FE8 kaitou patch (All 64 Chapters + 2 village JP/EN)


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OP Class reel:


This is Hack ROM of FE8J.
FEBuilderGBA was born from this hack.

The hack concept is to do things that can not be made on the official FE.

I translated the full text in deepl.
It may be better than google translation.

Please let me know if you find a strange translation.

Please read the readme for details. (However, it is Japanese)

· The hero is a Kaitou. Kaitou is Phantom Thief. It is a bad person.
· We are a Kaitou Group, you can use the command that everyone steals.
· If you make an enemy moribund less than HP 9, you can carry it by rescue and you can strip the item. Like FE 5.
· Reprinted characters from tlp etc. I brought up data from various places. ^_^;
· Most enemies have a status booster. Let’s use it immediately after stealing.
· Boots give you a physical as well as a movement. There is an item called diet drug that lowers the physique.
· The enemy holds the exlixer. Let’s steal around.
· Frequently used in FE If you play a select few, you will be defeated in the second half.
· Weapon triangle is strengthened. In high difficulty, weapon compatibility is very important.
· There are three levels of difficulty. Normal, difficult, Lunatic. I will recommend the “Normal”.

· Translation is based on FE8U for menus etc, while dialogue is machine translation. Accuracy is not high. sorry …
· After the devil king was destroyed, the world became peaceful. Monster and free maps do not exist.
· There is no event to get money. Let’s cash stolen goods like FE 5.
· This world is taking capitalist economic system, if you give out money, you can use any weapon.
Even valuable weapons, Hammer is sold at stores, so if you have money you can repair it indefinitely. Let’s fix weapons like FE4.
· All classes go up to status 36.
· There are total 63 stages. main story the stage 33 stages, the back stage 30 stages.
· Music and world view are the hobby of the author. Please make complaint after complete the game. :p)
· I think that there are many mistranslations, but if you tell me it will fix it.

I released it in April 2016 and repeatedly upgraded it and made an English version (machine translation) this time.
I hope you enjoy it.

This work is updated frequently, so it is recommended to use the automatic update function.


I accessed status on the world map, and it softlocked there.


Editing $5C56F6 to $07 will allow “Suspend” to fit on the box.

“Supply” is supposed to be “Unit” and “Stat” “Status”

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Thank you.
I was abbreviating because I did not know how to extend the menu window.

I accessed status on the world map, and it softlocked there.

It seems to hold it as an image, and it was not possible to deal with rewriting text.
This time, I only have text, so I keep it as it is.

About softlocked.
There are times when it occurs and when it does not.
The behavior of the explanation menu (R Button) is mysterious.
Often texts that originally need to go out two lines will only show one line.
I think that the DrawSingleByte Patch is still incomplete.
The cause has not been traced yet.



Fixed softlock bug.
Fixed serifs for text of weapons shop.

For those concerned about the translation of machine translation for google translation, I prepared only translated a menu, a fixed text, and explanation text.

Japanese Original

English Menu, fixed text, explanation text only translated.

English google translation (Please enjoy the funny world of machine translation.)


Just letting you know that it is considered disrespectful in western communities to use sprites without the original artist’s permission. This is an issue that has come up several times before with multiple hacks, and I understand that it is a cultural difference between the western and eastern communities. I would suggest either:

  1. reaching out to the original artists to request permission or
  2. working with some of the artists on FEU discord to replace the reprinted sprites with new ones.

Do you know the author’s contact information?
I know the controversy of FE7if.
So, I wanted to talk as much as I could, but I did not understand the contact information.

Instead, I write readme etc. to communicate what I are using.
I am giving thanks.
This time, because the readme was Japanese, even the article mentioned it again.

I think that as a friend who enjoys the same game, it is better to raise each other’s “work of art”.
I think that it is better to share resources with each other, if possible.
I think so, FEBuilderGBA has released all the source code and ported several patches developed in Japan.
I hope that is true for images.

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In chapter 8, trying to move the cursor over the wall broken walls (to check hp) freezes the game.
EDIT: Using the fully-translated patch, if that makes a difference.

As nice as it is to show appreciation for art by using it if you like it, there are the issues of commissioned art and what the artist wants when they make their art.

