[FE8] Justice & Pride: Book 2 - [CANCELLED]

So, I’m back with more, and this time, the new hack in question may be a surprise to many.

Justice & Pride is getting a full sequel!

Why a sequel?
The world of Justice & Pride is one I made up all on my own. I’d rather expand on that one world than make a bunch of one-off worlds that never get used again after one hack. In other words, it’s kinda like Kaga and Archanea, where every one of Kaga’s works was either set in Archanea or related to it (excluding TRS after it stopped being Emblem Saga)

What’s Book 2 about?
Gotta spoiler tag this one

Plot (Book 1 Spoilers)

In the year 500 on the Irona calendar, Princess Aderyn of Abrein stopped Emperor Perseus and the fallen-from-grace Hero of Light, Caelia. After this victory, she was crowned Empress of Irona, and peace reigned. But that newfound peace was not to last. In the year 503, turmoil begins to threaten Irona once more. Impostor soldiers have been assaulting towns in the duchy of Cirencester, much to the displeasure of Lady Clair of House Mantua, who is one of Cirencester’s most powerful figures behind sitting duchess Theodora. In the duchy of Norbury, a man named Carter, a self-proclaimed successor to the Bandit King, Mitch, is working with a mysterious group to wreak havoc in Norbury. Princess Ella manages to persuade her brother, Duke Lucas, to take a band of soldiers to deal with Carter’s men. Later on, Aderyn sets off on a journey of her own, accompanied by a group of her own soldiers. These two parties will fight in a conflict that will once more grip the entirety of Irona.

Who will return from Book 1?
I plan on having most of Book 1’s cast return, but to avoid roster bloat, not all of them will be playable. Some will be NPCs, some will sit the war out, others may side against you in the long run. Any returning character who was under 20 years of age in Book 1 will receive an updated design. Don’t worry, Luigi is planned to return. Why would I ever cut that beautiful man?

What’s gonna be new about the gameplay?
This is where the fun part is, since Book 2 is much-more Kaga-esque in its design.
This means:

  • All units can capture
  • All thieves have Steal+ by default
  • Leadership stars
  • Skillsets are unit-based with the exception of some class skills
  • Canto+
  • Single-branch promotions
  • Escape chapters
  • Meister-class weaponry
  • Anima triangle
  • Mono-weapon cavalry (and armors with different weapons)
  • Master knights, even with a playable prince that promotes to one
  • Hit %s from 1 to 99 combined with 1 RN
  • Status staves with 200 hit to ensure they hit, old school style

Other features include

  • A new soundtrack to differentiate the experience from Book 1
  • More gender diversity in classes
  • Narrow font to fit big boy words in places because Scraiza is epic
  • No more mage fliers to curbstomp the game.

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Do I have to wait for you to finish the hack for a release like Book 1?
Guess what? You don’t!
This first demo has parts 1 & 2 complete, or 15 chapters of gameplay.


Can’t wait to play this hack again

Book 1 was a lot of fun, so I assume book 2 will be similar. I’m not a fan of Kaga style things, but ehy, who am I to talk without playing it first right?

And Luigi is still in the game, so it’s going to be amazing anyway

Am Looking forward to this

Oh Mr. Green you beautiful, BEAUTIFUL man

Wait is that lord Ella, Ella from book 1?! WOW she’s all grown up and looks great. Can we expect others to age or will their mugs be reused? (Asking because I see Misha and Jake still have the same mugs)

If they were under 20 in Book 1, they get redesigns (I have a doc with all the character ages).
The current exception is Lucas, who despite being 17 in Book 1, uses his old portrait as a placeholder because I haven’t decided what I want to do for the redesign.

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Ahh gotcha.

So I got what I needed to do done, so it’s time for the demo!
I’ll also update the OP to add this link and some stuff I forgot about.

EDIT: I forgot to make 2-E’s end event lol. It shouldn’t impact much, just savestate before finishing 2-E

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Misha just silenced nearly a whole chapter except that dragoon final fight
Now shes back to solo another game like an assassins promotions

TFW mage fliers r gone??? Oh Gg luna nestor no more
And i didnt use my dark flier much too in book 1
And… Plz dont let us play smash at postgame its too hard

When you are the first lord the player play in the series but Donovan didnt choose casual mode so you doed in prologue…

Support conversasions can be found riiiiiiiight?

