effective against. Oh, and this is AFTER i gave him a Dracoshield.

Jade: Started out really strong, then kinda fell off a little due to not doing that much damage, but was consistently useful again after getting her support with Xander, and her PRF tome, since she could relatively reliably double.

Brian: He heals… okay jokes aside this guy got insanely good level ups, especially in spd. After he promotes he will be a killermachine.

Zara: My favorite unit in the hack. Super fun to use, super dodgy and very good against axe users. She ended up getting a C support with Desmond due to them both using Colm and Neimi’s character slots, which actually helped up a lot for the both of them. She ate an angelic robe and then became one of my best units since she never was doubled, did alright damage, especially with a killing edge, and could take a hit or two on the offchance she does get hit.

Wally: Was very strong at first, then fell off a bit, then fell on a bit. His biggest issue was honestly just his hitrate. The halberd was practically useless since he always had like 40 hit with it

Murtagh: Ended up being promoted at 14. I wasn’t quite sure whether i wanted to use him or not at first. But i always found a slot for him, and he was always super useful. He had the best damage output on the team apart from maybe Zara or effective damage from Xander and Jade. His high HP came in particularly handy.

Sylvia: I tend not to like Wyverns much usually since they tend to be very OP. But i always had a slot for her, and she was always useful, but not so good that she could just solo everything. Very well balanced wyvern who was consistently useful.

Friede: Pretty much a worse Brian, but she’s a 2nd healer, so what more can i ask for.

Desmond: Started off rather weak and sat on the bench for a while, but then came back and got a god level or two. His speed is what really kept him alive and useful and let him barely take on the absolutely busted warrior in CH10 when most others could not.

Gerhard: Genuinely pretty weak. One of my overall worst units. He doesn’t deal much damage, he doesn’t double, he can rescue and has potential i guess, but he was a chore to train since at some point a lot of enemies just one rounded or 2 shot him, and he just couldn’t hit anything.

Noah: I didn’t really use him much after chapter 3 or so. He’s fine and can probably still be useful if i wanted to get him off the bench, but there were always just other units i’d rather bring.

Holly: By the time you get her she’s just an objectively worse version of your other 2 range chippers in Chadwick and Jade. Doesn’t do damage. Doesn’t double, requires loads of investment, and doesn’t look like she gives you much of any payoff. I would increase her stats a little or maybe give her a special Longbow with slightly better stats to make her stick out from the other 2.

Lucia: Was immediately useful when i got her due to her high damage output. Her bases are phenomenal, apart from her DEF and HP, so i guess you gotta be careful with that. But if i get another angelic robe, i may just give it to her so she can always take alteast one hit.

Sigrun: Just got her, just seems like a somehow worse version of Gerhard. Around the same stats, but without the mount. I guess the extra skill is nice, but i’m not sure it will be enough to get her going. She’s cute tho so maybe i’ll give her a try.

Lenny: Lenny is in a similiar boat stat wise, although he seems to have somewhat better growths across the board, and can move on water, aswell as has the phenomenal berserker class later on.

Alyssia: She’s suprisingly comparable to Sylvia, and looks quite useful. I may just use her.

Ellie: An extra healer. May swap Friede out for her since she just looks like a better version of her.

Dead Units:
Brock: Instantly felt super strong thanks to his insane defence, especially since i didn’t have many tanky units. Unfortunately i got careless.

Chadwick: One of my best units. pretty quick, good magic, can take atleast 1 hit, great damage output.

Domenic: Very good early on, then kinda stopped getting good levels… or levels in general. he was always around, and i really was hoping for a support with Niles to keep them both relevant, but it just somehow never appeared.

Niles: Useful from start to finish. I definitely noticed him falling off near the end, but his high move, okay stats across the board, and high weapon ranks always came in handy. I wish he could get a Silver lance somewhere since he’s the only one who can use it for a while. I think his EXP gains might be bugged, and his power level set too high. I used him every chapter since i got him, and used him very frequently to chip enemies, even got him some kills, chips against promoted enemies (whom he only got 6 exp from despite them being higher level than him). But at the start of chapter 10 he only sat at level 2 72 EXP, which is laughable. I would’ve expected level 5 or so. You may say his growths suck anyways so why the bother, but for Jagens every single stat matters and can keep them useful for that much longer.

Eric: Super good bases, had a handful of good early levels and was just shy of being really good… but then the norther isles came and he became near unusable due to what felt like 90% of all enemies having axes. Ended up having to sacc him unfortunately.


Supports: I know you haven’t touched them at all yet, but i would honestly love if you atleast went through and changed the character slots and growth. Just make all the supports blank or keep em Vanilla text wise. That doesn’t really matter so much for now. But i’d just really love to have them be in gameplay wise. Up until chapter 10 i was only able to get Xander/Jade B rank, and Zara Desmond C rank (and i’m pretty sure that’s only because they replace Neimi and Colm, thus starting with a free support saved up). Supports should be seen as part of the gameplay first and foremost in my opinion, since it can help some units a lot. Niles is the best example. If he had the ability to get quick supports with Xander/Jade/Dominic/Noah, he would stay relevant for a good while longer, and help them to get going, doing his job as a jagen even better. Eric has really bad luck, but with even just a C support he could maybe get enough Crit avoid to not regularly face crit chance, and so on.
Some supports i’d definitely love to see: Zara/Murtagh, Noah/Niles, Wally/Desmond. Same affinity supports tend to be the strongest bonuses wise because 0.5s get rounded down to 0 in GBA, so it’d be nice to see some of them too.
On another note. I’ve also noticed Sylvia doesn’t show up in the support viewer at all, but that’s probably due to her not having any supports at all currently.


Thank you so much for the chapter-by-chapter review, obviously you mentioned that you was playing on V.01 instead of V.02, so Xander having higher base Def definitely makes a difference. I’m assuming you played on Hard Mode (which is mainly untested until now, hence why some enemies look abit busted).


I have a slight soft spot for this chapter, it was the first chapter I made for the hack and while its basic at the same time it is only the prologue. I admit you make a good point about Brian saying to visit the village, that may end up getting cut anyway since 99% players will end up visiting it first thing anyway.
Xander’s portrait definitely lacks smiles, I’ll cheer him up at a later point. As for Chadwick’s portrait, yes he looks like a thief, but it still suits the character IMO.

Chapter 1

This chapter can definitely feel empty at times, I may end up adding enemies that appear once a certain number of bandits are killed.

Chapter 2

I’m sure there’s a way of making Desmond not attack Wally and even moving in range to talk to him, I’ll have to look into that. Zara’s hallo is probably a typo left in by my writer. Again makes sense with adding one multi-use chest key to a brigand.

Chapter 3

This one is lowkey one of my favourites too, I may add in a box dialogue explaining that only one unit needs to escape on those tiles to complete the mission. I was torn on whether or not to add enemies that chase you after a certain number of turns, I may make that hard mode exclusive. Holly is not a great unit and for me is one of the worst units in the entire hack, I have buffed her base Skl and Spd in latest version so she’s slightly more useful, but she’s still not great. I guess not every unit will have there use.

Chapter 4

Good points about the boss, he could do with a better ranged javelin, but I’ll leave as is for now.

Chapter 5

I’m sure Brock’s death quote is fixed, if it isn’t then thats an oopsie on our part. I was surprised you didn’t mention anything about the boss potentially being too hard at this point.

Chapter 6

The boss himself is meant to be a joke/optional, so I decided to just make the objective be just to talk to Pete, again I may end up making it end by just defeating the boss aswell I’ll decide on that for sure.

Chapter 7

Shame about your Chadwick, he can definitely be really good so it’s a shame you lost him as he was one of your best units. The nomad palette is something I’m looking into later, it definitely looks weird.

As a note about the brigand going for the house, the brigands don’t go for the houses at all in this chapter, sure they are placed in a way that they will, but they don’t.

Never knew that about Friede’s name actually, that’s really cool.

Chapter 8

I’m not a huge fan of this chapter, yet here we are. Good point about the bridges, the dog riders are definitely tough enemies as there fast and accurate but can die in one round with the right equipment, I tried to make them less faster but more stronger wolves from vanilla fe8 but seems I haven’t got it right yet.

Some enemies appear from the forts such as pirates and wyvern riders, and good point about maybe adding a few from behind so that backliners have at least something to do.

The house next to the village is now a fort in V.02, the map overall just needs a little redesign I think.

