FE8 kaitou patch (All 64 Chapters + 2 village JP/EN)

Change the background of the save screen.
I wanted to make it look like a mystery novel.

Change of background of chapter title.

Changes to the status screen

Show the growth rate when the start or select button is pressed on the status screen.
One difference from SkillSystems is that we clearly state that this number is in %.
It would be confusing if you open this screen by mistake.
Alternatively, the total value is also displayed.

If you are using the Book of Métis, which increases the growth rate, you will see the following

Change the chapter title in ch7x.
カルチノの乙女 → 怪盗の矜持
Carcino’s Maiden → My Pride (kaitou’s Pride / thief’s Pride)

I am very sorry, but I had to delete one vocal song because the English translation increased the space by about 120kb and the space was not enough.
Now I have about 330kb available, so I will be able to add a little more various data.


Hi there. In the prologue, when I tried checking the enemy’s inventory, it freezes the game. Not sure if it’s a bug or it’s because of my emulator.

I cannot reproduce that error.
In the meantime, please try updating the PATCH.
//This patch is updated daily. lol.
It is possible that the routine that looks at the growth rate is working incorrectly.
A while back, there was a bug in that routine that caused it to process incorrectly and freeze when you tried to view the growth rate of an enemy.
This problem has already been fixed.
It is possible you are using that older version.
When you report the error, it would be helpful if you could also mention the version.

ver fe8_kaitou20230121
emulator VBA-M

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This game is updated frequently, so it is recommended to open the ups with FEBuilderGBA and press the F5 key to play.
This is because FEBuilderGBA has an automatic update function for projects.
Default is to check for updates every 3 days.

Also, if you play this game on FEBuilderGBA, you will get automatic feedback, which is very helpful.

This is a feature of FEBuilderGBA’s work support (updateinfo).
If you want to know more details or want your project to be supported as well, please refer to the following.


What rom do I need to patch this to?

Edit: Got it working now.

Changed all characters minimug.
I think it has more characterization.

Of course, there is a nice minimug of enemies as well.

When creating this minimug, I found that It can create a better image by cropping the image so that the lower lip is the lower limit and the chin is not outlined, but on the contrary, more of the hair is included.
Also, a slight modification of the cropped picture will make it look even better.

Another small improvement is that the warning function for the number of times remaining on a weapon has been adapted to MapBattle.
When a weapon’s durability drops below a certain number, the color of the weapon’s name changes.

I would like to add this feature to the normal battle screen as well, but the battle screen has its own palette structure, making it difficult to implement this feature…

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