[FE8] SkillSys Boss Status Bug

when i inflict status on a boss, the game crashes when EP starts.
this didnt happen in a previous hack without skillsys, is this a known bug?

https://youtu.be/1zwLtaLTJ5Q pleasedontmakefunofmyinputsonthisone

unfortunately, I don’t know much about skill systems, but did you make sure that your events are in order?

what events? this was done using a status staff

well I’m out of options


Send report7z

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will do, was just asking if there was a known fix

We can’t see the data without a report7z so we wouldn’t know. A video helps, but this isn’t really distinct enough to be recognizable. The game crashes on enemy phase. I could have an event on enemy phase of all 0xFFs that would crash the game. Here it might be to do with the status effect, but many have used statuses with skillsystems without issue before, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

What tileset do you use? It looks nice.