FE8 kaitou patch (All 64 Chapters + 2 village JP/EN)

Glad to hear it worked correctly.
The no$gba debugger Xcept seems to be more reliable than mGBA.

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Hi chief. Forgive yet another trouble of mine. Also this version does not work on DS console and crashes if I press start or if the demo starts. Maybe I have spotted the problem: once patched with my flashcard software the rom (English version of F.E.Kaitou) exceeds the maximum allowed size of 32Mb (in this case about 32.8Mb). To work on Supercard it should originally be at least 1Mb smaller, and then be patched and inserted into the micro SD. This is just a guess, maybe the problem is something else…
It is a pity that only this one does not work on real hardware, it would be interesting to understand why.
It would be helpful if other users would test it with this or other flashcards.

Kaitou does not exceed 32MB (0x02000000).


This is because windows explorer calculates 1kb as 1000, not 1024.
Therefore, I don’t think the ROM capacity is a reason for it not working.

I don’t know what the problem is at the moment.
Vanilla also does a lot of dangerous processing such as writing to null and references, so I can’t raise the level of Xcept any higher.
At any rate, in ver 20230328, I fixed two vanilla bugs writing to null.
I also fixed a little bit of string handling.
I don’t think this is why it doesn’t work on the actual device.

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Blade is too heavy to be used, so I removed Blade and created Mage Killer, InfantryKiller, and Devil Sword.
I don’t know yet if this will work, but I hope it will.

Mage Killer:


Devil Sword: