FE8 Psychic Emblem - A Sacred Stones "reskin" that overhauls the weapon & class system [complete]

Hello everyone. The basic premise you need to know about this hack is that every non-monster weapon besides Staves is a tome, and the 7 weapon types have been replaced with magical elements. I know what you’re thinking however there is a caveat to this: every weapon type has both physical and magical weapons - the physical ones have higher mt, lower weight, and only 1-range, while the magical ones have 1-2-range. I tried to be meticulous in ensuring that it it wasn’t always strictly better to use ranged weapons over melee ones.

The human enemies scale harder than they do in vanilla FE8. There are other things you ought to know that are included in the README.txt, such as how the weapon “triangle” works, what other kinds of changes I made, and a few bugs + how to avoid them.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making & playtesting it.

>>>>>>DROPBOX LINK<<<<<< (over 180 downloads before the counter was reset)

Garcia 1 Seth 1 Seth 2 Seth 3 Vanessa 1 Vanessa 2 Armory E 1 Armory E 2 Armory E 3


It looks interesting, I think I’ll try it later, very good work!

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UPDATE: Turns out lockpicks really were needed. I updated the Dropbox file with a fresh .ups patch that adds lockpicks back into the game. I strongly suggest everyone [who already downloaded it before this comment was posted] to re-download the hack now, unless you either don’t mind or would rather fix it yourself.

Update: I added my own custom spell animation for D & C ranked Elec weapons. Hope you enjoy it.

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USo everyone is a mage class? Interesting, im gonna download for now and try it during free time.


  • New sprites for E rank Wind tomes. Not a massive change, but one I greatly prefer.

  • Magical monster weapons have been changed back to Dark instead of the generic [Monster Weapon] type I used previously that’s neutral to everything. The reasons being [1] examining them with the R button (GBA controls) caused the game to crash, and [2] Having a weapon triangle to exploit vs Mogalls honestly makes Phantom Ship a tad less frustrating.

Thanks. Will download when i get the chance. And yes, phantom ship map is frustrating!

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Version Update:

  • The Warp & Rescue staves can now be purchased for 1000 gold each from the Serafew map Shop and the Chapter 5 Shop. They are now D rank, have 10 uses, and each gives fixed 5 EXP and 2 WEXP upon use.

  • Fixed an accidental monster weapon drop by the boss of Chapter 11: Phantom Ship. Additionally, nerfed said boss slightly for being just a bit too much of a beefcake.

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So far i am enjoying this version! The thematic of having every character know one or more elements of magic reminds me of the Convergence mod for Dark Souls 3 that followed the same sort of premise. I was also wondering if there’s a sort of class sheet that showcases the new unpromoted and promoted classes!

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I have an excel document that details those things, I’m guessing I didn’t include it in the .zip. I’m away from my computer rn but I’ll send it to you when I get the chance.

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yep. the zip only had the patch and the readme, not the document. i would love to have that just to see how many classes you added!

I can tell you that here & now:

Returning (Modified) Classes:

  • Lord F (Thunder) → Great Lord F (Thunder, Light)
  • Lord M (Fire) → Great Lord M (Fire, Dark)
  • Priest/Cleric (Staff) → Bishop (Staff, Light)
  • Thief (Anima) → Rogue (Anima)
  • Pegasus Knight (Wind) → Falcoknight (Wind)
  • Wyvern Rider (Fire) → Wyvern Lord (Fire)
  • Necromancer (Dark/Light)

Standard Classes (all end in “Psion”):

  • Luminous (Light) → Radiation (Anima, Light) or Solar (Light, Fire)
  • Flame (Fire) → Solar (Light, Fire) or Plasma (Fire, Thunder)
  • Lightning (Thunder) → Plasma (Fire, Thunder) or Singularity (Thunder, Dark)
  • Shadow (Dark) → Singularity (Thunder, Dark) or Void (Dark, Ice)
  • Frost (Ice) → Void (Dark, Ice) or Blizzard (Ice, Wind)
  • Air (Wind) → Blizzard (Ice, Wind) or Soundwave (Wind, Anima)
  • Anima (Anima) → Soundwave (Wind, Anima) or Radiation (Anima, Light)
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So far thats a considerable and balanced lineup! I wonder if its possible to add more variations? like a Thunder/Wind Psion can be a Storm Psion? or a Flame/Frost can be a Steam Psion.

I designed them in such a way that each standard class only gets to choose their 2nd element from one of two which are adjacent to their 1st element in the weapon heptagon. This is so that there will always be one enemy weapon type that they’re weak against no matter what.

But yeah, one can rationalize or imagine what the name would be for a class with any combination of two elements.

Some scrapped ideas I had in the past (along with a rough draft weapon heptagon) included: Kinesis (Anima/Fire), Stasis (Ice/Anima), Electromagnetic (Light/Thunder), Superconduit (Thunder/Ice), Gravity (Anima/Dark), Spirit Fire (Fire/Dark), Cursed Wind (Dark, Wind), Divine Wind (Wind/Light), Holy Ice (Ice/Light).

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