With commisioned pieces, those were (often) paid for by a specific person for their specific use, whether it’s a custom portrait or an animation or a battle frame/UI or etc. This might be done because a creator likes a certain artist’s work or because it’s not something they can make themselves or because they want something unique to their project. (If there wasn’t some level of artistic uniqueness and everything looked the same, then there would be less visual ways of differentiating projects, too!)

The other element is the artist’s say - usually, as long as an artist is okay with their work being used publically and the person wanting to use it asks them first (or they specifically note that people can use it without asking), it’s not a big deal. But, some artists have an aversion to their work being used as more than just art that they created and just want to make it and post it for visual pleasure and/or feedback and constructive criticism. Using art when the artist is not okay with it would be like going into an art gallery and making a copy of a painting on display that you liked so you could put it in the lobby of your business, despite it not being the original painting. (The other, other issue is one of intellectual property law.)

The same could be said for assembly, tools, maps, newly coded mechanics, etc. as well - while it’s great when those things are made available and disappointing when they’re not, it’s ultimately up to the artists and creators to determine what they want made available and how they’re made available.

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Are you the author of tlp paintings?
For this matter, I wanted to talk with the author,
if you kwon the author’s contact information, please tell me.

I can understand your opinion,
but,As I mentioned earlier, I believe that it is important for each other to use each other’s hacks to enhance their work.

Of course, the author’s opinion is very important.
If the author and the negotiations break down, I will lower it.
For that, I want to talk to the author.
Please tell me if you know the author’s contact information.

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I tried it with all three versions,
Even if I broke the wall in Chapter 8 it did not freeze.

I would like to confirm to you the following.

  1. Who destroyed the wall with which weapon?
  2. Which wall is the freezing wall? Is it the first stairway wall? Or is it a wall near the treasure chest?

For the test, I used debug items, and we did it with Estelle and Lee.
I attack the wall by having the Estelle equipped with a sword, just in case.
Neither was a problem.
Please tell me more information on how to reproduce the problem.

It’s not destroying the wall that’s the problem, it’s moving over the broken wall tile with the cursor. All of them do it. Breaking the walls works perfectly fine, and the cursor doesn’t freeze on that tile anymore.

Even if you move with the cursor over the broken wall of Chapter 8, it seems that there is no problem.

Just to be sure, I moved the cursor over the broken wall of the next nine chapters 9, but there was no problem here either.

I would like to confirm another one.
This patch has been updated since it was first out.
Are you not using the old one?

The older one had problems as scrolling scrolls of weapons shops were broken.

If this still can not be resolved, please send me the save file of the emulator.
For VBA-M, you can retrieve the *.SAV file with Menu File-> Export-> BattryFile.
I would like to reproduce the problem.

I think that your symptoms(?) are similar to the state when map changes are broken and referencing broken map chips.
Something, there is an unknown bug.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant the tiles before they’re broken. And I downloaded it a couple of days ago, so it shouldn’t be that outdated.

It was reproduced.
The name “broken wall” seems to be wrong.

It was named “WallT> C”.
This must be a “wall”.
I would like to investigate why this happened.

FEBuilder GBA creates an automatic matching table of the resource names of FE8J and FE8U and makes it a reference for translation.
It seems there was something wrong.

Please do not place the cursor on the wall.
It is possible to attack and destroy it.
Alternatively, use FEBuilderGBA to open the ROM and change the name of the wall to “wall” in the Terrain Name field.

I would like to issue a patch later.
Thank you for reporting the problem.

The artist for the sprite in the second post of this page (posted by Kirb, featuring the softlock on the World Map and the character Estelle) was made by Arcfalchion, I believe, though I do not know where she can currently be reached. She used to be active on some of the smaller forum sites, but I haven’t seen her here or on Serenes Forest, which are the main two that I visit.

As I have not played the patch, I do not know which other graphics have been used, so I do not know who else you will need to contact - most western hacks feature art from an array of people, not just one single person, due to the time it takes to make all of that content.

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was made by Arcfalchion

Thank you for telling me.
I am glad if there is a way to contact her.
It is a wonderful picture, so I would like to use it.If I can do it.

Only three people from tlp are using it.


Fixed a problem of freezing when placing the cursor on a broken wall in the English version.

As for the picture of the character, I still leave it as it is.
If the policy is decided by talks etc, I would like to obey it.