[FE8] Three Houses GBA Demake [All Chapters Available]

Play through my interpretation of Fire Emblem Three Houses for the GBA.
Link: Dropbox - Three Houses Demake V0.4.ups - Simplify your life


  • Play through the Blue Lions Route of Three Houses as if it were on the GBA engine.
  • No monastery, instead recruit others through plot or maps
  • Recruit 29 units (All regular BL units except for Cyril and Petra)
  • All 22 chapters have been adapted and the game can be completed to credits.
  • Currently 1 Paralogue, with more to come
  • Maps are sometimes replicated FE3H maps and other times they are reused FE8 maps.
  • 12 Maps are nearly identical to FE3H. 5 are smaller adaptations, and 6 are modified FE8 Maps.
  • Various changes to base FEGBA gameplay such as increasing weapon triangle values, modifying support limits, and the use of SkillSystem.

Three months ago I discovered FEBuilder and wanted to see how much better it was than Nightmare/Event Assembler I used back in 2011. I decided doing a demake would be much easier, as I wouldn’t have to design levels, characters, or write a script. My plan for this project was less a “make something amazing” so much as “make something”. This project is very much not a complete state, but now that Persona 5 has been released on PC my excitement with working on this is wearing off. I figured I’d release this hack in its current state and open it up to feedback while I continue to work on updates and polish.

Thanks and Credits



  • Female Fighter - FeGirls
  • Ephraim heavy infantry animation - Nuramon
  • Great Knight magic animation- Primefusion
  • Priestess Celica animation - Redbean
  • Ranger Lance - Leo_link/Jey the Count
  • +weapons - RiriK
  • Knight axe animation - TheBlindArcher
  • Zephiel Sword - Hairyblob
  • Legion King Repal - Huichelaar
  • Manakete magic cast- {Seal, Sacred War}
  • Edelgarde map sprite - Redbean
  • Ephraim Great Lord map sprite - Dellhonne
  • Dark Knight map sprite - Unknown
  • Improved Castle Tileset-N426


  • Change Support to 5 people - Aera
  • SkillSystems - circles, Sme, & others
  • Make Npc as third power - 7743
  • Hand axes as generic - 7743
  • Prf on Staffs - 7743, Tequila, jjl2357
  • switch portrait by class - Scraiza
  • chapter titles to text - circleseverywhere,7743
  • Toggle Diffiiculty Select - StanH Port:7743

My friends Griffin and Ben for listening to me on Discord and looking at my bad art.

  • V0.4 - Updated Chapter 1, added supports, updated pre-timeskip Dimitri.

So I’m not actually allowed to post the dropbox link or images of the hack. I thought I would be allowed to after reaching ‘basic’ on the forum. If anyone knows why, please let me know/how I gain the ability.

You have to be a “member” (next one up).

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Thank you. Guess I’ll try posting again in two weeks.

You could post the link but put something in the middle to “de-link” it. A space in the middle of the text of the link itself would do. I haven’t noticed any mods get onto anyone for bypassing it that way (if your trying to share your hack anyways). Mods feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.

It’s not really about time, but a matter of interactions, try commenting in other posts and/or liking them. That should increase your trust level.

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FEU not forcing new hackers to delay releases challenge (impossible)


Links are now available


I’m a bit late to this post, but I’m very interested in this project and would love to contribute to it. I’ve been working with fegba hacking for like 2+ years now and I was working on a three houses demake. I’d love to help with portraits, music etc
If you’re interested!

Sorry, I’ve been busy the past few weeks and didn’t see this. I certainly wouldn’t say no to any assistance offered. The only thing is that I’m not very active working on this project. If you have portraits of any enemies/Alois/Rhea I can definitely add them in.

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Has any1 played this game to end credits yet?? how is it??


Starting to play through this, enjoying so far (I haven’t played 3H so can’t compare really). Noticed a knight on Garreg Mach has… odd stats.


Good catch! Looks like there’s about a 7% chance for the knights to not level speed which gives them a -1.

Hi, I played you game, great so far but I have a request. Coud you put some door keys in chapter 6? You need to get to the boss behind a door to finish the chapter and the only way in was through a warp staff. If I didnt had that, then I woud have been softlocked. Also is the monestary not in the game yet? It was though in the trailer.

Also while I’m at it, is it possible to make the mock battle from chapter 1 an actual mock battle, where your units dont permanently die? I thougt it woud be a mock battle, so I didnt reset for one of my units, but at chapter 2 I realise the unit was permamently dead.

Looks super good! Just wondering how much more you plan on doing for this?

Hi! How do you run the game on your computer?

By using a GBA emulator

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The mod is amazing. My PC sucks and unable to fast forward the official game. Here is suggestions:
-chap 6 need one more door key to enter the boss room because there is no way to get another door key if Ashe goes for the chest on the right side.
-some enemies equip with poison weapons but no a restore staff or antidote until chapter 7.
-wish somebody can steal items; there a lot of items can be stolen from enemies.

  • I wonder if it can implement the quality of life change, ex: a minimum that show enemy weapon icon, green and purple bag icon, show support info on a battle map. It is very convenient to users, the best example will be like this, sacred Trilogy: completed-massive-new-update-the-sacred-trilogy-reskin-and-rebalance

Thanks for hardworking.

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I seem to be having an issue patching the file. Could I ask which specific version of the FE8 rom everyone’s using to patch this? And if there’s a specific patcher you used to do it?

A clean fe8 rom should work as far as i know fe8 is the most lebrial when it comes to patch so most clean rom should work

KasinoNight how about making a introduction topic to get member