[FE8] Nations of Conquest (up to ch 10x!)

Greetings everyone!

You may not know me, but I am Selk!
I’m starting my own hack, and well, I just thought it’d be super fun to do with some friends!
It’s still fairly new, only up to chapter 10, but I think it’s fun and I hope you do too!
Also note, I know the first 5 chapters might seem bland characterwise, and that’s on purpose! It gets more fun ch 5 onwards =3


This hack will feature:

  • Custom portraits
  • Unique maps
  • A new story
  • Several new/different classes
  • New items
  • Str/Mag split that will actually matter!
  • Real world history inspiration
  • Custom palettes for each enemy army!






The story so far is about the prince of a small island kingdom Elow, who was recently attacked by a much larger kingdom Eskalde in their home country of Pao. Due to the kingdoms sparse military, the prince is forced to join the fight with his soldiers to fend off the invaders. Once the task is completed, his father let’s the prince sleep for the night, only to awake him next morning with a mission to invade a rival, smaller island kingdom by the name of Ochoro. The prince strikes the general of their kingdom while he is out on a routine trade ship with Eskalde. Afterwards, the prince and his allies invade the land and take it for themselves. Proud with what he has accomplished, he heads back home, not expecting what he may find…

if i miss any credits or there’s something wrong with my post, tell me! This is my first ever real post here, hehe
(also note, I’m not good at eventing, so there may be some bugs in the events -w-)

I also made a discord server! check it out!


im the map guy


epic style


if this is conquest where is camilla fire emblem ??


I played the demo and gave you my thoughts on discord, but I had fun. Promising hack, gets the Krash Seal of Approval.


i will add a wyvern with big tits if that makes you feel better


dead. defeated by the superior malig knight


this isnt malig azura




Selk Furrie


I don’t know who you are, but you have a robo-ky pfp so I’m inclined to trust you


Robo ky chads rule the world

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I know who you are, and you terrify me sometimes, so I’m inclined to follow your orders out of fear for my life.

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Post must be at least 5 characters

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this hack isnt dead btw, i’ve just been working on it for a while lol
one more chapter and i’ll update the patch!

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Was looking for something chill to play, I had good fun with the current build.
Certainly lived up to its title, there were nations that were conquered.

Story (spoilers)

That ending in chapter 5 hit me over the head, especially since everything was almost exact standard FE affair. I Can only assume this was an intended false sense of security. I’ve only see one other hack do something like this so it’s pretty fresh.

Minor nitpicks, but I do think the 7+1 nations summary off the bat is a bit excessive since I imagine very little of it will register in the reader’s brain, I think only the relevant nations at hand would have been enough and let the rest be introduced as they come along.

Similarly, I think abruptly introducing the new characters in the lord’s journal at the end is probably excessive given amount of information already dumped on the player, I think letting their dialogue speak for themselves in the following chapter would be more organic.

Considering everything up to this point has been an extended prologue, I’m clueless to what’s coming next and look forward to it.

General difficulty

Difficulty was on the fairly easy side, but with another threat to prevent me from fully turning my brain off.

I do think the jeigan being able to tank 6 units at once might be a tad excessive, and similarly with the armour.
I’m kind of curious how the optimal exp distribution given context of the story.

Minor issues

Merc in front of boss in chapter 2 doesn’t appear to want to move even though there are unit in range.

I think chapter 3 could benefit from having preps with an armoury of the bat and all.
I’m not sure about the tileset in use, but the green ‘armoury’ feels a tad out of place and is labelled as fort.
Also since there are two, I assumed the first was a vendor but there wasn’t anything there. While there is not healer or mage, having the option to snag a vulnerary might be nice just to complete the symmetry.


This section falls to personal preference, so take it with a grain of salt.

Minor thing, but setting the default options for text speed and unit speed to fast seems to be the standard these days, and makes life easier. I think animation to 2 as well is more common.

I think prep store mark up is unnecessary. It makes life easier just to buy irons from the prep store, and leave vendors for more specialised gear like steels and 1-2 rather than have to save gold buying all the irons at shops.

The status screen menu in use is rather busy and a tad hard on the eyes when combined with the stat numbers, I know I’m not the only one that shares this opinion.

TLDR: look forward to what’s coming.


not gonna lie this is me when nations are being conquered


Thanks for the feedback!Preformatted text
For the text spiel in the beginning, I’m just kinda waiting until I get the mspaint standin map thing done so that way it looks less awkward, and i personally think its fineish for now, but I’ll definitely edit it later to make it short and sweet lol


As for the blurb on the last chapter, that’s mostly just a teaser for now for the new peeps, I was planning to cut it a but after finishing 6 lol

The stat screen issue I havent actually heard a complaint about before, but I’ll definitely keep in mind. Idk if it could just be the skillsys colors or the screen itself, but ill look into it

Nerfing the bulky guy’s def is honestly a good idea, but I do think the player at least needs a few bulky guys considering how squishy the rest of the army is lol

Some of the map bugs is just a visual thing, I’ll talk to sal about it lol

Sorry if the formattin js weird or I didn’t cover everything, I’m on mobile and my hands are freezing lmao

But thank you for your feedback! Next update will be out at least this month! (At least intended to be lol)


sorry the patch isnt out yet, took longer then I would’ve liked lol
good news is, eventing for ch 8 is almost done, so once the portraits are finished and i finish updating credits, it’ll be out!