[FE8] Skill Animation Creator v1.0


Download SkillAnimCreator

This is a tool I put together to create skill activation animations. Useful if you’re putting together a skills system of some sort.


Create a script and drag it onto SkillAnimCreator.exe. Then #include the resulting event file in your buildfile.

Script format is very simple:

[duration] [image.png]

There are no commands, only images and durations. You CAN change the sound it plays by editing the generated event file. By default the song ID is 0x3d1, the standard skill activation.

Images need to be 240x160 pixels, and 16 colours or less - but each image can have its own set of 16 colours. The images are cut up into tiles and processed using grit, which means you can have 256 unique tiles (8x8px squares) or around 40% of the screen. More than that will cause graphical errors.

Here’s a simple buildfile to let you test your animations.

#include "EAstdlib.event"
#include "Extensions/Hack Installation.txt"

ORG 0xb2a610
#include "Skills/testscript.event"

ORG $59064
SHORT 0 //always show anim

ORG $6e310

MESSAGE Used free space ends at currentOffset

[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way

Perfect. Now I can finally include Lyon’s ultimate skill, ‘weaponized dildo rain assault combo’ in graphical form.


Is it possible to set different skill animations for different skills?


This simply creates a routine that can be called to display the animation. How you call it is up to you, but yes it would be relatively easy to make each skill have its own animation.


Some animations available here:


Update: A few changes in v1.0

  • The script no longer needs to be in the same folder as the .exe
  • Defensive animations now work, simply include a line “D” in the script
  • You can set the sfx to play by including a line “SXXXX” where XXXX is the ID of the sound

Make sure to update your skill system if you want the defensive anims to play