Chapter 9

Luckily after the last chapter these next two are all round pretty good. This is also the only chapter in the Fjarn arc that the villages will get targeted. I had a feeling you was going to like Helman, he’s a genuine great unit who I almost always use since at this point you don’t have a lot of tanks.

The promoted enemies being busted is unintentional, I have rebalanced hard mode so they should be less tough, but since all the islander enemies use the same character id in febuilder, I think it may be best to make the promoted ones a seperate one.

Good point as well about making the enemies near the boss move once you start getting closer.

Chapter 10

I also really like how this chapter looks, credit to the original map maker for this one. The warrior is one enemy that was a pain for me to deal with in my latest playtest on hard mode, he ended up killing my Eric and the fact that he had buckets of hp and just wouldn’t die in one turn.

With the exception of the newer classes and lords, the promotion gains are left unchanged from vanilla.

Unit feedback

Other than Xanders def, I’m pretty happy with him statwise.

Jade is probably as good as Xander, if not maybe better.

Brian is sort of meant to be a joke unit, with not much everywhere except Hp and Def.

Zara’s a good unit for sure, I haven’t ended up using her much in my playtests since she is really squishy.

Wally got buffs to his Hp, Str and Spd while slightly decreasing his Skl.

Murtagh is one of those units who’s always good, I always love myrmidons so I wanted to make them really good in this hack. I did increase his base Def abit in v.02

Sylvia is definitely useful despite being pretty weak earlier on before I buffed her alot.

I like Friede just as much as Brian, she’s the more typical healer compared to him, still squishy, but she’s a pretty insane unit if you decide to use her and not Brian.

Desmond is kind of stuck in a way, he’s another sword unit like Xander is, but Murtagh does blow him out the water thanks to worser bases. I guess I’ll leave him as is.

Gerhard definitely struggled in that build so he got buffs in V.02, he should be a lot more useful, and in general he’s a really fun unit to use.

Noah is good as he is.

Holly is definitely just one of the worst units in the hack, she does get buffs in Skl and Spd which may prove important, but I still think she’s just bad (oh well, archers are in general, sorry)

Lucia is pretty busted if your going to use her. I may nerf her a little but not too sure yet.

Sigrun is meant to be the speedy accurate fighter which I have probably the nailed growth wise, the question is her bases, she’s got a slow start, but has great potential.

The last three units may get changes in later updates.

Rip to the dead units especially Chadwick as he’s generally really good, same with Eric bringing a lance to an axe-fight like an idiot, I wont stop you from continuing to play after 10.

Supports is one thing I’m going to add in at some point this month, they won’t have text yet though, and it’s just me being lazy about it not having them in already.

Thank you so for the feedback though, greatly appreciated!

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V0.3 release! The changelog can be found either in this or the opening post.

This one is mainly an aesthetics update with new animations for most of the unpromoted classes, and even a new enemy-only class. As well as some minor fixes and changes.

V0.3 changelog

-Adjusted stats for promoted enemies from Ch 9 to 15.
-Overhauled many animations such as the knight, mercenary, credits to all the creators.
-Fixed enemy palettes for Nomad and Nomad Trooper.
-Knights and Generals can now use bows, Helman starts with an Iron Bow instead of a Javelin.
-Lenny now starts at lvl 11 with adjusted stats, and starts with an Ocean Seal.
-Another new class added called the Militia, they are the slightly stronger variant of the soldier.
-Updated Jade’s portrait.
-Added a droppable chest key for Ch 5.
-Slightly adjusted Chapters 7 and 8.
-Wyvern Lords use axes now instead of swords.
-Adjusted battle palettes for flier units.

Download here!


So, uh… I MAY have played to the desert chapter, and really all I’m asking for (until I finish the game) is a loot map for the chapter. Please.


If you mean where certain treasure is in the map then thata a fair request, I will probably need help with one though.

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I would love to help, but my computer just broke.

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It brings me to say if anyone would like to help make a desert treasure guide for chapter 16, I will be grateful.

Is it not possible to find their locations with FEBuilder or something?

Edit: Okay, so after a bit of searching, I found several items:
A Fili Shield next to the Arena.
A Metis’s Tome near the bones the right of the Arena.
A Hoplon Guard on the + of bones to the left and down of the boss.
A Body Ring on the lone skull left of the Boss.
A Silver Card on the line of bones below and right of the Arena.

There may be more, but I’m not sure where else.