[FE8] The Barhara Trilogy


The Barhara Trilogy aims to include three chapters. The first of these is an enhanced version of Barhara Revisited, my first custom chapter which dates back to the days of FE7. It was my entry for Make a Fun Chapter 2. The second of these is an enhanced version of Julius’s Revenge, my Ragefest 5 submission. It was rushed and underwhelming, with barely a week spent rushing the chapter from scratch.
The third chapter… well, that one’s a secret.

The current release covers the first of these chapters, Barhara Revisited.

A WORD OF WARNING: SEVERE FIRE EMBLEM: GENEALOGY OF THE HOLY WAR SPOILERS IN ALL CONTENT BEYOND THIS POINT AND IN ALL LINKS. Plot synopses below. The assumption is that chapters are played in the intended order.

Barhara Revisited

Sigurd has fought his way through many, many enemies. Finally, he reaches Barhara Castle, greeted by Duke Alvis of Velthomer. However, it was a trap. Sigurd is up for execution, and to make matters worse, Deirdre, Sigurd’s missing wife, is standing at Alvis’s side. What are you going to do?
In reality, Sigurd was killed by Alvis personally, and his army was pelted with massive meteors, killing many and scattering the remainder to the wind.
Can you correct this? Can Sigurd break through to his wife? Can you escape Alvis’s trap? Can you right the wrongs of Barhara? That is why we’re revisiting this fated battlefield of Genealogy of the Holy War’s most iconic moment.

Julius's Revenge

Julius, inheritor of Loputousu’s power. Scorned by the rest of the world from the day he was born. From the second his mother, Queen Deirdre of Grandbell, rejected him for fear of the issues his paternity would cause he travelled down a dark and frightful path. His trademark red hair marked him as a scion of House Velthomer, who had recently great battle with the ruling Chalphy dynasty. One day, on a chance encounter with Archbishop Manfloy, he entered Yied Shrine, the heart of the Lopt Sect, and declared himself the Dark Lord reincarnated. One grasp of the Book of Loputousu later, and all of the Earth Dragon’s power flowed directly into Julius. From there, he bided his time until those detestable crusaders showed weakness. Eventually, Julius’s moment arrived. King Sigurd was not home. Sigurd’s son and Julius’s brother, Celice, was off his guard. For the second time in twenty years, the fields of Barhara would bleed. And this time, it will be the blood of the Twelve Crusaders’ descendants, enemies of the Dark Lord.

Chapter 3

Well, that’s a secret!


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