  1. Rogue is the thief promotion, rip assassins
  2. Nestor’s one of the non-returning characters, he went to his homeland after Book 1, so he couldn’t use Luna even if malig knights still existed
  3. No postgame, wanna focus on the maingame
  4. I was planning on doing bond supports in Book 2, since it’s more Kaga and writing supports is a hassle
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I think bond supports are an excellent idea and less stress on you. We truly have gone full FE5 boys.

Tho ur postgame at book 1 is kinda weird
only a smash stage and whats the other ones (I dont think its finished but the map showed many other… forts and green bois?)
bonk support?
what does kaga mean anyway
wait do u plan to make some late game chapters 20 ppl limit so a bunch of ppl can enter?like some 5 bosses chapters
wait single branch promotion? dont tell me that I cant go mage knight el…wait shes a melee lord now? oh well then I suppose lucas is the master knight? and plz give steven the 15 crit nomad too? cuz nomadic trooper are awesome give us more body rings plz cuz someone have to kidnap everything (maybe steal++ that makes u steal nearly everything even if the con<weight? 5 con wot are u going to steal anyways)
fix the relic cap growth bug too (spartan:dies) any trainee units?

A bond support is a support type seen in older games where they give support bonuses to allies they are close to (like Marth & Caeda)

By Kaga, I mean mechanics and design seen in the first 5 FE games.

Actually, for reasons I can’t quite disclose yet, later chapters will have larger deployment, though probably no more than 16 at once.

Ella is basically her old self but a lord, so she’s buffed

Yeah, body rings are more easily obtainable when stealing

I’m not sure how to fix the relic cap bug, since that’s more of an issue with the patch instead of something I know how to manage

Yes, there are three trainee units. The first boss drops a trainee seal to promote them to one of three classes, and each trainee gets their own set.

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The cutscene with Tina at the arena causes a softlock.

This bug happened to me as well, but are you sure it’s a soflock? For me, I just couldn’t see the units so the chapter was unplayable, but just suspending the game and then resuming the chapter fixed it

Oh forgot to mention
If u put that experimental brave tome in this game and not fixed the animation freeze… Ppl will post it on the glitch thread lol that glitch was also pretty gorgeous
(Wtf the animations)
Ella be like (wait isnt this what travis said wtf)
And wtf eirika quote at first chapter
Where is my halberdier stephen?
Double villager but no amelia bruh
And why its beardorcas
Talk to jake with jane will pull ella from 4th dimension another glitch
Lv7 trainreeeeeee i want to die
Ch3 house aftwr visit will become gate (minecraft hnnn)
(Is that u will give a pair of each class later cuz idk if i shdnt have make jane a myrm
Plus capture battle preview isnt working well
It says enemy has 18 hp but actually its 6
It said i will deal 4 damage but actually 9

Feeling:Nooooo the boss stole Derrick’s vanity, no more player phase deleter
Feels like most of book 1 char are nerfed
WHy do an archer has rogue set of skills ? what do u need to train a thief for…

Bug:Misha’s class is weak against arrows wtf
and Julien like to heal enemies when dodging wtf (animation error?)

I’ve updated the release to fix some of the bugs people noticed.

  • The Tina event in 1-5 has been fixed, as it erased a background improperly.
  • Some typos have been corrected.
  • Ch 3’s house no longer turns into a gate
  • A new song, The Color of Sunrise from FE16, has been added as the planned epilogue theme
  • 2-E’s end event has been made
  • A random blue Ephraim who crashes the game in 1-E should no longer appear.

Bugs that I still need to handle are Theodora’s weapon rank crash and the Jake talk warp.

Two minor fixes today

  • 2-7 sages now have the right Blizzard tome
  • Fixed some classes being unable to promote with the Master Seal
    No need to repost the DL link, it’s right above this post.

Another update.