FE8 kaitou patch (All 64 Chapters + 2 village JP/EN)

Hello, i’ve been start the game three days ago and on chapter 8 , there’re two spots for more units and i wonder if i miss some of them( i took the siblings)?

I think the readme says about the characters and chapters that will be in the group.
As of ch8, the following 11 people should be in your party.



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So that the case, thanks. The readme i have when i took the patch just talk about the translation. I don’t have one talking about chapters or characters.
where can i found it?

I’ve another problems. You release an uptade today but when i do it , there’s an error and i can’t do it :frowning:(

i redownload the update on the site and repatch the game and tried to uptade it so i can verify it’s good but the same error appear again. that’s normal or there’s something i’ve to do?

What errors do you see?

Remember the 5W2H principle.
What error will I see if I do what?
How can I confirm that error?
You should explain it properly.

The readme is attached in the 7z file.
Some parts are not translated, but you can use it in deepl.

Even if you did not read the readme, everything you have to do in the shinan and in the chapter is explained in the game.

Even if you didn’t even read the shinan, the chapter events and descriptions guide the player to notice them.

If you miss all three of these signs, there is nothing you can do about it.

Ow i see, now i think of it , i ddn’t read the shinan on chp 6 and 7 :weary:, sorry to bother you for that. I tried to update again and it work perfectly :cry: , next time it’ll happen i’ll take a screenshot to properly explain you.

Yo, i was playing on chapter 13 and go on Sherry stats screen, when i tried to see his class’description and when i press the “R” button, the screen froze and the pixels start to became green and blue. I closed the game ad reopen it but my savedata just disappear, so i go to the “saves” folder and i cannot find it. :worried:

In such cases, please send us the sav data first.
I recently installed a patch that allows you to write three lines of description for weapons, so this may be a side effect of that.
However, unless you send me your save data, I cannot reproduce it.
So I can’t do anything about it because I don’t even know if what you are saying is true or not.
You should first send me a sav file that can reproduce the problem.

It is basically inconceivable to lose the sav data.
Depending on the emulator, for example VBA, sav data can be retrieved by selecting File->Export.

If you are running the game from FEbuilderGBA, there is the ability to compress the sav data to 7z in the works support section.(MENU->Run->Work Support)
FEbuilderGBA can be used to automatically update the game, which is recommended.

I understand that you can’t trust me , but i try to tell you that the savedata who’re in my savefile are not the one i’m looking for, the problem appeared on 19:56PM , and when i re open the game , it create those savedata( i can’t report the good one because i don’t have it anymore). i sent the first te game create in feedback report

I have not received my saved data.
Where did you send it?

I only trust data that is factual.
You may be a good person, but testimonials can be mistaken or misplaced, and I want data that can reproduce the problem.

If you encounter any problems, I suggest you press Ctrl + F10 immediately.
Depending on the emulator, but with VBA, this will create a state save in save slot 10.
If you don’t do this, you will lose valuable reproducible data.

If you have found a bug and are willing to report it, we hope you will use this method to ensure that we can reproduce the problem.

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I re-shot the OP/ED video with the latest version
ver 20221020






I am very interested in this hack and my English is pretty decent, I will try doing a full manual translation

Please keep sending me the translation data as it becomes available.
I think the translation of the story and the shinan need to be reworked.
It would be helpful if you could compare the JP version with the EN version and send me the corrected data.
Since it is currently a deepl translation, I don’t think it conveys the fine nuances.

I’m having trouble setting it up. Do u have a tutorial ?

I don’t know what you don’t understand.

You can download the 7z from the link at the top of this thread or the next one.
getuploader or fecentral.

download fe8_kaitou*.7z

The version is a date in YYYYYmmdd format. The higher the number, the newer.

Extract 7z


Adapt these ups to vanilla “FE8J”.
If you adapt them in FEBuilderGBA, it is even better because there is also an automatic update.

en is the English version
Not en is the Japanese version

Enjoy with emulators.

So, i have to find a japanese version of the game to be able patch it or it doesn’t matter which version? Not talking about the rom hack just the FE8 version

You cannot play without FE8J.
You need FE8J, not FE8U or FE8E.

In this piece, if you answer “No” to the agreement at the beginning of the game, the game is over.
If you press the A button without resetting at this time, will be…?

Horror, Please note the sound volume.